October 31, 2005

Happy Anniversary!

To my Hubby! Today marks seven years! (Yes, our anniversary is Halloween. No, it was not a Halloween themed wedding.)

Hubby - I love you more than you know. You are a better husband and father than I could have ever asked for in my wildest dreams.

Monday Monday Monday

Ahhh... a lovely Monday morning... so nice that the time change has screwed up son's waking schedule, so that he's now up and ready for play at 6:45 a.m. Thanks for that one! Can we PLEASE do away with this dumb-assery that we call Daylight Savings Time??? It's moronic... if you f-ing want more daylight hours, get your damn self out of bed early...don't fool yourself (and drag me with you) by making every one change their clocks. And I, for one, would rather have more daylight AT THE END OF THE DAY when I am home from work and would like to play outside w/my son!

Grr... Funny, I didn't think I was in a bad mood! :-)

October 29, 2005

Guess What???


Next weekend (I hope) my brother will be over to install chair rail and, voila! C'est fini!

It's the most beautiful shade of sky blue you've ever seen. Well...I've actually seen it before...

When I was little, when my parents bought their first (and last - they've been there 29 years now) first house, they painted my room sky blue. Apparently, my Dad bought enough paint to touch it up FOREVER. For years, I BEGGED for a new color, pink! Or any color that was not blue! When it came time for a whole-house touch up about the time I was 13, my parents had the NERVE to paint each room a new color (including theirs, which turned out PINK!) and REPAINT MINE BLUE. I swore up and down until 1991 (the year they renovated and my new room was WHITE) my poor children would never ever, not ever, not even once have a blue room.

Well guess what? Son's nursery in our old house? Blue.
Son's room in this house? Blue.
Apparent new baby's room? Blue.

What the hell is wrong with me??!!

October 27, 2005

Radio Silence...

sorry for the radio silence - I hate it when bloggers do that... especially pregnant ones, I worry that something has happened.

All is fine. Monday, Son had 2 cavities filled. The second one required novicaine. On the way home, since he couldn't feel his tongue or cheek, he chewed them up quite impressively. By the time he returned home, he looked like he had a baseball in his cheek. Of course, 20 minutes later, the numbness wore off and he was MISERABLE. And there is NOTHING more miserable to a parent than to see their child obviously miserable and in pain. Of course, then he had nothing to eat AT ALL for 36 hours. Barely drank water, because it hurt. Of course, no speaking either. Finally, he discovered that he COULD drink, so he had 2 meals of PediaSure (I always keep some in the fridge for emergencies and boy was I thankful I had them!). Finally yesterday for lunch, he tried a solid food and, in very small bites, was able to eat! Just a little, but it was progress!

Today he is still swollen (inside and out) and not talking correctly, but he can see that the saltwater rinses have helped, and is a bit more willing to do them. Thank goodness!

Everything else is fine - we're just gearing up for Halloween on Monday. Today at Son's school, there is a costume parade and Halloween party, so that is very exciting and we'll be going to watch it!

October 20, 2005

Movie Review: Saw

MAN! This was a great movie! I absolutely LOVE a good horror movie, and they are so hard to come by, we never get to see any. BUT this one....was GREAT!

The idea is fantastic - some maniac picks 2 people that are linked to each other in their lives, but probably don't know it. Then there's some sort of "test" where one has to die in order for the other to live - in this case, the main story is a DR who is cheating on his wife AND was once a suspect in these odd murders (there are quite a few of them, and they show the other ones, very cool!) and the private investigator following him wake up locked in a disgusting bathroom - each chained to the other side of the room. The killer leaves a recorded message for each of them, telling them what they need to do to live and consequences if they don't - in the killer's mind, he wants to make these people appreciate life more. Apparently, for the DR to live (and his wife and daughter to live), he must find a way to kill the other guy, Adam, chained up across the room. They are each given a saw - which they can use to cut off their foot to either escape or accomplish their task.

