March 31, 2005

Would you like her to see Age 4?

To the kiddie-beauty-pageant mom in the hotel parking lot this morning....

Your stupid purse dog is on a leash but the 3 year old gets to walk in the parking lot without holding your hand (which is a thru street as well)? Are you insane or just stupid?

Stupid Idiot.

(the 3 year old was already in her pageant hair and clothes - I did not know we had those things in Northern Virginia)

Rest In Peace, Terry.

I had a nice long post here - about not taking a side (let her live or let her die) earlier - that simply, if we were going to remove life support, we should help her not suffer for 14 days.

But Blogger ate it and now it's gone.

Also - why did all the pretty "before" pictures just come out today?

March 30, 2005

Not News

  • 15 year vs. 30 year mortgages
  • Drinking during pregnancy

    any others out there?
  • Do we not have enough engineers?

    What is wrong with Blogger? I couldn't get into post at all yesterday and am having a hard time commenting around today.

    Not much new to report. I hurt my back by sleeping on my stomach. I have a bad S1/S2 joint and the squishy bed must've curved my back in a way my back doesn't like. Feels like those 2 discs are rubbing w/no cartilage in between to soften things. I almost fell down the stairs when they unexpectedly grinded together and it hurt so bad my knees went weak. Thank goodness I wasn't carrying son (he was walking behind me).

    Before anyone suggests it - I have been to all the SUPER specialists in the No. Virginia area - none can help. Tried physical therapy. Tried cortisone shots (that was fun), tried resting. MRIs, XRays. Nothing. The closest we got was one dr thought I had stress fractures from running. So when my back is in good shape, no more than 3-4 miles, every other day. More than that brings it right back, where it's 6 weeks to calm back down.

    Listening to the radio yesterday, Gretchen Wilson's (yes, sometimes I listen to country) Redneck Woman came on. When she got to the part about buying the "same damn thing on a wal-mart shelf 1/2 price" son said "Hey! We don't talk like that! I don't want to hear that again!" Too funny!

    March 28, 2005

    Forgot to tell you!

    Ok - recall please that Son has a fascination w/Star Wars. Which has resulted in an overrun of our house by Star Wars stuff... including quite a few variations of the Han Solo frozen in carbonite - where he looks metallic, with his hands out to his sides, up near his face...

    We were visiting Hubby's Grandfather in the nursing home Saturday when son had to potty. We were walking by a wooden cross with a metal Jesus on it when he says "Mommy - is that Han Solo??"

    ???? Too funny! (yes, he does recognize Baby Jesus and regular pictures of Jesus from preschool teachings, but this metal looking one just got him!)


    thanks everyone for the inquiries and well wishes for the knee! It is better now, and it only hurts when I poke it where the bruises are or take off running after Son. And I was really (REALLY) hoping to start running again this week too :-( Guess I'll start with walking.

    Easter was good - we went to PA to see our relatives and had a blast. Son LOVES it there. Cousin A was home from Bucknell, so Son was thrilled. We did a tiny bit o'shopping and I couldn't find anything for me! Nothing! But Son got two bags full of spring clothes (did you know there's no sales tax on clothes there? Fantastic!)

    On a much more depressing side, I'm thinking of starting another pity party for myself - anyone want to come?

    March 24, 2005

    Good job!

    So yesterday, Son fell asleep on the way home from my mom's. When we pulled in the garage, I was carrying him into the house to put him in his bed...

    And fell.

    Because I was carrying my son, and a pesky thing like falling isn't going to hurt my baby, I landed square on my right knee. On the concrete.

    I had twisted / mis-stepped w/my left foot so all my weight went onto right leg, which wasn't in weight-position, leg buckled, and down went my weight + Son's 30 pds. on my knee. I think I bounced off the concrete - I have three HUGE bruises (TWO so good they BLED).

    Spent last evening w/Knee up and ice.
    Almost couldn't walk today. Once I got it loosened up a bit, was able to walk, as long as the knee does not get bent in any I can walk w/a straight leg, but forget bending the knee -it's excrutiating. So forget bending over, sitting down, getting up...all hurt A LOT.

    Any doctors out there??

    March 23, 2005

    Not my fault!

