June 29, 2006

Work! And more work!

UGH!  This week, I've been working (IN ADDITION TO MY REGULAR JOB) on a proposal back at my company's HQ (I'm at customer site for 40 hrs per week).. and it's killing me.  Working from 6 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. or so.  KILLING ME.


Hubby has been doing a GREAT job - having the kids all by himself all week!  He's been taking them to my mom's before work, picking them up, taking older Son to swimming lessons.  AND keeping the house super-clean to help my sanity level (dirty house = crazy mom).  I am SO AMAZED.  He's been washing all the baby bottles and even DOING LAUNDRY.  And not ONE SINGLE complaint.

So, hubby, if you read this, thank you.  For being so wonderful.

June 27, 2006

As seen today...

*  Young lady in nice red, sleeveless dress.  Nice tradional, classy brown leather purse. AND MOTORCYCLE BOOTS.
*  Roughly 35 year old man.  In need of haircut, looking quite shaggy.  That or he didn't comb or shower his hair after rolling out of bed.  Black suit pants, which are too long and look as if he stores them rolled up in his nightstand.  NAVY BLUE pin-stripe suit jacket, which also looks like he stores it in his car glove compartment.  Black casual shoes (NOT SUIT SHOES).

June 25, 2006

I can't win, can I?

Ok...last week, I read something/figured out that BabyT needs a bit more food during the day, and that will help with the night-wakings to eat. I can do that, sure!

So Thursday we added 1 ounce to each bottle feeding and one more solids feeding per day.

He threw up Saturday.
He threw up TWICE today (Sunday).

I think it's because we're over feeding him, but it's confusing since TWO of the vomit-blasts were at the BEGINNING of a feeding, when he was very hungry. I would think it would be at the end of a feeding or shortly after. So, for today anyway, we're scaled back to 4-5 ounces at a feeding and only 1 solids this evening. If all goes well, we'll be back on our old scheule, with maybe just the addition of the one extra solids meal. We'll see. The real bummer is that Thursday night, HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT. Damn. Friday night too.

June 21, 2006

Gosh...where was I?

Oh yes!  San Jose!
After our wonderful trip to G00GLE HQ, we returned to our hotel  (see this link! The Wild Palms, baby. http://www.jdvhospitality.com/hotels/hotel/20 It was GREAT! )
Where we lounged by the pool like the bathings suit beauties we are (HA!).  Then showered up for dinner at a fabulous restaurant, where my girlfriends kept trying to take pictures of a waiter that bore a STUNNING resemblance to Orlando Bloom and yes, you read that right.  We also had a baby shower for SMG there - and showered her with tons o' girly baby clothes for her new little one. 
Then - back to SMG's house for drinks and hanging out, after yet another fun girly trip to the grocery store, where I'm sure we conviced all the employess that we were CRAZY.
And - our rental car was a mack-daddy tricked out 300M.  We were quite the scene!
More tomorrow - we still have to cover Saturday's events!

June 20, 2006

Gosh...where was I?

Oh yes - the trip.  Due to recent events, I cannot post the rest of the details here.  If you are interested though, I am writing it up and will email it to you, just email me or post a comment.
Oh, and BabyT can say MAMA!!  And it is SO CUTE I can't stand it!  Watching him practice pursing his lips trying to do the MMMMM sound is so cute and amazing!  Then to HEAR him say it!  When hubby held the phone up to his ear and I talked to him, he said it!  Think he knows what Mama means?!!

June 19, 2006

Another Great Weekend...

A great weekend all around!  I'll be posting some choice pics over there in the sidebar (FLIKR!) later!  Keep posted!
Hubby LOVED his gift - a leather bound album, to be updated each year, with the handprints and a picture of his 2 beautiful boys!  (there'll be a picture of that posted too!).
We had a nice time and visited w/my grandparents then had his dad over for a BBQ of yummy smoked filets, homemade mac&cheese, wild rice, cake and beer!  Yay beer!

June 15, 2006

Commerical Break!


(actually, I sent hubby to store to find Edy's ice cream sandwich ice cream but he came back with an acceptable substitute!)

Update: here's the link for the ice cream sandwich ice cream! http://www.edys.com/brand/grand/flavor.asp?b=134&f=1610

June 14, 2006

Friday in San Jose...

Recap: me and girl friends have arrived in San Jose to have a girls'
weekend and baby shower!

Friday morning: after going to bed at 3 a.m. local time (6 a.m. East
Coast Time!)... my friend that lives in San Jose, SMG, arrives after
dropping her son off at preschool at 9:45 a.m. She finds me and other
friend SK in bed.

We sit around and have girly-chat time for 2 hours! Soon we are
joined by other friend SB. Who knew we've all discovered Secret
deodorant stops working after a time and you need to alternate it w/a
different brand for effectiveness! Also discussion on Brazillian
Laser Light treatments ensues (verdict from friend having it done: by
treatment #2 out of 5, the light is turned up so high it's quite
painful, but yet still NEAT-O).

Decide to go visit SMG's hubby, who works at G00GLE and have lunch
with him there (we love her hubby, he's great!).