It's a great flick w/twists that we didn't see coming at all. And the flashbacks to the other competitions were great - super eerie, but great.

I highly recommend it - and am trying to figure out a way to get to see Saw2 when it comes out next Friday night.

October 19, 2005

October 18, 2005

30 Weeks...

30 Weeks along here...I'm thinking 8 more weeks to go, which takes me to December 13. But, of course, I'm sure I'll be wrong and it'll be like January 10 or something!

Not much new to report...
Nursery? Nope.
Name? Nope.

I did buy the top sheet for the crib and the crib ruffle yesterday from Pottery Barn, so they'd match. We DID select a paint color for the nursery (going to do blue instead of sage) and curtain color (red, also from Pottery Barn, probably).

Physically? Still tired. Still huge. A lot of my shirts are getting way too short - might have to buy yet more shirts in size Large, just for the extra belly material - though i'm not sure how that'll look in the arms and chest part.

I'm having a very difficult time w/the pants...I have 5 pair, that I would deem wear-able to work:
  • black pair from the Gap
  • light tan cords from the Gap (need to hem first)
  • dark brown cords
  • 4 pair of jeans (2 from the last pregnancy that aren't hideously out of style)

    Since I only work 4 days a week, this seems like a reasonable number of pants to me (doesn't count yoga pants and stuff I wear at home)...BUT there is a rumor that the powers-above are deeming jeans as inappropriate work-wear, even w/a nice top and boots. Grrr...I'm not buying any more pants (really, all I would be able to do is buy a second pair of a pair that I already own - I tried on EVERYTHING Gap makes, and Motherhood makes, and that's all I found that fit). Crap. I'll keep you updated, because I'm sure you'll be holding your breath, waiting to hear!

    Anyway - very excited about the baby, and only freaking a little that it's 8-10 weeks until his arrival date!!! I can't wait to officially meet the little guy!
  • Who Knew?

    That wearing full panel (belly covering) maternity pants could be SO GOD-AWFUL UNCOMFORTABLE that they would ruin a perfectly good mood? Apparently they can, be warned. AND not only do I have an elastic band running over the TOP of my belly, making my uterus uncomfortable and my lungs feel like I'm suffocating, apparently JR isn't pleased either, as he has been kicking at the band since I put the damn pants on.

    It's going to be a GREAT day!

    Side note: to the blonde in the elevator --> no matter how "dressy" the capri pants are, the waistband should cover YOUR UNDERWEAR, at least when you're at work! OR try for a shirt that covers your belly/backside. One or the other, or both even! No way would I allow an employee of mine to run around looking like that at work.

    October 17, 2005

    Update on HBO Documentary...

    it wasn't SHOCKED, it was Smashed...

    here's the link to the show ...

    I finally finished watching this weekend. It was so sad and amazing. The brat Timmy though (the young one that hit a tree driving ATV after drinking) was back up to his old tricks again by the end of the show. Um, Hello? Did you not get the message the first time? He will never fully recover from the brain-damage he inflicted on himself the first time, now he's drinking and riding ATVs again. I couldn't even understand him fully when he was justifying to his mom, saying how now that he knows his limits, he can drink and drive safely. Positively revolting. And Mom & Dad? BTW, it is possible to get rid of his ATV for him or take away some stuff or not let him go out and drink - he IS still under 18 and living in your house. At least please try to fix the problem and not just let him go do stupid crap and whine about it!

    I saw a new documentary about the AIDS epidemic. This was also on HBO. It is called Pandemic: Facing AIDS - Russia". Apparently it is one in a series of 6, filmed by Rory Kennedy and funded by Bill Gates. It is amazing. In this episode, we meet Lena and Sergi. They were drug addicts. Lena gets pregnant and manages to stay clean while pregnant. A short while after the baby is born, a "friend" brings over some heroin and they spiral back down. Lena, unable and/or unwilling to care for her tiny son, leaves him w/her mother. They continue to do drugs and BOTH contract AIDS.

