October 31, 2006

John Kerry is a Moron...

From Michelle Malkin...
John Kerry: "You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and you do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you, you can do well. If you don't, you get stuck in Iraq."
Nice.  And remember, don't question his patriotism or support for the troops.  yeah right, asshole.

October 26, 2006

Next time, just ask!

SO last night, BabyT didn't want his medicine - and gagged and threw up when I gave it to him.

So tonight, ready for a fight, I distracted him and got the whole 2.0 mL into his mouth. Since he wasn't ready - you guessed it - gagged and threw up (luckily, I am smart enough to at least be near a sink)...

So I cleaned him up and thought...well, he still needs the medicine. I filled the dropper. Set him on the counter and asked him to open up. Viola. Easy as pie.

I am a dumbass sometimes.

Dear Cold-Medicine Makers...

If the package says to give the child two dropperfuls (at 1.0 mL each) - can we just make the damn dropper have a mark for 2.0 mL?  After tricking BabyT into taking the first dropperful, I've got no shot w/dropper #2 as that mouth is SHUT TIGHT.

You guessed it - someone else came to visit w/a cold.  And now BOTH my sons have it.

October 24, 2006

I still heart Safeway.com!

Since hubby's been gone, I've been doing on-line grocery ordering and then scheduling delivery. I LOVE IT. Safeway.com delivers my stuff, puts it right on the counter!

Last night I tried to tip the delivery guy - he wouldn't take it! I love it when stuff like that happens, makes me want to tip more! But he said all I can do is leave on-line feedback, and you can bet I will leave them some fabulous feedback!

Countdown to hubby's return: November 3! Next Friday! Only one more weekend left (and our anniversary too, unfortunately, on Halloween, but shhhh, let's not talk about that!)...

and did I mention that I am tired?

Pregnancy update: 14 weeks 2 days today!

October 20, 2006

October 18, 2006

Stomach Virus - OH NO!

Older son has it.  Pray that me and BabyT do not!


is it possible to simply pass out from exhaustion?  If it is, I must be getting dangerously close to that level - between working full time and having the kids alone w/hubby out of town and being pregnant, I can barely stay awake.  October is being a bit of a rough month in our house.

October 17, 2006

Top 100 of 1991...

online grocery shopping!

We did our first online grocery shopping last night!  I had them delivered - and by delivered they mean that they PUT THEM IN THE HOUSE ON THE COUNTER for me.  How fabulous is this??!!  Especially w/hubby gone, I don't have to lug the kiddies to the store!  I love it and am SO SOLD on this being our primary way of grocery shopping from now on!

October 16, 2006

No Coke?

Hmmpph...on the same day Charlie writes about Dunkin' Donuts running out of coffee, our McDonald's ran out of Coke AND Diet Coke. HOW is this possible?

October 13, 2006

Pregnancy #3 or "I don't feel pregnant"

Hm.  We tried so long to get pregnant w/each of our sons, I knew at 9dpo that I indeed WAS pregnant.  With the crazy body-symptom monitoring and the temping, it was HARD to miss.  Remember, I also had clomid for both those cycles.

With a surprise and unmedicated cycle pregnancy, I have NO SYMPTOMS. I would not know now I was pregnant were it not for the pregnancy tests, sonograms, doppler checks on the heartbeat.  Well, except for this huge bump growing straight out the front of my belly.  No symptoms at all.  Well, I'm tired, but that could be taking care of the kids myself for weeks and weeks or being pregnant.  I'm going to guess BOTH.

So, I wish I had a great pregnancy post, but alas, no.  BUT it is SO HARD to eat right w/this one, as I have no spare time to make myself something yummy at dinner time.  And at work, the only decent food that isn't fast food is sandwiches, which are not allowed for pregnant women, so I eat grilled chicken sandwiches from Burger King quite a bit.

So I'm 13 weeks tomorrow, which means only 5 or 6 more weeks until the big sonogram!  That is the exciting date I've got my eye on, let me tell you!!!!