    My son is fascinated with finding fault - everything that happens, he will label whose "fault" it is... (why he does this I have no idea)

    So last night I'm washing the rice cooker pot so I can make more rice. Sink won't drain? Turn on the garbage disposal and VOILA - the OTHER side of the sink fills up w/rice and water???? I had put rice down the disposal side last night? Why is it coming up the Non-Disposal side??

    Apparently rice is so small, it just goes right thru the disposal - then clogged our drain. Then came back up - GROSS (smelled nice too)...

    Hubby had to take the whole drain crap apart (which made a horrendous mess since the drain was full of rice/beef stew and water)...

    Now I know.

    March 22, 2005

    Pity Party Over...'s over I guess...just feeling a little depressed and hopeless yesterday. Went home, spent time w/hubby & son and now feel better.

    The sun is shining and it's warm out.

    BTW - Michelle has links to finding registered sex offenders that may live near you. Check it out. It might give you some useful info, it's at least worth a look to see. Luckily, our address came out clean, but I know the guy that killed the little girl was visiting relatives and wouldn't have come up either. I cannot think of much worse than having all of this happen to your child. I hope he rots in hell for what he's done. If her father doesn't kill him first.

    March 21, 2005

    Pity Party: guest list = 1

    Having a pity party here all by myself today. Already eating chocolate and drinking diet coke, thank you.

    Nice weekend...

    So we had a fabulous weekend!

    Friday son and I went to the mall to play on the playground, shop, and see the Easter Bunny. We saw the Bunny first - i'll post the pic's SO CUTE! Then we did a wee bit o'shopping (of course, the only person I bought stuff for was son) then off to the playground.

    Now this playground has a big airplane for the kiddies, as well as an air traffic control tower. The airplane is hollow, with a big slide inside it. Hubby and I watch the boy like a hawk (read as: follow him around the playground) on this playground, to make sure he doesnt' hurt himself or anyone else and to keep other kids from hurting him (some mom's just sit on the couch on their cell phones and don't watch their brats)...

    I was following son when we went by the opening of the airplane slide and I thought I saw him duck inside. So I stood at the bottom of the slide and waited....he didn't come down??? I looked up inisde the slide - no son. I looked all around the airplane outside, no son? PANIC MODE...I circled the plane - the damn thing has tons of holes and tons of kids on it...Calling for son, getting panicky - what does one do when a child disappears? I checked the other playthings on the playground (it's not that big) but I kept thinking that he was there, I just wasn't seeing him... Finally another mom noticed frantic me and told me to look in the tower. I had peeked in there but was getting freaked because I knew if he was here he'd hear me calling him and come out - so he must be gone! Then I looked in the tower - and crouched and giggling was my boy....oh my god, I've never been so relieved in my life.

    Saturday - we did stuff around the house (got the whole first floor of my house SPOTLESS) and took the boy into the hot tub (water turned down to 95 degrees) and had a ball...

    Sunday - did yard stuff and the neighbors brought their daughter, S, over to play. Son was so tired he went to bed at 6:30. 6:30! Then slept until 7 a.m.! Shocking!

    March 18, 2005

    just so damn cute!

    Last night, driving home from dinner, son (in the back seat) waved his hands and said AbraCadabra (really Abbba Dabbba!) right as the light changed. He totally thought he did it (which would be cool, to really think you can do magic!)... so all the way home....

    Abba Dabba!
    Abbbra Dabbra!
    Abba Caaa Dabbbra!

    he gets it right! So at home, we go tearing around the house, with him waving his hands, giggling, and saying Abba Caa Dabbra! and me stealth-ily turning on/off lights!

    Too much fun!

    March 17, 2005

    Happy St. Patty's Day!

    To everyone...

    And a special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend S.K.! Yep - St. Patty's Baby! Which, of course, in college, we went out for many a green beer in Blacksburg, VA at Cricket's (which shows our age worse than pictures of us!)...

    Now the days w/kids have us just having lunch!

    March 16, 2005

    Head Going to EXPLODE...

    so today I'm dealing with

  • trying to communicate with my mother's new tax accountant about getting her taxes done. We're on email 10 already just today.
  • My mom suddenly deciding she needs April 6 and 7 off to goto TX - hello? I have a job and NO LEAVE left (actually I'm 5 hours in the hole after last week) - I don't have any problem w/her taking vacation (who doesn't need a break?) but notice would be appreciated...
  • when i call hubby to ask if he can watch son on those days, he reminds me he may have class that next week, which means we would have to ask my Mom to babysit that Monday, but she'll be in TX??!!