    What they find most healing for themselves, is working now as AIDS Activists. Spreading information about how AIDS is contracted, to try and slow the spread of the disease. This is a wonderful cause. Sergi goes to the doctor and finds out he needs treatment now, and WITH the treatment, he can expect to go "full-blown" in about 1 year, 2 max. He claims to be sad that he won't see his son grow up. This is the first we see of Sergi acknowledging that he even HAS a son.

    Lena visits her mother - and of course they get in a fight. Her mother says it would be nice if Sergi would bother to send money and food to help care for the toddler (he is adorable). Lena says he won't as long as he isn't allowed to see his son. (which to me is ridiculous - the boy needs to be supported whether or not Sergi gets to see him, if he was a good man he'd send money regardless).

    When Sergi returns to the DR to start treatment, he finds the hospital has been closed due to lack of funds. The speaker points out that even though Russia's policy is that all AIDS patients are guarenteed care, the budget only allows for 600 patients. There are currently 1 million people living with HIV in Russia.

    Yes it was eye-opening. But really just disgusted me more w/Lena and Sergi for the abandonment of their son, more than anything else. Yes, AIDS is a problem. Though it is a problem they gave themselves thru their drug use. I have never been a drug addict, so of course it is easy for me to criticize, but I would think...now that they are CLEAN, they would be wanting to spend as much time w/their son as they could and working to make sure he had money left to him for his care since they surely won't be around much longer. Nope. At the end, they were being allowed weekend visits with him, which is good. But for me, it is never enough where children are concerned.

    October 16, 2005

    A lovely Sunday...

    Our darling son allowed us to sleep in until 8:45! What a difference from 7:30! We had a big breakfast and they've gone off to the Air & Space Museum...I've opted out because not only have I been there a bazillion times before, it's too much walking for me - just the THOUGHT makes me tired. So I'm home "relaxing"... which really means...

  • washing the linens for the guest bedroom and putting them back on, so that if brother and sister-in-law have to come to stay w/son in an emergency they've got somewhere clean to sleep.
  • putting away a weeks worth of son's laundry in his closet (I hang everything).
  • picking up family room and kitchen.
  • maybe watching a little TV in our new family room furniture that just arrived Friday! Yay for new chairs!
  • October 13, 2005

    Time to get thru?

    In calling Delta Dental, to inquire about the less-than-expected coverage we're receiving, it took 4 minutes to get thru the menus. Of course this included entering my SSN and date of birth, son's name and date of birth - only so that when I finally got thru to an operator, she asked me for the same damn information again!

    Also - it seems they don't deem anesthesia necessary for a 3 year old to get a cavity filled- WTF? Seriously?

    October 12, 2005

    Not a good show for a pregnant Mommy...

    This morning the little dude slept in until 8:30. Since I was up and ready to leave the house at 7 a.m., I had some time to burn so I turned on the TIVO and checked out the TIVO suggestions that it had recorded.

    I found SHOCKED, which is a documentary on HBO about teens and alcohol. Their stories were shocking and LIVE.

    There was Timmy, a 15 year old that was drinking and then went riding on his ATV. Apparently he swerved to miss a bunny and hit a tree - cutting the tree in half with HIS BODY. And hit his head severly as well. I made it through to day 7 in Shock / Trauma today. He was just taking his first steps since the accident. It was heartbreaking to see him recover, being able to compare what I was seeing to what a 15 year old should be talking/walking/acting like.

    There was a girl, 16, that got in the car w/a drunk guy that she thought was HOT. He hit a tree with her side of the car. She has recovered phsyically about 90%, but mentally is a very different story. She apparently has lost the ability to learn. She kept trying for a while to learn and goto school, then I guess just gave up.

    There was another girl, 17, that got into a car with someone she didn't know had been drinking and he had a terrible accident and she hit the windshield. She is phsysically impaired somewhat, but can had to relearn to walk and talk again. She will not be able to live independently between the physical and mental damage.

