March 18, 2005

just so damn cute!

Last night, driving home from dinner, son (in the back seat) waved his hands and said AbraCadabra (really Abbba Dabbba!) right as the light changed. He totally thought he did it (which would be cool, to really think you can do magic!)... so all the way home....

Abba Dabba!
Abbbra Dabbra!
Abba Caaa Dabbbra!

he gets it right! So at home, we go tearing around the house, with him waving his hands, giggling, and saying Abba Caa Dabbra! and me stealth-ily turning on/off lights!

Too much fun!


KK said...

aaaaaaaaawww!!!! that sounds so cute!!! sounds liek fun playing like that too.

girl from florida said...

awwww! What a cutiepie!! :)

Anonymous said...

That is so totally cute.:)


Sara said...

Tell your little one that when he can say "Abbra-Caddabbrra!" and make me pregnant, he can hang out with the girls anytime!

Hehehehe . . . really, that is a cute story!