    What the hell am I going to do? It's a great fucking day.
  • Asshole Driver Alert

    20 something jackass in a beige Honda Accord, sport! I am willing to be he borrowed Mommy's car, no? He tried to cut me off and squeeze into an off-ramp at the last minute. Yeah, I'm going to be intimidated by some little kid (w/the seat back almost in a laying down position) in a Honda Accord. Don't.Think.So.

    Kudos also to the bimbo driving the purple Neon in the HOV lane doing 50 mph when the rest of the HOV lanes and other lanes were doing 60 mph.

    March 15, 2005

    Odd man....

    So this guy just walks into my office, where we have a fancy-schmancy printer that the execs print to (yes, they're always in my office too). He wants to know how to connect to it.

    I told him that generally, people aren't allowed to just connect to that printer...if you're allowed, they'll give you the connecting information. Then he starts leaning over ME and MY DESK and wants to see where I print to...

    Manners much? He's still wandering around out there. He asked if I'm on XYZ network, yes I am, and decides that he can't see my printer because he's not on that network. Duh. I'm thinking if he knew the name of that network, he knows he's not on it - leave me alone!

    UPDATE: he just came in AGAIN to bug the exec printing right now.

    March 14, 2005

    What a week!!

    The reason I haven't been updating is...


    we were on vacation! I doubt hubby would be thrilled that I told the Internet beforehand, he'd be sure we'd be robbed, so I had to keep a lid on it until we got back...but we're back!

    Hubby's Dad and wife, L, took us to sunny Snowmass, Colorado! (part of Aspen)....we had a great week - son learned to ski and became one of the few 3 year olds to be allowed on the lift and to ski down real ski runs! I, however, nearly had a heart attack while he was riding said lift and skiing down that HUGE MOUNTAIN.

    Tuesday saw me sitting in Aspen Valley Hospital's ER having a replay of last month's medical nightmare. Fun for the whole day!

    It was sunny and 50 degress (if you can believe it) for the whole week of skiing! They had a 90 inch base, so snow wasn't a problem, but sunburn was! I have a great tan now! Usually, spring skiing the temperature is about 30 during the day, which is hot, and at 50, it was almost too hot to ski!

    Good food, lots of family time, skiing, shopping and fun for a whole week! (well, except for Tuesday)...

    Then we flew home yesterday...and United LOST AN ENTIRE FLIGHT'S luggage. Which they told us after having us wait at baggage claim for 30 minutes. Then they looked for it and found it 20 minutes later. Nice service!

    BUT no asshole drivers, only a couple of stupid ones...

    March 07, 2005

    ??? is everyone doing out there this Monday??

    (( crickets chirping ))

    dying for my Monday update? Thought so!

    Not much going on here...just suffice it to say that for once, I'm not in the office!

    (no, not fired, not that lucky)

    will update as I can...

    March 03, 2005

    Asshole Driver

    30 something Ass
    Driving Chevy Impala
    Cut me off - talking on phone more important than checking before changing lanes.

    March 02, 2005


    There is a little convience store in the bottom of my building. It is run by a very quiet little lady. Her register is in the back of the store, near the rack she uses to store the drycleaning that's been cleaned and is ready for pickup.

    The newspaper stand is right by the front door of the shop. Today, I observed, on my way to the store, someone going into the bathroom w/a newspaper...

    I'm sure you all see where this is going, don't you...

    As I'm paying (ok, it takes me a while, I'm a bit indecisive about what type of chocolate fix I need)...I notice a certain someone poke their head in the door and place a newspaper on the newspaper stand.



    Some poor person is going to come BUY a paper that they don't know has been tainted (ie. George on Seinfeld w/he taints the art book)....


    Bret Michaels?

    I was in the car and flipped stations....(xm radio)...heard a voice from my teen years that is unmistakeable...because I had such a huge crush...Bret Michaels!


    It has been my experience that country music fans are pretty finicky about wanting true fans and not crossovers...I'm surprised they'd even play it...but more surprisingly is that HE would sell out to start playing country since he's too old/washed up for the Rock scene ( I don't believe the Poison Tour did very well )...

    Check this out : His website and pic w/horse!

    March 01, 2005