December 29, 2008

the hell?

what is this??? thinks 90 year olds are signing up for coupons!

I signed up for the free book of coupons from - their birthday chooser STARTS with 1908 as the birth year. I would be impressed if a 90 year old was using the internet!

Christmas Card Mishaps

I love Christmas cards. I love sending them AND getting them. Reading Christmas letters, looking at pics that people send out -it's all great. So it is with great care that I select our cards and the photo and send them out - always emailing people like crazy to make sure I've got the addresses right....

So this year's blunders (on my part!) include
* at least one card sent with NO CARD inside
* 2 incorrect addresses

UGH! I think I also forgot to mail one or two and they're hidden in the mess that is my desk at home!

December 22, 2008

Product Review: Papa John's Wheat Breadsticks.

YUCK!  They are simply pizza crust cooked in individual lengths.  No butter.  No sauce.  No flavor and AMAZINGLY dry.  Do not order these - I might try them again if they start offering them as cheese sticks or something, but $4.99 for dry cut up pizza crust?  I don't think so!

What a busy time!

We had ToddlerT's third birthday party yesterday!  How did he get to be 3 already??  It is amazing - and he's such a large child, it's like he's 4 or 5??  But having that party out of the way leaves me open to start prepping for Christmas.  I have 1/20th of the gifts wrapped, which is more than I had done by this time last year!  Only 19/20ths to go!  And I have to bake cookies tonight for gifts for my coworkers.  Then I have to bake all day Wednesday - a pumpkin pie and a birthday cake for the older son.  I am so tired of baking - I think I've worn out the engine on my beloved KitchenAid mixer (it was handed down to me by Hubby's Grandmother - it is one of the original ones, if you believe that).  So, it is old, but is an heirloom and I would hate for it to die.

Anyway -off to PartyCity to return most of the party supplies from ToddlerT's party that we didn't use - none of the kids from his class coud come so we had TONS of extra decorations and party goodies!

December 17, 2008

December 13, 2008

beck & call

one thing i didn't realize before having children is how much you are at their beck & call.  i understood the baby part - the baby cries and you WILL go fix whatever is wrong - but I never considered being at the beck and call of a toddler.  if either toddlerJ or toddlerT is calling - we go running.  Potty time?  we go.  The child is done eating - I hurry to wisk away the dishes and food so it doesn't become playtime with food.  child is done drawing - you rush to put the supplies away before they start doodling on something other than paper.  child is quiet in the other room - run like hell to see what they've gotten into.

before we had kids, I did not foresee the extreme demands on me past their babyhood.  Sure I know you watch the children and play with the children, etc.  But I did expect it to be a bit less demanding over time.  Now when either child gets up, we rush to get them before they wake the other children - so for the last three years, EVERY morning begins, for me, with going from a deep sleep to down the hall in 3.2 seconds.  WHICH IS A SUCKY WAY TO START EVERY GOSH DARN #$@%@ MORNING, BTW.  And we stay at that level of attention until they goto bed at 8.  It is freaking exhausting.    Just some whining, sorry, but I've spent every second since 6:30 this morning at strict attention and I'm a bit tired of it already.  only 9 more hours to go!

December 12, 2008

my toddlerT is a thief!

He stole another angel off their angel tree at the preschool - back to the toystore for us!

December 11, 2008

where did she go?

Hi there!  Miss me much?  Thought so!  I am in training this week for our ticket system, Maximo.  Very interesting stuff I tell you - but a little dry in a class type setting.  But luckily, the classmates are fun fun fun....
We are finally recovered from 4/5 of the family having the stomach virus.  THANK GOODNESS.  I am now wiping and spraying everyone with Lysol wipes and spray everytime they come back in the house.  Those fumes can't be worse than the stomach virus, can they??
Also - I need good ideas for gifts for my hubby!  I have a couple small ideas, but need something awesome.  Last year it was Rockband, I don't know what to do this year at all for his big gift!!??

December 02, 2008

Making Christmas Count

Last night hubby and I were talking about how to make Christmas more meaningful to our children. Last year they got so many presents they couldn't open them all in one day. They had presents the days leading up to and the days AFTER December 25. Throw in that ToddlerT's birthday is 1 week before Christmas and Son's birthday is 1 week AFTER and you have serious present overload. I feel like this makes the gifts less special because there simply is no time to appreciate the gifts before the next onslaught of gifts begins - we do a round presents w/my mother and brother, with hubby's Dad, with hubby's Aunt, with our little family and with my grandmother and extended family. Then there are the birthdays to deal with - we've tried having them at other points in the year but that isn't working out too well either.

We do sponser a child in Uganda and we are going to have discussions about the gifts that we are sending to him (through the Compassion organization) and to his family. We sent money specifically for the child then another gift for the family to buy things. We pick angels off the giving tree at ToddlerT's preschool. We plan to take the children to shop for those gifts and be more involved in that this year now that they are older.

My mother and grandmother give me cash to purchase gifts for the children. I am putting 50% of that cash into their college funds instead of toys. I would buy the children clothes if spring clothes were out - they have more than enough winter clothes.

What else can I do to

a. cut down on the amount of stuff coming into my house for the holidays?
b. make the gifts more special - present overload is seriously a problem with so many people that love our children.

Any suggestions?

November 25, 2008

Service Review: Disney's PHOTOPASS

This is a free service offered by DisneyWorld for all ticket holders. When you visit a character, they have a pro there to take your picture. Then he scans a credit-card-type card and hands it to you. It is linked to all the pictures the pro just took. As you see other pros and characters around they park they will link THEIR photos to the same card.

When you get online, you type in your card code and POOF! There are all your pictures! Since last year, they've made vast improvements in their website and system.

** Now you can flag pictures as favorites for review later.
** You can share your pictures with friends/relatives - you can share all or just a segment.
** You can purchase all kinds of photo sizes and picture items - ornaments, mugs, shirts, posters, calendars.
** You can add graphics to the pictures - the pictures "know" which character is in the shot and so one of the choices is always that character's autograph. Also, a year stamp, a DisneyWorld stamp and a variety of other icons.
** You can also edit the pics there as well.
** You can upload your own photos to be printed as well as have borders/graphics added.

