February 28, 2005

Lots of snow? Maybe, maybe not?? + Asshole Driver

Snowing tons here...tons! Of course, not sticking to the roads at all yet....

Went for new bloodwork today - here's hoping I get the result I want...

Asshole driver updated...

30 something bitch, Lincoln LS Sedan, ran stopsign in parking garage and almost nailed me.

February 25, 2005

Asshole Drivers v. 4

This one courtesy of Enjanerd...

Toyota Matrix, 40 Something Asshole

Here's her story: i slowed down after a light turned yellow and stopped at the intersection, preventing the person behind me from running the red had I gone. he honks at me. next light, exact same thing. get onto 66 and he proceeds to cut me off in the merge lane. when he feels he has made his point, he moves over a lane and i end up passing him because the right lane was moving faster due to the exit ramp about a mile up.

i'll add this to my tally and republish the tables every so often, it's a pain re-publishing them every time.

February 24, 2005


Lately, my son is a HUGE Star Wars fan... for Christmas he got an XWing fighter (the 2004 version doesn't have sound effects, like the 1980 version did) and earlier this week, a TIE-FIGHTER hubby found on Ebay.

Oh my god - I remembered! I was a huge Star Wars fan! And wait - I had most of those original things!!!!!!!!!! So last night, we asked Uncle Sonny to go into my Mom's attic and retrieve my old toys. We only found 1 of 3 boxes, but look at what we found:

  • Boba Fett's Slafe Ship, 1980
  • Tauntuan ( the animal they ride in the beginning of Empire Strikes Back ) http://starwars.carrotnetwork.com/reviews/2003/battleofhoth/29.jpg
  • A Darth Vader Case full of action figures...full I tell you!
  • Scout Walker
  • TWO Speeder Bikes
  • Millenium Falcon
  • Jabba The Hut Playset
  • Asshole Drivers v. 3

    More updates already?? What is wrong w/these drivers??

    General Table:
    General Type# Assholes Encountered
    Small Truck1
    Small Sedan1
    Large/Med Sedan1
    Sports Car1

    Specific Vehicles:

    AcuraIntegra----cut off driver in front of me TWICE
    HondaPassport30 Something Asspulled out of parking space in front of me as I was driving thru lot
    Land RoverLand Cruiser30 something femaleturned right into parking lot from the LEFT lane. I was in right lane at the time
    ToyotaSmall Pickup20 Something MaleCut me off
    VWJetta30 Something MaleDriving on wrong side of parking garage. Because unable to pull in space when driving on the correct side. Expected me to wait for him to park.
    LincolnLS 40-50 Something MaleRan stop sign, almost hit me.

    February 23, 2005

    Asshole Drivers v. 2

    an update so soon? You bet... new items in italics

    General Table:
    General Type# Assholes Encountered
    Small Truck1
    Small Sedan1
    Large/Med Sedan1

    Specific Vehicles:
    Land RoverLand Cruiser30 something femaleturned right into parking lot from the LEFT lane. I was in right lane at the time
    ToyotaSmall Pickup20 Something MaleCut me off
    VWJetta30 Something MaleDriving on wrong side of parking garage. Because unable to pull in space when driving on the correct side. Expected me to wait for him to park.
    LincolnLS 40-50 Something MaleRan stop sign, almost hit me.

    Asshole Drivers... v. 1

    Ok...based on some postings I've read this week, some people think the only asshole drivers are drivers of large vehicles (I've seen specifically pointed out Yukon and F150 drivers)... I would like to challenge that assumption ... I think the assholes are equally distributed among vehicle types...so I'm starting a record.

    This will be the list of drivers I encounter during my driving around the Northern Virginia area (an area RIPE w/asshole drivers - evidenced by the THREE I have for my list since I decided to keep track).

    I will have a summary list - where you can general vehicle type (suv vs sedan vs truck) and specific make and model.

    General Table:
    General Type# Assholes Encountered
    Small Truck1
    Small Sedan1
    Large/Med Sedan1

    Specific Vehicles:
    ToyotaSmall Pickup20 Something MaleCut me off
    VWJetta30 Something MaleDriving on wrong side of parking garage. Because unable to pull in space when driving on the correct side. Expected me to wait for him to park.
    LincolnLS 40-50 Something MaleRan stop sign, almost hit me.