There's not much I can say publicly, except that it was SO COOL I
cannot even begin to express it in words. By far, the hit of the day
( other than the FREE FOOD CAFETERIA stocked with organic foods of
your choice and free Ben & Jerry's ice cream ) were the Japanese
toilets that they had installed there!

Please see this picture that someone else :

These are GREAT! So we 5 ladies tromp on in there and as each of us
sat down, there was an audible "oooooh!" when we sat on the WARMED
TOILET SEAT! How nice! Especially since the building was freezing!
THEN, one by one my friends pressed the "front" button, or what they
thought was the front, but I guess they each accidentally pressed
"rear" and then an audible "hey!!!!" from each as the water turned on!
It was HILARIOUS (I did not partake in the washing though, I didn't
trust that they dryer would work well enough for my taste and who
wants to be wet down there wandering around?)

BUT MORE HILARIOUS was when we exited the restroom and there was SMG's
hubby sitting outside the door wondering what the HELL-a was going on
in the bathroom - apparently he could hear quite the commotion. It
was so funny!!!!!!

More later - this is a long entry...coming up, dinner and a baby shower!

June 12, 2006

And another weekend!

Oh what a GREAT weekend!

For starters, BabyT has returned to 1 wake-up a night, which is
totally tolerable! Yay Sleep!

Friday, hubby got off work early and we met him at ToysRUs so that son
could get his first bike!!!! SO amazing! And of course, he's a great
rider! So now we can be the cute family riding bikes w/the baby on
the back!

Saturday I got to sleep in a bit - then just hung out with the kids
all day. I had a 6:30 appt to get a pedicure...then on a whim picked
up dinner to go at Chipotle! We had never eaten food from there
before and ....WOW! That place is GREAT! Hubby and I are SO PICKY
about what's in our food, most mexican places put too much stuff in
the food that we don't like - but at Chipotle, I get to decide! No
veggies and veggie-like toppings for us! Meat, cheese and rice!

Yesterday we had the sitter come for a trial to see if she could
handle both kids - she did GREAT. Son loved her and so did we (BabyT
did too, but he likes everyone in the world, except my Grandma). We
got SO MUCH done around the house. Hubby picked up blinds from Lowes
and put them up, along w/our custom window treatments from our old
house from our old family room into our new bedroom and they look
GREAT (I'm loving the all-caps today!). The blinds make such a
difference (we had paper blinds) - it's like real adults live there,
not just hubby and me!

And the summary from the California trip is coming soon I promise,
just need some time to write it!

June 08, 2006

those crazy people!

The past couple of days, people seem to not be looking in the mirror -
or maybe just not caring anymore?

I've seen
- lady in a red tank sweater with black dressy pants....and OLD TEVAS!
- lady in nice dressy black skirt, with a white top made of very thin
fabric - so muc so that the seams appeared SUPER WHITE because the
rest of the shirt was so thin. AND old ratty flip flops?!
- young woman in cool multi-length trendy skirt, little jean
jacket....and tennis shoes???
- a woman in a white dress, once again in such thin material that any
seam or area of double material (like around the neck, where they sew
the tag in) is SUPER WHITE because it's 2 layers of white material and

Why dress so cute if you're going to wear shoes that undo all the cuteness??

June 07, 2006


Surprise! Not only can BabyT sit unassisted (for short amts of time)
he CAN CRAWL/SCOOT! I thought babies could only do one or the other
until they perfected the first skill. Either that is not true or
I've given birth to a super-genious (which is ENTIRELY possible :-)

Let the fun begin! We've scheduled a babysitter to come Sunday so we
can make the family room "BabyT friendly" - meaning moving all of
son's toys that are a choking hazard out of that room (like Star Wars
Figures guns, Lego pieces, etc.)...

So exciting moves afoot in our house!

June 06, 2006

And on Thursday Night, they arrived...

So - last Thursday all us girlies arrive in San Jose! SO much fun!

We were supposed to go right to bed (11 p.m. San Jose time) and meet
our friend that lives there in the morning (the pregnant one!) - but I
needed snacks from the grocery store, then the sisters decided we
needed wine...and you can guess the rest. We went to bed at 3 a.m.
local time (6 a.m. my time!!!) -yikes! It is SO NICE to just hang
with your girlfriends and chat and hear what's going on in there lives
(my friend E is being chased by an VeryImportant Internet CEO! SO

More later - gotta get back to work! Watch for Friday's events recap
coming soon!

June 05, 2006

What a weekend!

I don't have time to blog right now, but here's what's coming....

- what happens when 5 women encounter the fANCY Japanese toilets at
Google headquarters!
- Monterey is GORGEOUS!
- more evidence that people on planes are asses
- why I love my girlfriends!
- what I ate this weekend and why I'm happy about it!
- how one can be up for 26 HOURS straight!

June 01, 2006

Girls Weekend!

This weekend is it! We're all flying to see my girlfriend that is
pregnant to have a baby shower and a girly weekend! I can't wait - am
almost packed and ready to go for my flight tonight!

I already miss my kids and hubby - that part of the weekend will be
really hard. But of course, I will struggle through. :-)

Have a great weekend!