And my new favorite feature - HOW TO FIND LOST PHOTOS!
After we had seen a bunch of new characters on a new card, we forgot to get our card back from the pro!! OH NO! We had pics of Bolt, Sorcerer Mickey, Frozone and Minnie on there! Well, if you goto the kiosk they can search by time of photo, area of photo and characters seen! They found our pictures!!

Also, this year you can purchase some frames online. The selection is not huge, but it's an improvement over the NONE offered last year!

If you hit a Disney park, DO THE photopass thing. If nothing else, you'll have awesome pics to share, even if you don't buy any - but I bet you do end up buying some!!

(This is not a paid advertisement!)

November 24, 2008

attack of the many day virus!

Oldest started throwing up Friday night at midnight.  He is just now starting to feel better (after 2 doses of zofran) and had 1 piece of toast and 2 bites of banana today.

BabyJ just started throwing up.  The kids are so weird - they were perfectly fine before they got sick - BabyJ even ate a great dinner before she got sick.  Here's hoping Mom, Dad and ToddlerT are spared.

November 23, 2008

read this...

give this a read while you wait for my post-vacation wrap up, which includes a mad phone call to our dr at 8 a.m. and them refusing the prescription I KNOW MY SON NEEDED which the ER said "of course, that is exactly what he needs" at 8 p.m. 4 states north!

November 14, 2008

November 13, 2008

what is wrong with me?

i can't even read that last post w/out crying.  I see my little girl, at 19 months old, and think - "someone had a little one just like her and didn't want her."  Didn't want to love and protect her.  Didn't want to kiss her lovely hair.  Didn't want to snuggle up with her or make her smile.  Kiss her boo boos.  Put on darling little socks.  How could someone NOT want that?  I saw her knocking on the door to her dad's office saying "daaaaaaaaaaaaaad'  and i just burst into tears thinking this girl, at one time was 19 months old with no daddy that loved her like she was his world.  Every girl loves her daddy, and this girl having a daddy that abused her makes me sick.  I hope he rots in jail and that the inmates really treat him as he treated her.  Did you read that she got pneumonia from almost being drowned in the tub?  How sick and frail she must've been - and that no one swooped in and cradled that poor girl.  It is so heartbreaking.  I wish they would let me at those people.  HOW CAN THEY HAVE DONE THIS TO A CHILD?


I just read this article:



man have I got a gift for you!

My brother brought down our old Halloween costumes and toys from my mom's attic!  OMG the memories!  The Nostalgia!  So -as I go through the stuff I'll be posting pics of all the wonderful items!!  Aren't you so excited?  Can you not wait one more minute??!!

November 12, 2008

Real Housewives of Atlanta

I cannot, CANNOT stop watching this trainwreck of a show.  SERIOUSLY, it is a total trainwreck.

In our latest episode, Kim (who is dating Big Papa, aka Quincy Jones) wants to be a country music star - which I guess you can give a good try at if you're 39 and dating a music industry giant.  So he intros her to Dallas Austin, a BIG NAME in music who produces albums of all the big stars.  Dallas visibly laughs every time she tries to sing, but I guess he has to give her a shot because of his boss.  So he sends her to THE vocal coach in the industry.  The vocal coach tells her she CANNOT SING and has no idea what she's doing.  So she decides to try and record anyway, and OF COURSE Dallas has to comply.  So he takes her into the studio and records her, much to my ear pain.  Then he plays it back to her and she's HORRIFIED (as she should be).  They don't say what'll happen next - I hope she throws in the towel as she CANNOT SING.

Then there's DeShawn.  Who is married to a basketbal pro.  They moved into a new house.  She is the one that whines about being a single mom while her husband travels.  She would be a single mom if it wasn't for her Chef, Nanny, House manager, house keeper, Executive Assistant and there was one other title that I didn't catch.  Single-mom my ass.  She says "I always KNEW I would be somebody!".  Hello?!  All you did was marry well!  That doesn't make you "Somebody".  Not by a longshot.

And NeNe.  Such a trashy lady I've never seen.  She makes fun of Kim, who is supposed to be her best friend when she's hammered.  She just acts like a total waste of a person.  I don't know why these people even hang with her.  At least these other women are Nice and are trying to do something (even if they are failing).

Sheree is the one DIVORCING a sports star.  She expects seven figure settlement, which she repeats often.

I cannot stop watching!  In the next episode, Kim and NeNe have a falling out!  OH MY!


In today's LIST UNIVERSE ( )

I learned that Greenland has 57,000 people.  That is twice the number of students at Virginia Tech.  I cannot imagine a country so beautiful with so few people.  Between it and Iceland, seems like some beautiful, not crowded, places to live!!  Especially when the crowds of Northern VA (and my LORD is it crowded here) get to me.

November 06, 2008

goodness! PEOPLE!

$51 for a copy of yesterday's Washington Post?!

I say, if you have one, SELL IT!  If some fool is willing to PAY YOU $51 so a newspaper can turn yellow in their attic, SELL IT!  GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE.  Sell it while the getting's good!  Seriously - that paper is going to sit in a drawer somewhere and not be seen for years, when it'll be yellow and falling apart.

People are crazy!

not even home yet, and the fighting's started...

Hubby returns later today (Thursday) from a 60 day trip.  Me and the kids - we miss him TERRIBLY.  He is the fun parent - I am all about rules and the following of such, and the keeping of the clean.

He is all about fun - crazy made up games, giving the kids crazy stuff (like candy at 6 p.m. RIGHT before dinner), lots of cuddly tv time.  We are sorely missing out on all these days he's been gone. Halloween decorating would have been WAY overboard, as it usually is when he's home.  Pumpkin patching would have been a much bigger event.  2 parents vs. 1 parent really makes a big difference in how much you can do with the kids (well, for me at least.  Between 3 kids alone AND a job, whew!  Not much energy for extra activities, though I did try really hard!)....

So he comes home tomorrow and is currently on layover waiting for his last flight home.