    February 22, 2005

    Warning: Mommy-Blogging Ahead...

    sorry, but since I'm doing nothing (ok, not much) other than taking care of son this week, we'll probably be heavy on the mommy blogging, but you never know, I could surprise you!

    Last night was TERRIBLE... I turned out my light at 11:15 ...apparently son has a cold...he was up 4 TIMES between 11:30 and 12:30 because he couldn't breathe. Because I am such a great mom, I didn't realize it and kept putting him back in bed...finally at 12:30 I gave him some decongestant so he could sleep... We like infant Dimetapp because it really helps him sleep deeply and lasts so long, so he doesn't usually have to have another dose at night (do you see what's coming next, do you?)

    Fast forward to 3:30 a.m....."Mommmmmm, I'm wet"... yep, sleeping so good he forgot to getup to pee...so 1/2 hour of sheet changing, body wiping and redressing and we're back in bed so I can get up at 6....lovely.

    Someone mentioned how cute it is when toddlers mangle words so I thought I'd share a few with you:
  • "C-pee-pee-O" for C3PO from Star Wars
  • "Piggly Town Heroes" for Higgley Town Heroes (a Disney show)
  • "Ouise" for Louise (one of the grandmothers, thankfully not wanting to be called "Grandma" or some variation because he has SO MANY)
  • "The THREE MuskeTEERS" (with voice inflection!)for his fave movie, the Mickey Mouse Three Musketeers

    *Sigh* and my favorite..."Mommy, i wove you five!" (he uses a sliding scale starting at 1)...no idea where he got this...and cracks up when I say I love him some number higher than he can count (like 100)...
  • February 21, 2005

    Good grief!

    Am I tired! Hubby is away, taking training this week so it's just me and the boy! All week! (note that a break in there somewhere might be nice)

    BUT he was up last night twice to goto the bathroom, then up for good at 6:30...WTF? What we like to consider the usual wake-up time is 7-7:30, but lately it's crept back towards 6:30?? WHY?

    We ran errands today and then had a neighbor over to play outside then came inside to play...lots and lots of fun!

    Then, at 4, I realized I had forgotten to feed us lunch! Idiot! So we ate grilled cheese and watermelon (only he ate the watermelon, not me) and chocolate (Ovaltine) milk.

    I know this may sound like a terribly boring day, but the two of us had a grand time! We also put together his Mickey Mouse puzzle at least 15 times, played spaceships w/his StarWars ships, fighting swords, chase, BounceAround, matchbox cars, laundry games (hahahahahaha) and so much more!

    February 20, 2005



    The night out was GREAT!...

    I picked up E from the airport @ 7:15...then rushed to get home and get the three of us looking HOT...

    Limo ride was super-fabulous! Ted ( the driver ) was great! We went to Zola's Lounge first...but it was all old men and super-young women looking for old men with money.

    Then to Dream...which is in South East DC...not a "nice" area, and since there was already an ambulance there we decided to skip it.

    So we goto H2O... remember, it's 29 degrees out and we're wearing skimpy clothes and shoes. 30 minute line...Ugh! Man was it COLD! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.... After paying an obnoxious cover and standing in the coat check line (another obnoxious fee) we went to get drinks and get dancing.

    We met lots of cool guys and I have to ask you guys something...is it wierd that when people as what I do I reply either "computer programmer" or "software engineer"? I thought it was the way I said it, but I tried many variations, but EVERY guy just about fell over when I answered that question ...every one. Odd, isn't it? Cannot a girl be out clubbing and also be smart enough to be an engineer? Very strange.

    We had a blast... We got home around 4:30 and our sons (my best friend brought hers up to play w/my son for the weekend) got up at 6:30? The nerve of those little guys I tell you ;-)

    February 17, 2005

    Club List!

    Ok...other friend from Arizona is flying in, on no notice, to join S and I in the limo! How cool is she??!!