    There was the young guy, 19, who had cut back to 6 beer-a-day habit. He had 3 beers then drove himself home, with no seatbelt. He lost control of the car and rolled it. Luckily for him, he seemed to be recovering just fine. I seriously pray he meant it when he said he'd never do that again.

    There was the poor kid that drank a bottle of vodka himself while goofing off at the mall w/his friends. Then he fell THREE STORIES onto a tile floor. I didn't get to see much of his story yet, but he also didn't look to be in too bad of shape, given what had happened to him.

    I can only pray and pray and pray that my children will never do any of these stupid things, and the sheer terror I feel when I think about it is so overwhelming, I don't really allow myself to go there.

    October 11, 2005

    Is it December yet? Or, 29 weeks.

    I am so big. It is difficult to get things off the floor. I get exhausted doing nothing. I can only sleep 2 hours at a time, because I either have to flip from one side to the other (and that requires being awake, at this size) or I have to pee.

    BUT! Things are moving along! I think we'll get the nursery painted this weekend (fingers crossed!) and things setup. I washed the carseat liner this weekend (from when son #1 used it) so that's ready to go as soon as I re-install it in the carseat. I'm hoping to run by Gap Maternity today after work for some work pants (seeing as I have 1 pair of pants and am currently wearing them!)... Let's hope they're having a sale! They are way too pricey, but the Motherhood Maternity store doesn't have any full belly pants and low-rise are too painful to wear at this point.

    This was a fabulous weekend! It was a 4 day weekend for me, with Columbus Day! Yay! We (mostly hubby) got the basement cleaned out and organized. We got lots of playtime with Son (and the house is a wreck to prove it!) and even went out to eat yesterday for a nice lunch!

    AND Hubby found a Black Widow spider yesterday under our rain spout. YIKES! Nothing to make a mother nervous than reading "not lethal to those over 5". Umm.. that would mean IS lethal to 50% of my household! Very Scary stuff indeed (of course, that particular black widow did not live longer than it took to snap a quick pic for verification purposes - it definitely is a black widow, based on it's look and behaviour).

    That is all - tomorrow, 29 week OB appt. Wish me luck on the scale!

    October 06, 2005

    4D ultrasound today!

    This is so exciting! The technology just became available at the end of my pregnancy w/my son 4 years ago, and I think I was TOO FAR along to get one. So today...hubby and I are going to find out what our second little boy looks like (excuse me while I tear up just thinking about that)...

    Anyone like 4D and 28 week belly shots? I'll email them to you if I know you're not some weirdo...

    October 05, 2005

    How To Irritate Me

  • 9:07 I arrive at Q*uest D*iagnostics to take my fasting 1-hour glucose test. Sign my name on the walk-in chart, and mention to the receptionist why I'm there (there is a sign that says to tell them immediately if you're there for a timed test). She "whatever"s me into the waiting room.

  • 9:25 Lady in front of my is SUPRISED that they would like her insurance information before they do her labwork. Because this is shocking. I don't know about other areas of the country, but this is DEFINITELY common practice in our area. I must wait longer while they call around trying to find her husband and his insurance card. No, this isn't annoying AT ALL.

  • 9:35 She FINALLY calls my name. I goto counter w/DRs order, noting that I've just burned 1/2 an hour, haven't started on the test yet, am STARVING, and now having Braxton-Hicks contractions because I don't know if I'm allowed to have water or not. She informs that no one in the DRs officed filled out the paperwork as to which test I'm supposed to have. She calls the DRs office - they say to fax the blank request to them and they'll fax back one w/the proper box checked. GRRRR.

  • 9:40 No fax yet. I call the DRs office - they say it's the 1 hour test, not the 3 hour test, which I knew, but the receptionist either needs to hear it from the nurse or have a fax, my word isn't good enough. The nurse sounds irritated w/ME?? WTF? Like they aren't going to get quite the earful Tuesday when I go in for my 29 week checkup.