And I hear my TIVO bleep when I DID NOT push a button.  And a different show loads up.  WHAT THE?  Hubby is at the airport and wants to watch TV and the Slingbox points at the TV I am currently watching!  So we beep at each other trying to undo what the other has done so we can watch what we want!  It's started already and he's not even here!


November 04, 2008


Apparently 1:30 is an awesome time to go because the place was almost deserted! So, my vote is done and will be counted!

Please go vote if you have not already!


My mom went to her voting place at SIX a.m. and did not get to vote for 90 minutes!  The line, at 6, was THAT LONG!  OH MY!

Good job getting out there to vote people!!  This is awesome!

October 31, 2008

oh no! NOT the celebrities!

Ok - apparently a ton of celebrities are threatening to leave if their chosen candidate doesn't win.  Oh, well boo hoo.  GO then!  Everyone, celebrity or not, threatening that if their guy doesn't win (and there are plenty on both sides)... I DARE YOU TO GO!  There may be things that are wrong here, and maybe you think the other guy will make it worse.  But I imagine, based on the number of people that want IN every year, our country is still a pretty darn nice place to be.  So - GO if your guy doesn't win, I would love to see that happen (esp. to Seal and Susan Sarandon - don't let the door hit you in the rear!)

Product Review:: Betty Crocker Homestyle Creamy Butter Mashed Potatoes

I bought these last week. I LOVE instant mashed potatoes so I was so excited to try them. I sub chicken broth for the water and they are usually SO YUMMY! The store didn't have my usual brand so I bought these.

When I got home, I see the ingredients call for water, milk and butter instead of just water. Hmm... I made them with milk, broth and butter. They were runny and gross.

Well, in the mail today I got a free sample...of THE SAME THING. Only this sample ONLY takes water (the name of the product is EXACTLY the same) but the box has a label that says "Now Better Tasting". So they thought the old one needed improvement too?

Anyway - I'll report back with the new improved product review soon - I hope it's good, I love some good instant potatoes!

October 29, 2008

Show Review: My Big Redneck Wedding


I caught 2 episodes of this last night. Oh my goodness. Seriously??

The first couple - an older gentleman and his bride. The groom kept appearing on camera NAKED and they had to blur him. Then they were in the hot tub WAY naked. He did NOT HAVE any teeth. They were having a wedding featuring a tractor contest - where she got on one and he got on the other - then they sort of had a tug of war between them. Then the gifts - he got her a chrome exhaust pipe for her tractor? She had a bull killed for it's skull (they showed her at the farm picking out the live bull to be killed) then had it painted w/his POW/MIA logo. He built the wedding pavilion for her HIMSELF.

Wow. And the potato salad made many guests sick.

The second couple - OH MY GOODNESS. She was 16 when his parents ADOPTED HER. SO SHE WAS HIS SISTER. But they figured it was ok, because she wasn't a blood sister, but it was so disturbing. Then the mother of the bride/mother of the groom had the birth control talk w/the daughter. She told her that if they were out of condoms, a ziploc bag and a ribbon worked equally as well. WHAT??!!

For the wedding - she wore a dress trimmed in a red corset - which her mother/his mother hated. After, she changed into regular jeans /t shirt. They had tossing of the bouquet to the women IN A MUD PIT. They actually made a cute couple, except for the whole brother/sister thing.

While both of these weddings were SO REDNECK, they actually were very sweet. The look on the couple's faces (1st episode) when declared husband and wife said it all. And was perfect, until he pulled out his teeth to kiss her and grabbed her ass. The second couple was actually just as charming, if not a bit young to be getting married. Oh, and RELATED to each other.

Son needs a desk chair!

Our oldest son has a desk in his room - a desk with no chair.  He is now asking for a chair - probably so that he can USE his desk?!

The cheapest desk chair I've seen for kids is $90 and UGLY.  Pottery Barn Kids has some nice ones, but they are $249!  FOR ONE CHAIR FOR A CHILD?

Do any of you have suggestions of possibly cheaper chairs?  What came up on was pretty darn ugly too.

October 27, 2008

Obama Says No Tax Cut For Me!

I put our info in - we ARE NOT wealthy and I have to work part-time (full time would be better but we can't get childcare for the hours we need). 

Under Obama's Plan, I will not get ANY tax cut.  NONE.  Which means, I'm fairly certain, it is MY "WEALTH" that will be re-distributed to people who do not deserve the money THAT I EARN.  I take care of my children and my family (including my mother when she needs it).  I do not need anyone else jumping on my wagon for me to pull.  Get up, go to work.  If that job doesn't bring in enough money, GET ANOTHER ONE OR GET A BETTER ONE.  When my Dad's job didn't bring in enough to make ends meet, HE GOT A SECOND JOB.   I do not leave my children in my mother's care 3 days a week so that I can support ANY ONE that is not in my family.  I provide insurance, food, etc. for the people that I am responsible for.  If I am not responsible for you, I don't want to finance your life.

October 26, 2008

A long day...

WheW! This was one seriously long day.

We started at a birthday party from 12-2 at a park. It was a great day for that. The mom that setup the party did a great job - she had grapes, goldfish, potato chips and sandwiches - including sandwiches without lettuce/tomato/etc. on it for the kids! Ham and cheese only! Also she had a moon bounce and pumpkin painting! My ONLY complaint is that the only drinks for adults were beer and wine - no Diet Coke and no water! So I HAD to have 2 beers in the middle of the day. :-)

Then off to Hagarstown, MD to a party hosted by Blondy for the kids. They had a ball - she has a son that is the same age as my son so they had a great time running around!

The only problem is that is 77 miles from my house! So we had a long long long drive home! I am beat- keeping busy DOES help the time fly by but OMG am I tired now!!

October 22, 2008

Countdown To Christmas...

The task for today is:

"The Countdown to Christmas Challenge for today is to begin to research ways for your family to give this season. Take a look around for something meaningful to you. Remember that if you don't offer some help, who will? This will be a difficult Christmas for many people this year. You don't have to give money to contribute. Look for ways you can donate your time and energy as well."

We will do several angels off the giving tree at ToddlerT's preschool.  I need to find other things to do as well.  Suggestions?