October 11, 2006

we're back...

from PA.  All is well - my MIL came back w/me to stay for 2 days so that makes things MUCH easier.

Even though it was a sad occaision, we, as a family, had a wonderful time visiting with each other and telling fond stories of PopPop.  I learned quite a bit about the man over the last 2 days and am very honored that my children are descendents of him.  He was a great man.

October 09, 2006

when it rains, it pours...

ok.  So, I'm pregnant.
My husband is traveling on business, unable to come back for ANY REASON.  For 5 weeks.  This makes me tired.
I just returned from a business trip to CA, where I spent a total of 16 hours on a plane, and find out none of it is billable.  Hence I am 2 days short on my timecard = 2 days short pay.  AND I took the red-eye back so I could work and watch the kids on Thursday.  Which made me more tired.
Then Hubby's Grandpa passed away.  So I've loaded the car and taken the children to their home for the activities surrounding that.
So, guess what?  I'm TIRED.

October 03, 2006

Thoughts on AjaxWorld and California!

** I love all the learning
** Sometimes it is VERY BORING though
** Getting to hear some of the best developers at the best companies is GREAT (ie: Yahoo! guys were great!)
** The food at the hotel is very "California" - fancy, full of veggies and strange.  My chicken and cheese quesadilla had a RED TORTILLA shell.  I was a bit grossed out, but since it cost TWENTY DOLLARS thought I should at least try it.  Surprisingly, it was good.
** The breakfast buffet food is either too fancy or crappy.  The scrambled eggs were RUNNY.  Gross.
**  The served lunch was a choice of strange salads (like a beef veggie mayo sort of salad), mahi mahi (can't eat due to pregnancy, and who eats mahi mahi cooked by the batch-load anyway?), roast tenderloin, and some sort of chicken.  Dessert was some vanilla watery pudding, flourless brownies w/nuts, or coconut pyramids (GROSS).  Too fancy.  How bout meatballs and sauce?  Burgers?  They didn't even serve sodas!  Just fancy tea and water.
** The lack of women here is AMAZING.  At the bootcamp yesterday, the 2 guys next to me assumed I didn't know crap about developing until I had to help one of them find the bug in his software (which I had finished writing 20 minutes earlier).  That is dumb, to assume I don't know much in the development field just because I'm a girl. 
** Dinner last night w/one of my best-est friends and getting to see her hubby and kiddies.
** Dinner with her again tonight!!
AND BabyT is feeling better - still stuffy and cough-y, but handling it much better.

so, a bad mommy it is then...

UGH!  BabyT is so sick.  He is so miserable w/his cold and cough, I can't stand it.  He's fussy and crying and OBVIOUSLY thinks I've abandoned him and is never coming back.  I feel awful.  I want nothing more than to scoop him up and settle him down in the glider, secure in the fact that Mommy's here and making it better.  I am a terrible mother for leaving him without a parent.  That is how awful I feel.  If the in-laws would've let me, I'd have been on the first flight home (of course, my company would be a bit peeved, giving that they spent like 4K to get me here and in this conference!)...
Please, please please let him have a good night tonight and feel better in the morning.

October 02, 2006


I am at a conference in Santa Clara, CA!  And I get to stay at the Hyatt!  I'm so excited!  Today is a day of hand-on-training followed by dinner w/my best friend, who happens to live right here!  YAY!  After the last week of having the kids alone (Hubby out of town), I'm beat and this sounds like a big break to me!
Speaking of the kids, we left them w/the in-laws for the FIRST TIME EVER.  They've never not had one of us there.  That was SO HARD, but I'm sure they'll be fine, we left them in wonderful hands.  Unfortuntately, BabyT has a cold, and was up from 2-4 last night.  Hopefully tonight goes better for the babysitters, I hope!  It is so strange to leave them with other people, and have to go over every crazy scenario and where the supplies might be for that crazy scenario.  Of course, from my instruction list, you would think I was totally out of communicaiton or something!