January 26, 2015

Voyaging into better eating, trying to make sauteed carrots!

Trying to make healthier side dishes for the family - not tater tots or fries or bread for a side!  Let's try sauteed carrots maybe?

Will let you know if anyone (including me, hahaha) eats them!!

January 23, 2015

Recipe Review: Pioneer Woman Steak Fingers! OMG YUM!

So - in my quest to cook more I stumbled across this recipe for Pioneer Woman Steak Fingers!

I wasn't sure about them at first, seems like a lot of work!  But I gave it a whirl - they were good!  Not even good, great!  The hubby and the 2 sons declared them WINNERS, but the daughter not so much :-(

After making them about 6 times, she has come around (we are going with the taste it each time and if you still don't like it you don't have to eat it) - just like the getting-kids-to-eat guru said she would!

Couple of hints for when you cook them:

  • the breading of them does take a long time.  I'm usually running out of flour by the end and have needed to add extra + seasonings.
  • USE A CAST IRON Skillet!  This makes them so much better, really it does!
  • I cook with organic coconut oil (refined) and a little organic salted butter - I do not, however, add any plain salt to it and they are PLENTY salty.
Give them a try, they definitely (by now) get a thumbs up from our entire house!  And it's SO NICE to have a recipe that everyone in the house is happy to eat (there are very few of those nights!)!