October 20, 2008

Informational post...Human development

I was discussing unborn babies with a young person the other day (who does not have children yet) and they thought the human/baby heart started beating at about 8 months old. And that they weren't really considered a person until they were born. Also that they did not feel pain.

The fetus heart begins beating around the 5th week of gestation and is usually VISIBLY beating on a standard ultrasound at 6 weeks of gestation. 5 WEEKS. You can see the blood moving on the screen. We were not discussing the issue of abortion, but this person seemed to think (based on his guesses about how babies develop) that they didn't feel and didn't have heartbeats and bodily systems running until much closer to their birth date (his thoughts actually were that it was ok for women to drink because he thought the alcohol didn't affect the baby because it wasn't alive until about 8 months).

The date the woman should have gotten her period marks 4 weeks of gestation, so if she is 1 week late for her period, the baby is at 5 weeks of gestation already and it's heart is developing and almost ready to start beating. If she is 2 weeks late, the heart is already beating steadily along.

The second trimester runs from about week 13 to week 26. It is the third trimester after week 26. Women can generally feel the baby kicking and moving around week 18-20. After week 20, movement can generally be seen and felt from outside the woman's body by others.

The earliest viability for a fetus outside the womb is currently 23-24 weeks depending on the hospital and the baby. Any baby born that early, however, will face a long and scary NICU stay and probably several health issues for the first several months of life, but there are many examples of babies born at early gestational ages that are quite happy and healthy. It is not an easy road for the parents or the children, but it is a road that can be taken, thanks to advanced medicine.

Any way, it was brought to my attention that some people (so far I'm finding it's younger people that haven't even begun to enter the 'wanting kids' stage of life. I was this way once! A long time ago!) were unaware of some of the finer points of human development at these early stages and I did not want anyone going on believing when the fetuses began to move, have heartbeats, be affected by alcohol/drugs the mother was ingesting, etc.

Girl toys

Click for pic. BabyJ loves to diaper her dolls and will do it for 30
mind at a time!

October 19, 2008

mommy tips needed!

BabyJ cut her chin yesterday and now it is red and hot.  So how on EARTH do I get some Neosporin and a bandaid on it to stay?  PLEASE?

October 16, 2008

The googlemaps car!!!

Click for pic! I would have thought it would be a nicer car!



This is but ONE of the spiders living in our pool. His brother was so large I saw him swimming in the pool (Drowning? do spiders swim?) from inside the dining room!
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October 15, 2008

A prize!

Do you guys remember Motherhood Uncensored's "Blog The Recession" during August? Well I won a prize!

Amelia, at, sent me the most beautiful handmade blanket I have ever seen! The wave pattern is amazing - I tried to capture it in the photograph. I've put up 3 pictures, with a close up of the stitching for you to see! She does amazing work! I asked if she had an Etsy store I could link to but she does not yet. I think she should open one! The blanket is amazing. I love the wave pattern and can't believe that someone could knit something like that! It's the perfect size for my little ones to cuddle with or cover up with while sitting on the couch. I love it and it is easily one of the nicest gifts I have ever been given. Thank you so much, Amelia!

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Another blogger, I don't remember who or I would link, talked about Facebook - how joining it has helped her find all the people from her past - and how most of them did the same sort of thing since high school --> marriage, jobs, kids, etc.  But there are always one or two that DID not settle down.  I have an acquaintance like this.  She most certainly has not settled down.  And at 35, she appears to have the most glamorous life.  As I am here, wiping milk out of BabyJ's watermelon (why does she always dump her milk into her food),  trying to get ToddlerT to eat, and squeeze in some work while they are strapped in their seats, she has upload pics of her most recent weekend away (which appears to be every weekend) in Miami.  Clubbing, fancy dinners, nice beautiful clothes, posh hotels.  Champagne out of beautiful crystal.  Sigh.  There most certainly are many different roads to travel, eh?

October 13, 2008


Click for pic. Son is washing the tractor!! Now how we are going to
get it back in the garage I don't know!!!!

October 12, 2008

100 days til Christmas countdown...

Today's activity is to start planning your Advent Calendar!  It must be done and ready by Nov 30!

YIKES!  That is a lot to do by then!  Usually we just did a Hershey kiss in each door, but I'm thinking I need to be more creative both for their minds and their teeth.  I was thinking of something more fun too - any ideas out there??

October 11, 2008

Dear blog writer....

I unsubscribed from your feed today.  Usually you are quite funny.  You take awesome photographs.  You are a tech guy, so I love reading your tech commentary too.

But lately you are so bitter about McCain even having the NERVE to run against the God-like man you endorse ( the nerve of someone, running AGAINST Obama!  How can one not see Obama is the only choice!  You are ignorant if you do not see how great Obama is) you just sound angry, bitter and old.  I do like hearing the opposing side - but from people that can keep an even temper.  Don't get me wrong, I like passion!  I want to read how people are passionate that their candidate is the best one!  That is awesome - ususally we have a hard time finding anyone that even cares about the candidates.  There are quite a few Obama-endorsing blogs that I continue to follow, because while they also endorse Obama they do not....

1.  Treat him like a God
2.  Talk to Republicans (and by the way, not all Republicans are McCain fans or Palin fans, which I'm sure will SHOCK you)
3.  Talk to your non-Obama endorsers like we are all morons for not seeing the light
4.  Spew hate

I do not have time in my day for hate-spewers.   Miss Britt, Zoot, Enjablog -- > they are all Obama endorsers and have many political posts, but none of them talk to people that oppose their view like they are freaking morons.

So goodbye.

October 10, 2008

flu shot!

ARGH!  I let the nurse talk me into a flu shot yesterday.  She said my arm would only hurt if i POKED IT.

SHE IS WRONG.  My arm is killing me and heaven forbid someone touch it, I'm going to smack them!  I better not get the flu this year, dang it!

October 08, 2008


HEY! This is post #1001! How did I miss #1,000? Well, I'm home alone w/3 kids for 60 days, that's how! I miss a lot these days.

Today, in bullets....