    I drink the gross orange drink (think really sweet orange soda. Really sweet doesn't bother me, as I've been living on ice cream and chocolate, but I HATE ORANGE SODA).

  • 10:45 Have blood drawn. Nurse is APPALLED at the state of the vein on my left arm, which coincidentally, the nurse at my OB's office BLEW OUT 3 weeks ago, when SHE was drawing blood. Nurse is so appalled, she comments on the state of my vein multiple times. I know it all f-ed up now, it hurt like a son-of-bitch when she blew it, thank you very much, and gave me a dark purple bruise that was 5 inches long.

  • 10:50 finally get in damn car and scarf down some of son's pretzels that I keep in the car for emergencies (you only get stuck in rush hour traffic w/a toddler that hasn't had breakfast ONCE without food in the car).
  • October 04, 2005

    28 Weeks!

    Is today! I go tomorrow for the glucose test (please, please, please let me pass) and Thursday for our 4D ultrasound! So exciting.

    I am really uncomfortable pretty much all the time now. Sitting is uncomfortable, unless I'm reclined on the couch to give the big belly the space it needs (and JR, who is all spread out and Not In A Tight Fetal Position). Sleeping is funny - by 3 a.m. last night I was done trying to sleep and lay down because it was uncomfortable anyway (and I feel so guilty in any position other than on my left side, because all I see when I close my eyes is JR suffocating) and every time I shifted? Woke up JR. Then had to wait for him to be still, and needed to shift again. GRRRR.

    My clothes are getting too tight in the ... you guessed it... belly. I have no idea what the heck I'll be wearing in November because all of my short-sleeved shirts are already tight across the belly. Hopefully the winter shirts are more full cut? Humor me and say that of course they are. I totally see myself in the office in December in hubby's old tshirts and sweats.

    And my legs are so TIRED. And I am SO TIRED. I couldn't get out of bed today, and my head felt like I had the flu (I don't), but it was SO HARD getting out of bed...if son didn't have school today, we'd probably still be home lying there.

    Please note: this complaining is simply complaining because I'm uncomfortable and TIRED. NOT because I'd like to not be pregnant, no way no how. I am so grateful to have made it this far, and still fear the worst happening (haven't managed to send doppler back yet), it's crazy. But I am still uncomfortable.

    Congratulations Amalah!

    On the cutest little boy, Noah! And at 9 pounds 15 ounces, quite the little guy already! BUT SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT!

    October 03, 2005

    Little Dude!

    He is rolling around and squirming like a mad man. I've been sitting here for at least 20 minutes watching lumps appear and disappear across my belly. Or simply slide from one side to the other. Or bump out. Very cool, but darn if it doesn't feel like he's trying to stretch his arms and legs out. I think we may have what we had w/my son - a child that's not above average size at birth, but that doesn't do fetal position...meaning he's not cramped into a little ball - he's in there w/arms and legs nice and spread out, not curled up at all, making ME acommodate HIS size, instead of vice versa.

    Fall Weekends...

    What a lovely weekend!!!

    Friday night our neighbors had a housewarming party - it was a lovely party and well attended. I hear that guests stayed until 1:30 a.m. Who does that? The hosts were EXHAUSTED the next day and had all this cleaning to do. And it's funny - I noticed that some people tend to treat parties like this just as if they're in a bar - being demanding of the hostess as if she was a waitress, which, HELLO, she is not.

    Saturday we hung around the house and hubby updated our landscaping to the new fall flowers. They look lovely. And we got a weeping cherry tree to replace the crappy dying evergreen the builder planted for us.

    Sunday was the neighbor's daughter's first birthday party. It was so cute - bugs theme. The mom made a fabulous bug cake and had little pots of pudding/oreo crumb mix for the kiddies (with gummy worms!).

    The decorator came Friday and we picked out paint colors for the family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. As well as window treatment fabrics for kitchen and family room. AND my new sofa came a month early! I love it, though I think hubby is slightly less enthused about it as I am. But I think it is great and looks great - have already had a nap on it even!