August 20, 2009

Obama-care hurts middle class.

Here is an article, from CNN no less - about how Obama-care is going to seriously hurt the middle class, and they have no idea it's coming.

The main example is a family w/a 85K income and good insurance. Here is how they are going to be totally screwed...

do we need "change" in our system? Absolutely. His change? NO!

August 06, 2009

holy moly - PANDORA!

why did no one tell me of this magic radio app??!!  I LOVE IT - I have several playlists that I set up and added artists to and give thumbs up and down and VOILA!!!  A radio station fit for a princess!  ;-)  It is perfect - it plays EXACTLY the music I like!  I cannot stress that you have to try it if you have not -it is free and all your favorite music!  Why buy music?  I can take it and turn it on for my iPhone and never need i-Freaking-Tunes again!!