5:01 a.m. Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:10 a.m. Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:19 a.m. Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:28 Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:37 Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:46 Alarm goes off. I hit snooze.
5:55 Alarm goes - I get up, noting that I cannot blow dry my hair as I've gotten up so late. So the "hair in a bun" look it is for me today. Too bad the award ceremony w/the executives is today. Sigh.
6:01 Get out of shower. Son comes into room. I tell him to lay in my bed and watch tv until I'm ready to throw him in shower.
6:15 he gets in shower
6:3o he is out of shower
6:40 he is still naked as he's watching "The Secret Show" and forgot to get dressed.
6:42 he's downstairs to start eating.
7:00 he's brushing teeth
7:10 out the door
7:11 BOTH other children wake up after I have the outrageous thought that I get more than 30 seconds of kid-free time in the morning.
7:20 ponder showering 2 little ones before I realize that is DUMB to think I can shower them and get me ready for work by 8 (which is when mom is due to arrive to watch them so I can goto work)
8:00 mom arrives
8:15 I leave
8:40 I arrive at work
10:00 I con call on a dumb meeting where we agree to do something that makes perfect sense, why we couldn't agree on that WITHOUT A MEETING is beyond me.
11:00 goto Qdoba for my 1 meal of the day
12:00 return to work
1:30 work on stuff
2:30 leave
2:50 arrive home, change, put Jess in car.
3:30 arrive at pediatrician office. Hear how GREAT she's doing (DUH!). She gets THREE shots and does not cry at all. Male nurse is quite impressed.
4 p.m. arrive home -start giving Son his spelling test. Get interuppted for several cups of milk, taking babyT potty, getting more milk and water cups, changing channel on tivo, finding toys, etc.
5:30 throw chicken nuggets into oven.
6:00 get everyone started on dinner
6:30 leave for cubscouts
6:45 - 7:45 cub scout meeting. OMG they are adorable in their uniforms!
7:50 arrive home
8:10 everyone in bed. Now I get to clean up from dinner and the day the kids had here. Make lunch for son for tomorrow. Pack bag for kids to goto mom's tomorrow.

OH, and have some beer! I cannot relax!

that's my girl!

90% height!
45% weight!

3 shots, no crying!
Listened to DR and did all the things the DR asked!

Declared PERFECT by the DR!

Well, of course!!

September 29, 2008

Girl's Weekend!

So my girls all came into town Friday! I love my girls! Friday night I made a big pasta dinner and we were up drinking and chatting until 3:30 a.m. The kids love my girlfriends and they give the kids lots of attention so everyone had fun (the kids did NOT stay up that late - they had their usual 8 p.m. bedtime!)...

Saturday the kids got up at 6:45, which was brutal. But we all got to hang out all day and relax. Suz brought books for all the kids and Sloan brought over tons of toys and puzzles that her kids have outgrown for my kids.

Saturday night Hubby's parents came over so we could go out to eat - we went to the Lightfoot in Historic Leesburg - it was so AMAZING! It was a fancy wonderful beautiful restaurant - it is a converted old bank and so beautiful inside. Everythingg everyone ordered was so amazing - I had spicy cream of tomato soup with pumpernickel croutons. It was PHENOMONAL! Amazing, super yummy! Then, out of respect for my vegetarian friend I did NOT order the veal steak over sauasage ravioli with mushroom cream sauce (I KNOW, doesn't it sound heavenly??!!) - I got an 8 oz. filet with mashed potatoes and sweet potato fries. And of course, 4 Lightfoot Ales! YUMMY!

Again, we were up until 3 a.m. playing "We love the 80's!", which was TONS of super fun (well, along with several more beers and bottles of wine!)...

Then up again at 7 when the kids got up.

I love my girls. 2 of them are local and I see them more often. 2 are west coasters and we only see each other once or twice a year. But it's just like old times as soon as we all get back together and you'd think we never left the dorms of Virginia Tech!

more holiday help!

I'm behind on my 100 days of Christmas, though I hope to catch up this's another holiday helper I found - this one sends emails, so maybe that will help me stay on track!!

September 25, 2008

a terrible morning...

I usually get up at 5:15 to shower and get Son up at 6 for school.

Today I woke up at 7.  WHAT THE HELL?  What do I do - the bus comes at 7:10?  Do I yank Son out of bed and out the door or do I shower?  If I don't shower before the 2 babies get up, I have to take them in the shower with me and that is A GIGANTIC PAIN IN THE BUTT.

I hope in the shower.  Son comes running in saying "We're late!".  I tell him I'll drop him off at school and he promptly loses it.  He wants to ride w/his friends (note it is now probably 7:04).  I tell him to get dressed in the clothes I had put out last night (thank god).

I rush out of shower and downstairs - peel him a banana and tell him to take a bite, put on 1 shoe, take a bite, put on other shoe, etc.  I get his lunch ready and pack his backpack and send him out the door.  (we did all this in SIX MINUTES)

I run upstairs and get myself ready (hair in pony tail today!) and get ToddlerT up and then BabyJ.

I carry them downstairs and see on the island...

All the letter squares that Son's teacher had laminated into one big sheet and asked me to cut out for her for TODAY. #@%@#%@$!

So I stand at the island, cutting out squares and crying...because dammit - there is too much for 1 person to keep track of.  3 kids.  2 schools.  A job.  Commuting.  Feeding, shopping, cleaning, laundry.  The pool broke.  I screwed up the water in the hot tub and had to drain it.  The pump for draining the hot tub wouldn't work.  6 girlfriends coming to stay at my house this weekend.  Cub Scouts.

Finally I get eleventy-hundred freaking squares cut out and realize - now I have to drive 15 miles out of my way AND BACK to take these to Son's school.  And because they don't have a drive-thru (they totally should), I have to get out and haul in the younger two to get in the door of the school to drop them at the office.  @#$@%@$%@%

I get everyone in the car. Crap.  No one has eaten, and with the long ride to Son's school and then to my mom's in traffic, they'll need something.  So I go in and grab some milks and raisins.  Drive to Son's school.  Drag/carry the kids in to drop off the baggie of letters.  Back in the car.  Drive 45 minutes IN WASHINGTON DC TRAFFIC to my mom's.  Now she will be hurried trying to get ToddlerT to school.  Hand her sandals for BabyJ and say, sorry, she has no real shoes because I DON'T HAVE TIME TO GO TO THE MALL AND I'D RATHER STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE THAN DRAG 3 KIDS THRU THE MALL MYSELF AFTER WORK TODAY.