    We have the following list:
  • Platinum
  • Modern
  • 18th St Lounge
  • H2O
  • Lounge 201
  • 1223 (it's called that, the actual name is the Roman Numeral equivalent, which I don't remember)
  • Dream
  • Five

    Sound good? Can't wait - if you see us there, we'll be the three divines in the limo!
  • FYI...

    it is probably impolite (RUDE) and inappropriate to talk about your visit to a strip club in the employee lunchroom.

    That is all.

    Who'd A Thunk?

    That Ski Chalet doesn't carry ski stuff, after the first of February? Remember, I recently went to a nicely stocked store to buy son's ski gear, thinking that we'd be back end of Feb. for the adult stuff, on sale!

    Imagine my surprise when today, we go at lunch, and almost no gear left!!!! Only 4 x-large jackets left, all of which were gross. Shocking!

    I would think they, like a bathing suit store, carry inventory all year, and discount the oldest merchandise...not so much...so what do you think they sell in the spring???

    February 16, 2005

    Funny Old Lady...

    So driving home from work, I am at a red light, about 15 cars back.

    This car is turning onto the road I'm on, but it's such a sharp right turn, it's almost a U-Turn. She has not turned the wheel early enough and thinks she cannot complete the turn w/out hitting the cars waiting at the light. I say "thinks" because I can see from where I am she has at least 10 feet of clearance to make her turn. She's driving an older mid-size, but not large car.

    So she sits there, waiting for the light to turn and the cars to move (while blocking traffic on Rt. 7 during rush hour). She completes her turn and heads towards me (I've missed the light, damn short cycles). Puts on her blinker. I observe that yes, it's a little old lady. She turns into the parking lot, I flick my head to the right to see what lot she's going into ...SkiChalet? Orvis? StoreHouse Furniture? Nope..the adult video store. Too effing funny.

    February 15, 2005

    Unconscious Mutterings v.1

    1. Judge::jury
    2. Detroit::cars
    3. Hyphen::?
    4. Get it right::or not
    5. Pulsating::penis (sorry)
    6. Yoga::not
    7. Memorable::or not
    8. Financial advisor::H&R Block
    9. Ten million::to 1 (like the odds are...)
    10. I::me

    Why my husband rocks...

    He is over-flowing w/having done good things for me!!!!!

    1. did not actually purchase any vday gifts for me, as directed by ME
    2. made dinner last night
    3. cleaned kitchen and laundry room yesterday! did all dishes! then unloaded dishwasher!
    4. and this is the best! My best friend (one of them) is coming Friday so she and I can have a "girls night" and go clubbing at the poshest clubs in DC! And he is, as we speak, arranging a limo for us! Talk about supportive!

    He rocks!

    Speaking of #4 above, if any of you have suggestions on super posh, super trendy clubs / bars / martini bars in DC, please speak up!

    February 14, 2005

    Attention YOU!

    If you are the short lady that "ran" to get on my elevator this morning (and huffed and puffed loudly the whole ride because "running"/shuffling semi-fast 20 feet makes you out of breath)...

    If you pace for the 11 floors up (while huffing and puffing loudly) we have to go - be ready at any time to be smacked. It's just a WEE BIT annoying as hell.

    That is all.

    February 12, 2005

    Only Mommies...

    have school on Saturday...

    1. When hand washing dishes, do not hold a dish over the last of the 4 pasta dishes that your mother-in-law bought you.
    2. If you make a big deal about the super special Valentine's Day cake your son made, he'll want to eat that, not dinner.
    3. For a 2 layer cake, more than 1 tin of icing is required.
    4. Hubby makes a bigger mess w/sprinkles than the 3 year old.
    5. Hubby will stick his finger in the icing can before the 3 year old.

    And the sun came out!

    Feeling great today! No remnants of sickeness! Hooray! Now I can do all the housework that needs to be done today...(boo hiss)...

    Side note: secret projects: having son make V day cards for Dad and Grandpa. Also making pink frosted confetti cake! Martha Stewart, eat your heart out!

    February 11, 2005

    A little touch...

    I apparently have a touch of what son had earlier this week...thank goodness only queasiness and no appitite, as well as extreme fatigue. Which, of course, made my day off w/son oh so enjoyable...Toddlers aren't forgiving of illness, write that one down, and expect to be entertained as usual. Happy, happy, joy, joy. :-)

    Also, the scrapbooking crop is out of the question for tonight :-(

    February 10, 2005


    Why does my Hershey's bar need opening instructions?? Does someone not know how? Did they call Hershey's and complain?

