August 27, 2007

frustration w/school...

Son starts Kindergarten next TUESDAY.  The school system has not yet bothered to inform us of which session he is in (AM OR PM), nor which teacher he gets.

Now the teacher thing is not a big deal, as I do not have a preference.  But as a working parent, I need to know AM or PM to make arrangements accordingly.

Last Thursday they promised it would be in my mailbox Saturday.  Also that the principal would call me back.  Neither happened.  After I retrieved today's mail, which STILL contained no letter, I called again.  They promised it would have been in today's mail, which I informed her I was only calling because I got the mail and, NOPE, NO LETTER.  I explained that at best I have 4 business days as of RIGHT NOW to make arrangements, and getting the letter tomorrow leaves me THREE.  Though I have no faith, based on THEIR past lying to me about when they sent the letters, that I'll get a letter tomorrow.  I asked AGAIN that the principal please call me back.

Stay tuned.

August 24, 2007

anyone watching BB8?

It is GREAT this season....just absolutely great trashy reality tv, if you like that sort of thing.

My dad always laughed at my tv choices (back then it was soaps and wrestling, of all things!) - he always said for someone so smart, I sure did watch the dumbest TV possible.  He couldn't quite believe that my brain would even let me watch that crap!

August 23, 2007

18 month sleep regression

has hit our house, even though it's a little late.  Damn, it is a ROUGH one too.  OF COURSE, when we FINALLY get BabyT down after the middle of the night batttle, it's time for BabyJ to get a bottle (if she's going to get one, she only gets up 50% of the nights for a bottle, thank goodness)...

August 21, 2007


I am trying, trying, trying desperately to find time to make it to the darn gym simply to sign up!!!.  Heaven knows how I'll find time to ACTUALLY excercise!


I am trying, trying, trying desperately to find time to make it to the darn gym simply to workout.  Heaven knows how I'll find time to ACTUALLY excercise!

August 18, 2007

laundry update...

1 load adult dark clothes
1 load bed sheets

Still to go:
1 load adult light clothes
1 load child darks
1 load child lights
1 load family reds
1 load baby lights
1 load baby darks
1 load baby spit up rags
1 load bed blankets
1 load bath towels
1 load beach towels

and now that BabyT just peed on the floor getting into the shower:
1 load bath mat

August 17, 2007

sorry for the silence!

We've been at the beach!  Just got back, in fact.

In case anyone was wondering, going to the beach, with a 5 year old, a 1 year old and a 4 month old is A LOT OF WORK and not to be attempted by those looking to actually RELAX on their vacation and/or SLEEP.

August 11, 2007

a new baby!

And Bugsy is having (or has had?!) her baby by now, here's sending her lots of luck and love w/her new bundle of joy!

August 08, 2007

dear AVEDA,

F*** YOU.

You MAY NOT discontinue a product before producing a suitable replacement!  They have stopped making their Elixir leave-in conditioner, which is my favorite.  Not only for the wonderful magic it works on my hair, but for the wonderful scent.  I tried another leave-in product they make for colored hair, but you are supposed to use a conditioner with it, so I would be using TWO products instead of just one.

Today I tried Redken's leave-in. MAN IS IT FULL OF PERFUME.  It really really stinks.

Back to the drawing board.

August 01, 2007

what do you do when...

** you have all three kids in the car - the 3 month old and the 1 year old are sleeping
** you have 2 bottles in the car for the baby but they are both dirty.  This is not supposed to be an issue because you are only driving 20 minutes from your mother's house to yours
** it is 99 degrees outside and blazing sun
** your husband is in a very far away place
** your father-in-law is ALSO in a very far away place
** your brother is 1 hour away

You are 6 miles from home.  You have a left rear tire pressure of 0 according to your tire monitoring system (you get to watch it drop from 20 when it started warning you to 0 as you drove off the off-ramp for the Dulles Toll Road)

There are NO males that can come quickly to your aid that you know.  EVEN if they could, you would be on the side of the road in BLAZING HEAT AND SUN with an infant and a run-away toddler ( I am assuming it is not safe to change a tire on the car w/the kids IN the car, which also means, in this heat, the car would have to be left running).

The 2 females you COULD call could only do the following: drive to where you are and SIT with at least one of your kids while you drive THEIR car home and retrieve your other vehicle that is big enough to hold everyone.  This also means installing car seats in the BLAZING HEAT AND SUN should you choose this answer.

All the other males you know are
   a.  at work
   b. also at least 1 hour away

Many of the phone numbers you might need to call random friends for help anyway are stored on your OLD cell phone, as luck would have it.

So what do you do?