I drive 30 minutes back down the road towards my work (which is right by my house - I make 2 round trips to my mom's on Tues/Thurs. because she lives 30 minutes away - I drive from my house to hers, then to my office, which is right by my  house).

At 2:30, I will drive 7 miles to my house to get Son off the bus.  Then 30 minutes back to my mom's to get the 2 younger kids, then 30 minutes BACK to my house.

And 6 people will be arriving tomorrow for a weekend visit -my house is trashed and we have no food.  Awesome.

September 24, 2008

omg! That camera!

is $4,000!

for Christmas PLEASE!

I love Canon SLR Cameras and I thought i'd always be a Rebel kind of girl - but here is the VIDEO this guy (he is a professional) shot with his CAMERA (his regular camera, not a video camera)...I MUST HAVE THIS NEW SLR Camera!

is it really coming out?

Is it really coming out if we all KNEW ANYWAY that you were gay??

September 22, 2008

bad day!

I thought I was having a bad day, until I read this:
Now I'm just glad I don't have a box of poop!

September 18, 2008

Bartender Song...

OH MY! I caught the video for the version w/Hank JR and fell in love w/this song. So I bought the clean version on iTunes (I didn't realize there was clean and explicit). Well, today I noticed there was an "explicit" version. So I listened to it in iTunes.

OH MY! The younger me would've bought it, but now that my kids might hear it or I might want to play it, only clean for me -the explicit has so many cuss words I couldn't just let them slip by and ignore them. But I do like it better! Though the explicit version isn't w/Hank Jr, so that is a minus, of course.


Do you read "Mother May I Sleep With Treacher"?

Here's line from his most recent post on something Whoopi Goldberg said:

"Good point, Whoopi: What would John McCain know about being imprisoned and beaten for years by people who hate you because of where you came from?"

September 17, 2008

Oprah's show on child predators.

I caught 5 minutes of this and had to turn it off.  I was physically ill when she showed the instruction booklet on how to take proper porn pictures of babies 0+, 3-6 months old, 12 months, 18 months in age.  Someone made an instruction booklet for getting good pictures - by "good" I mean pictures that people  will pay money to buy/see.  HOW DISGUSTING.  That someone would do this to a child is so sickening.  I can only hope there is a special place in hell for this type of person.  She showed some sick examples of what is out there (with the proper blurring, thank god or I would have simply died).  I cannot imagine these poor children.

Seriously, if I caught someone doing that to a child, any child, I would have to kill them.

The point of Oprah's show was to raise awareness ( I am aware now, although I cannot stomach watching the rest of the show ) and to gain support for a new law designed to help protect our children.  Please follow the links to get to your Senator's contact pages and let them know you support the bill.

For children.  For your children.  For your future grandchildren.

Sexy me!!!

Click for pic---

Getting rid of my premature grays!!!

September 16, 2008

100 days 'til Christmas!

I am so doing this!!!

Heaven knows we need all the help we can get getting things done EVERY DAY, we really need it for a big event like Christmas!  Every year there are so many things I WANT to do, but forget to get started in time or forget to do at all!  So let's give this one a try!

September 15, 2008

Jennifer Lopez - HOW????

See this pic of Jenny from the Block?

How did that stomach just hold two babies? WHERE DID ALL THE STRETCHY SKIN GO? How is this possible?

September 14, 2008


Somewhere in the UK they just figured out that young people will try and get the roadside radar detectors to go bonkers - they try to ge the highest reading possible.
Oh yes, I would be guilty of this one - in my younger days ( which was not that long ago, of course ).  When I had my T-Top Z28 ( a total just-graduated-girl car ) I would totally STOMP it and see just how high I could get the thing to read.  Everyone I knew ( of the same age ) did the same thing. 

September 13, 2008

4 day school week

UM!  NO!  I just read an article in the local paper that our school board is actually considering this.  ARE THEY INSANE?

The plan is to have the school day be 10 hours and have the children go 4 days per week rather than 5.

I cannot believe they even consider it.  While I think the 7 hour day they have now is fine although I wouldn't complain if it was a tad longer, there's  no way children can learn effectively with a 10 hour day.  Of course, there are a ton of other issues to consider, aside from if the children can handle it.

They better decide this is a no - go!

September 12, 2008


You know it's bad when, you look thru the openings on the pool skimmer lid and you see...


Lord help me.

September 11, 2008

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

I was on my way to work and 6 months pregnant when I heard a plane hit the WTC.

"How did the pilot make THAT mistake?" I thought.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someone.  ANYONE would do something like this.  It did not even cross my mind.  Even when I arrived at work and my coworker (Stan) said another plane hit the other building, I thought "Damn, twice?  How could that happen twice?".  I really didn't think it could be an attack.  But as the morning wore on, it became quite clear that is exactly what it was.

Our office was right outside Dulles Airport and the rumors on the TV had us going crazy.  Our admin rushed to Circuit city to buy a bigger tv and antenna so we could watch the coverage, but as the news people repeated the rumors that there were planes missing that had left or were headed for Dulles, we all went a little crazy.  They sent us home.

So I got in my truck and headed west towards Leesburg, down the 2 lane highway of Rt. 7.  And sat in standstill traffic.  "Hmm, if we ever have a big evacuation of the DC area, this road is going to be awful", I thought.  I had been speaking all morning with my husband.  He was declard "emergency personnel" and not allowed to leave work.  Now that is scary - being forced to stay in a gov't office when gov't buildings are under attack.  Scary for him and for me, wondering if at any moment me and my son would be without him.

I went home, and like everyone else, watched the coverage on the TV and began to hear stories.  It was hard to concentrate because family was calling to check on me and the baby as well as where was my Hubby and why wasn't he allowed to come home.  Then calls to find my best friend's sister, who lived right near the WTC in NYC.  But as the phone calls stopped and I could focus on what I was seeing on TV, the disbelief.