    As seen today...

    a blue Honda Del Sol.

    With a black trunk.

    And a red bumper.

    And obviously been in an accident since whatever accidents caused the addition of these multi-color parts as all the parts are now dented (the "new" dent hits all three pieces like they got rear ended by a large SUV).

    Left rear-wheel is a mini-spare, causing the car to drive lopsided.

    So I ask you....

    bad driver or bad luck?

    cheap (reason for not fixing car) or no insurance?

    just curious.

    February 09, 2005

    So far so good...

    Son is better today - had 1/2 bagel (plain and dry) for bfast. Water too. No symptoms of bug except for extreme tiredness.

    Keep those fingers crossed!

    February 08, 2005

    Shhhh...males sleeping

    Ok...so yesterday I arrive home about 6 p.m. When walking thru the laundry room/mud room, notice pile of clothes on washer. This is where I've instructed hubby I want clothes that need extra rinsing before washing (usually mud)...notice that shirt has funny, chunky mud on it.

    Walk out to family room - son and hubby not on first floor? Go to turn off bathroom light (damn electric bills) before heading upstairs, where I hear them in bath. Egads! Bathroom covered in vomit and paper towels! Yikes!

    Run upstairs...apparently son threw up twice, once on hubby (luckily hubby's body protected couch and carpet) and once "near" toilet, but w/so much force, bathroom walls now streaky (remember, brand new house)...

    Ok...I play w/son in bath, while hubby changes and cleans bathroom. We are drying son off when I notice funny mouth twitches. Mention to hubby that now is probably a good time to stop sitting on toilet lid and open it. Son vomits.

    Get dressed and go downstairs. Son vomits. Get him on couch w/blankie. Son vomits. Clean up. Son vomits.

    Call dr. Nurse says vomitting that much is TOO MUCH come RIGHT in...nothing strikes fear in your heart faster than hearing something like that (except of course, watching your son throw up 6 times in an hour).

    Dr. gives him anti-vomit meds (why didn't they have those when I was little?) and sends us home w/instructions and signs of things to watch for that may be more serious. Key instruction...no water/fluid until he's gone 1 hour w/out vomiting. He throws up 2 more times before the meds kick in, then we're done.

    So we drag his bed into our room (no way is he sleeping alone in that condition). Give him the prescribed 1 oz. of water. He feels that we are being terrible, as all he wants is water and we won't give it to him. In the BIG GLASS. Ugh...terrilbe to have to withhold water from your child. But I am a nothing if not a stickler for rules, so 1 oz. an hour it is. Somehow, he wakes up every hour demanding his water...and of course, begging for more than his 1 oz. Heartbreaking I tell you.

    So today, we're all tired. Notice he has fever. Goto kiddie medicine cabinet -it's a true testament to his immune system that all the meds we have are for children younger than him (infant type vs. children's type), unopened and expired. Seriously.

    So hubby runs to store again (went last night to purchase pedialyte) to get Children's Motrin, which as soon as it crossed son's lips, he felt better. Amazing.

    Now they're both dozing on the couch, I can clean up all the grossness around my house (or blog!)...

    Stomach bug...

    apparently a nursing home is a DUMB place to bring a 3 year old. We are all paying the price for it now.

    February 07, 2005

    So....trip update!

    We left to goto PA Friday...taking Rt. 15 from VA to Rt. 30 to PA. We arrived then quickly went to the rehab facility / home to see PopPop. He was ok, happy to see my son and my hubby, of course.

    We stay w/hubby's aunt (PopPop's daughter), her husband (I'll call him M), and their daughter (I'll call her R) when we visit. They live on 10 acres w/a creek -it is heaven on earth.

    Friday night we had lasagne and beer for dinner and son just loved running around the big house chasing R. She's 14 and loves kids, esp. my son!

    Saturday we played in the yard in the snow, because they had tons more snow there than we did here in VA. Son loved it - throwing snowballs, shoveling, and building forts.

