December 05, 2013
Gift for child: age 6-10!!
Rainbow loom!!!!  The 2 smaller children love this!!  They have made at least a hundred bracelets!  Tyler puts 2 together and makes necklaces!  Jess is 6 and 1/2 and has no trouble using it and my almost 12 year old has also been caught using it to make a bracelet in his football team's colors!

November 25, 2013
Hello?? Been a while eh??
Wow it's been a while! Let's see if we can make use of these tools and get things started around here!!!  

Who's in??!! ME!

Thanksgiving is in 3 days, it's going to snow and I've got football to watch!  Since I last posted I've fallen into the football trap and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!

November 06, 2012
Princess Loves: Bolthouse Farms' GREEN GOODNESS!
It's good for you!

I eat TERRIBLY.  I do not like any (ANY!) fruits or veggies!  I love red meats and potatoes!  I drink too much diet coke.

So the one thing I CAN tolerate is Green Goodness - to me, it's yummy, but my normal food eating friends actually don't like it?

It's full of good stuff that there is NO WAY I could eat on it's own: Kiwi, mango, banana (ok, I could suffer thru one of these if I had to), pineapple, spinach, broccoli, spirulina, barley grass, wheat grass, garlic, blue green algae, artichoke and apples.

Seriously.  It's delicious.

Please VOTE!
I have 2 sick kids today.  I am going to find a way to get to the polls anyway!  Some how, some way.


September 02, 2012
hello?  is this thing on??  Blogger has changed!  Let me see if I can figure out all their new features!!  :-)

July 05, 2011
Bad luck...
  • Last month - upstairs heat pump dies. $200 for temp fix,  $6,000 for new unit
  • Kitchen faucet springs a leak and fills lower cabinet - new faucet at 11 p.m. (also not cheap!)
  • Truck mirror and door handle break. $200 (thank GOODNESS for the extended warranty)
  • Last week: downstairs furnace breaks.  $200 for a temporary fix, HVAC guy suggests $3,200 for a new unit (also, thank goodness we have an HVAC guy in the family or this would be a MUCH SADDER post)
  • 10 year old HE3T washer (the first production year) makes an AWFUL noise w/each load but is still washing - is it next??  PLEASE NO!

February 20, 2011
Today we re-do the boys rooms!
They both want Clone Wars rooms - so we're doing away with the shades of baby blue and off while and going with: Clone blue, black and white.  Also moving beds and furniture!  SHOULD BE FUN!

it's been a while eh?  Let's start with updating the about me!

January 10, 2011
Princess Loves: Magic Mouse I started an Android training class.  I have my MacBook Pro (from work) for programming, but I'm a Windows programmer because that's all the customer lets us use.  So I haven't developed on my Mac in 2 years.  So to do the training, which requires switching from PDF to Eclipse, to the Android Emulator, to the error catcher, to Firefox and coding, it is a PAIN to use the touchpad when you're out of practice.  I texted my hubby, thinking he'd pick me up a tiny mouse from Target...what I got was this:

He is wonderful.  It is a Magic Mouse - it just WORKS with my laptop and you can swipe to control instead of using a track wheel!  It is TEH BOMB, Seriously.  GET ONE.

(this post is in NO WAY compensated.  My hubby just bought me something nice.)