So many people missing.  So many people in anguish as they searched and hoped.

I hope we never have something like this here again.  I will back any measure necessary at any security checkpoint if it's goal is to keep me safe (and the measure ACTUALLY does keep me safe - banning fingernail clippers is a bit ridiculous - even I could stop a terrorist armed with fingernail clippers).  Want me there 5 hours before my flight because of more intense searching? FINE.  Want a background check and fingerprints before buying a plane ticket?  FINE.  When they make me take the 2 babies out of their double stroller and all take all our gear out of it so they can swab it, FINE.  Keep me safe.  Keep everyone safe.  That is a good goal. 

To our armed forces working to keep us safe every minute of every day, I thank you.

To the people hurting today, just as much as that day 7 years ago, I am so sorry.  We cannot let this happen again.

September 10, 2008

the hell?

what is "Bud Light & Clamato Chelada Beer"?

my god, how can people like this exist in the world?

I am physically ill and teary after reading this.  I can only hope that these adults get SEVERLY punished.  My preference would be that they be treated like they treated the child.,2933,419502,00.html

September 09, 2008

1st day of preschool

I think ToddlerT is enjoying it - though the look on his face when I said goodbye sort of indicated that he didn't get the jist of how this whole school thing works, even though we went over it time and time again.  But I imagine he's fine, as long as he's not covered in other kids' urine.

Another mom decided TODAY was the day to start potty training her daughter so she sent her right into school unprepared as well.  Yet another child and their mom we won't be associating with.

September 08, 2008

Why bother??

Click for pic.

I wonder sometimes ....

Black Cloud

I am such a sucker for crappy movies.

I was channel surfing yesterday and came across Black Cloud. I saw that Tim McGraw is in it?? So, of course, I was hooked.

Wow, what a terrible movie though seeing Tim as the sheriff and lots of Tim music make it more than bearable!  But please don't run out and rent it because of me (unless you also like Tim McGraw!)...

September 07, 2008

Sunday School!

I had the older 2 boys signed up for Sunday school.  My parents always just dropped us off at the church and went back home, so I assumed BabyJ and I would go find something to do for an hour then return to pick up the kids.

As I dropped TodderT off at his 2 year old class (where he was THRILLED to be there) it occurred to me that they were sort of expecting the parents to be around, in the building somewhere.  hmmm.  what to do then?

So I took BabyJ to the nursery and asked if I could hang out in there with her - they had the service on closed circuit TV (this is quite the nice fancy church - and the people are the friendliest I have ever met).  So I get her settled and am just sort of hanging out oddly watching her and the sermon.

One of the room mothers urged me to go to the service - BabyJ is fine!  Go! she says.  Hmm.  Go do something adult?  On a whim?  Ok...I left the room and peed thru the window a couple of times and BabyJ was happily eating cheerios and hanging w/the other kids.

So I went up to service.  This is easily the first time I've been to church that wasn't for a wedding, funeral, or Christmas service in I don't even know how many years.

And you know what?  I ENJOYED IT.  I enjoyed the sermon and I enjoyed just watching the people  - thinking they all got up today and came to the early service simply to feed their soul.  I came to entertain my kids on a long Sunday and got some wonderful sermon as a surprise.

So guess what?  Next Sunday we'll go back (Son also LOVED his class) and I'll be ready for the adult service.  I really really did enjoy myself and enjoyed listening.

September 05, 2008


BabyT went to the preschool open house today.  We are sending him to the same church based preschool that Son went to becuase it is AWESOME and the teachers are great and really love the kids.  Everyone remembered us even though Son hasn't been there in 2 years!
So we get BabyT into his class and he's playing.  I hear one of the mom's telling the teachers that she started potty training her son 3 days ago and it isn't working, so he's in a pullup now.  She asks what she should do.

WHOA!  HOLD ON LADY.  This is a school that makes it very clear children should be potty trained.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  Now, I did have a similar problem w/Son - I didn't realize until the weekend before school that potty training was required.  So, luckily he's awesome, and he just put on underwear and went with it.  I remember having some issues on that first day, but other than that he was GREAT - he told me to stop asking him if he needed to go, he'd tell me.  And he did.  For the record, Son was the ONLY child in the 2 year old class that year not to have an accident, by the way (he was also the child with the MOST separation anxiety, but that is beside the point).
So the teacher tells her they MUST be potty trained - they aren't licensed to change diapers and he cannot wear pullups.
So the mom says "Ok, I'll just send him in underwear then".
What the F#@*$@?  You are giong to send a not-potty trained child TO SCHOOL IN UNDERWEAR?  WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM? IT IS NOT THE TEACHER'S JOB TO POTTY TRAIN YOUR CHILD!  There are only 2 children, and if one is always cleaning up her son's accidents, then the other kids will get jipped on activities.
The little boy says - "Mom, there's a mess!" and points at a puddle of pee on the floor - which consequently is in between her son and mine.
She quickly feels him and declares LOUDLY, "Nope, not you honey, you're dry!!!!!".
Hmmm.  The kid that is not potty trained is standing next to a puddle of pee and you're insinuating that MY CHILD, the one that has been trained since June has peed on the floor?  And that YOUR SON, the one you KNOW is not potty trained, who is wearing a glorified diaper, didn't do it?
So I walk to BabyT and ask if he's dry and I get the "Duh Mom" look from him.   I say, "No, Tyler's dry".
She checks again...."Oops!  He peed thru the pullup!  I wonder how that happened?"  MORON.  I was seething.  It was a good thing hubby went with us because he probably saved her from a tongue lashing from me.
So I hear her discussing w/the teacher that yes, he's supposed to be potty trained, but she thought it would only take 3 days and doesn't understand why he doesn't get it.  MORON.  There is a reason parents usually fear potty training.  It can be hard.  It can take a while (which is why I started in Freaking JUNE!).  She even asks what their tolerance is - how many accidents can he have before they kick him out.  I would say "NONE.  BRING HIM BACK WHEN HE IS POTTY TRAINED.  IT IS NOT CALLED AN ACCIDENT IF THEY AREN'T TRAINED IN THE FIRST PLACE, THAT'S CALLED NEEDING A DIAPER AND YOUR MOM LETS YOU PEE ON THE FLOOR". 
I can really bet he's not potty trained on #2 either.  I plan on keeping BabyT as far from this lady and her son as I can.  If for no other reason that she apparently thinks it's ok to PLAN for your child to pee anywhere they currently happen to be standing.  I don't have any respect for people that don't follow rules and are gross.  Guess what - the world doesn't revolve around you.
And - guess what else?  She, knowing he isn't potty trained, didn't bring any extra clothes with her (also a smooth move) and DIDN'T LEAVE AFTER HE PEED ALL OVER HIMSELF, instead continued to let him play with all the toys and kids and sit on the carpet and chairs with his urine soaked clothes.  GROSS.
Of course he wandered over to BabyJ and took the toys she had right out of her hands.  And of course, his mother was paying no attention to what he was doing so she didn't say anything to him.  Of course, I did.  And loudly - "Please do not take toys from other children.  That is not how we behave!".  He's lucky BabyJ didn't give him the smackdown that she usually gives her brothers when they take things from her - he would have been crying - but of course, then she would have had his pee all over her as he was SOAKED AND HIS MOTHER DIDN'T EITHER CHANGE HIM OR TAKE HIM HOME.
Gawd.  I don't know why I don't usually make other mommy friends at preschool!