    This is funny - the dog they have doesn't behave well when my hubby is around, because hubby gets her so excited. So everyone's constantly disciplining the dog. Son loved it - this is the first time he's gotten to tell someone what to do in his whole life. He is quite bossy of the dog!

    Hubby and his aunt spent time w/PopPop on Saturday, before we went out to dinner.

    Sunday we got up and went right to see PopPop. The home is a hoot. They were having a pre-Superbowl party and these people are thrilled their Eagles were in the game! (remember, very old people in this home!) Played in the snow some more at aunt's house then headed home.

    We watched the Superbowl at our house (w/much complaining from my son, who only wanted to play XBOX)...boy did those commercials SUCK!

    February 06, 2005

    Trip to PA!

    We went to PA, near Philly this weekend to visit hubby's aunt, L, and his PopPop. PopPop isn't doing as well and is in a rehab facility trying to get well enough to come home.

    We had a great visit - son LOVES his cousin, R, because she is so fabulous with him!

    February 03, 2005

    Surprise Snow!

    So far 3 inches and the weather people actually admitted they didn't see it coming - today's forcast was 40's and sunny!!!

    February 02, 2005

    Why Are They Yelling At Me?

    It is summer of 1995. I am working my first "real" job in Crystal City, VA. As a consultant for a software company. We write optimization software that that provides logistical answers, based on parameters you give it...

    For example...
    parameter 1 - we make 3 products which require parts a, b, c, d
    parameter 1a - parts come from locations x, y, z and zz
    parameter 2 - all end products must be shipped from port a
    parameter 3 - warehouse for storage is in location 1
    parameter 4 - we are considering sites 1, 2, and 3. Enter pay rates for employees for various areas, rent/building costs for various areas, etc.
    parameter 5 - shipping costs from locations to port a

    It was all very complex and the software would tell you the optimal place to put your facility, based on this information. What I found really funny is that most clients just wanted us to PROVE that the site they liked was the best, not really run it for optimization purposes. So for every client, we had to "tweak" the software (billed as "customization") to make it give the answer they wanted.

    Anyway...we had a customer in SaoPaulo Brazil. I was on the phone w/them frequently gathering parameters and asking questions. One day, my boss had a trip down there to meet w/them. We had many conversations then too, some where I spoke w/the client while my boss was in the background listening.

    When he came back, I thought I would ask him something that was bugging me.

    ME: Jeff, why are those guys always yelling? Is the phone connection that bad?
    JEFF: No, it's crystal clear.
    ME: So, why do they yell? I never hear them yelling at you?
    JEFF: because you are yelling at them!

    Apparently, I felt like they were "far away" and thus had to yell. Subconsciously of course. I never noticed that I was yelling.

    Because it is all about me. Always.

    Remember, it is not all about you...

    Ok. So to get into our parking garage here at work, one must have a keycard that you hold against the reader and it raises the bar to let you in.

    In the morning, there is usually a line of cars waiting to get in. You drive up, get in line, and wait your turn.

    This morning was no exception.

    Dumbass in front of me waits in this line, then pulls up for his turn for entry into the parking garage. I notice that he's on his cell phone as he's pulling forward to the card reader. Uh-oh, I think. I know exactly what's going to happen. I'm like a Jedi like that.

    He pulls forward. Doesn't roll down window and continues to talk.

    ??????????????????? He must've felt the hot holes I was burning thru his skull because before I finally lost it and started honking (I always try to avoid being obnoxious in our parking garage because, well, you never know who you might be yelling at...and I'm not willing to let it rip on a VP if I can help it) he slowly rolls down window and holds out his keycard to the reader.

    Hello? Mr., the world should not have to wait for you to finish your conversation. If you want to chat, that's fine, either put the phone DOWN or, when you notice your turn is coming up, get off the DAMN PHONE.

    That is all. For a little bit there, he must've thought it was all about him. I. Don't. Think. So. Pal.

    February 01, 2005

    I'm too sexy....

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    Why not? You've got the goods - you might as well use them.
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    What Kind of Sexy Are You? Take This Quiz :-)

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    Ok - could all the authors of the blogs I read please try to update more often? I am not getting nearly enough to read lately.

    That is all, thank you.

    ( because, after all, all about me isn't it? )