October 03, 2006

Thoughts on AjaxWorld and California!

** I love all the learning
** Sometimes it is VERY BORING though
** Getting to hear some of the best developers at the best companies is GREAT (ie: Yahoo! guys were great!)
** The food at the hotel is very "California" - fancy, full of veggies and strange.  My chicken and cheese quesadilla had a RED TORTILLA shell.  I was a bit grossed out, but since it cost TWENTY DOLLARS thought I should at least try it.  Surprisingly, it was good.
** The breakfast buffet food is either too fancy or crappy.  The scrambled eggs were RUNNY.  Gross.
**  The served lunch was a choice of strange salads (like a beef veggie mayo sort of salad), mahi mahi (can't eat due to pregnancy, and who eats mahi mahi cooked by the batch-load anyway?), roast tenderloin, and some sort of chicken.  Dessert was some vanilla watery pudding, flourless brownies w/nuts, or coconut pyramids (GROSS).  Too fancy.  How bout meatballs and sauce?  Burgers?  They didn't even serve sodas!  Just fancy tea and water.
** The lack of women here is AMAZING.  At the bootcamp yesterday, the 2 guys next to me assumed I didn't know crap about developing until I had to help one of them find the bug in his software (which I had finished writing 20 minutes earlier).  That is dumb, to assume I don't know much in the development field just because I'm a girl. 
** Dinner last night w/one of my best-est friends and getting to see her hubby and kiddies.
** Dinner with her again tonight!!
AND BabyT is feeling better - still stuffy and cough-y, but handling it much better.


enjanerd said...

On the one hand, people who underestimate women simply because of their sex are frustrating. But on the other hand, they are so easy to show up. It's always the dumb people who think dumb things. :)

girl from florida said...

I love your food post :) Sorry for all the crappy food though. And YAY for you for being such an awesome successful woman in a male field!!! Woot!

I would LOVE to see some belly pictures! How are you feeling this pregnancy? Is it any different than before? DO you have any feelings towards the sex of the baby? I think an entire pregnant post is due :) xoxo