September 04, 2008

even my toddler knows stomping feet doesn't work

Anyone notice bloggers that are for Obama are angry this week?  Quite a lot of them are saying (in summary) that "you are a fool if you don't see it the way I do".  I don't know if they are all of a sudden more worried now that Sarah Palin has appeared?  Are they worried the treatment of Palin will sway Obama voters her way?  They seem to be doing a lot of tantrum throwing all of a sudden. 
I won't stop reading any of the blogs I follow that may declare their love for Obama / throw a tantrum.  I probably read them because they are funny, not because I'm looking for politcal guidance.  But it does give me more insight into them, and that is always good.
But throwing a public tantrum and pretty much calling me a stupid redneck for not voting the same way as you?  NOT GOING TO EARN OBAMA any votes!
I am not a Republican on all issues - far from it.  But I am extremely against national healthcare (why is it my responsibility to pay to provide healthcare to everyone? I thought I was only responsible for the little people I birthed, but excuse me if I am wrong on that count), I am VERY against higher taxes (we fall into upper class because of income limits, but living in the DC area, are NOT WEALTHY because our area pretty much requires 2 incomes to survive).  I am willing and always seek out other people's opinions in case there is an area where I am either mis-informed or don't have enough experience/knowledge in that area to make an informed decision (example: CecilyK and Julia single-handedly changed my view from pro-life to pro-choice) - but foot stomping is not the way to do it.
Ask my two year old - any request bundled with foot stomping gets no attention from me.

so. let me get this straight...

Obama can run for PRESIDENT with small children and that is fine.

Palin is being criticized for running for VICE PRESIDENT with small children?

Seriously people, get it together.  If you want to criticize her on her past performance, etc., do so, but leave the child-rearing part out of it. 

August 31, 2008


Hotel Review: Hotel Monaco in Old Town Alexandria

OMG! This was an amazing hotel. It was fabulous in every way.

The room was spacious for 2 people (queen size bed w/tons of extra pillows). Beautifully decorated in luxurious furnishings and fabrics. A nice 42 inch plasma LG TV (where we watched Gustav coverage). Nice hotel mini-bar, well stocked, with a minibar cabinet for non-refridgerated items (red wine, bottle opener, Tom's Toothpaste, Recycline toothbrush and razor, large size back of fancy potato chips, full size Snickers, organic chocolates, etc.). Their toiletries were all natural and very nice. Super luxurious towels - I am super picky about hotel towels. They must not smell of bleach and be SUPER SOFT - these were BETTER than I expected - super soft and fluffy.

The robe was very nice - they supply pjs in the closet too (for a fee) but I thought that was kind of odd.

There was an umbrella in case you needed it. You could ask for any item you might need, free of charge: toothpaste, deodorant, fan, humidifier, curling iron, straightening iron, hangers, cribs, etc. You could buy anything else you might've forgotten: tweezers, nail clippers, scissors.

They had an ipod dock for playing your music (which we did).

Our window was able to be opened! So we opened it to hear some of the street music playing.

Room service breakfast was amazing, although pricey - $60 for an omlette and toast, chocolate milk, OJ, pancakes and bacon. BUT WORTH EVERY penny - it was so awesome.

The staff was great. The hotel was quiet and clean and very very nice.

WE WILL STAY THERE AGAIN and we will not stay anywhere else in Old Town, should we need to get away again! Anywhere we travel where we need a hotel, we will look for a Hotel Monaco/Kimpton hotel, absolutely. They have won us over!!

Our hotel!

August 28, 2008

Nice parenting job

Woman brings three year old to back to school night. Child making his
shoes squeak on floor. Instead of ASKING him to stop, she smacks him
across face. Nice.

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August 26, 2008

Restaurant Review: CakeLove in Tyson's Corner Mall

I'm a total geek.  I will read anything, so my feedreader has like 1000 blogs feeding it (at any given time I've got about 500 posts waiting to be read).  I've got some links to food blogs - and some CAKE and CUPCAKE blogs - who knew there were such things!!  Anyway, I've been drooling over pictures of cakes and cupcakes for a while now, hoping to run across a cupcake store somewhere (all the blog posts about cupcake stores were for stores not in my area).

Well, Sunday hubby sent me shopping by myself for some well-deserved alone time and I saw CakeLove!  A cupcake store!

I bought 5 for $15 - kinda pricey but I figured it was worth it for just-baked all-natural cupcakes!

I got a coffee one, chocolate with vanilla icing, chocolate with chocolate icing, vanilla with vanilla icing and vanilla with chocolate icing.

My hubby said "eh." when he ate his.

Mine was over cooked and the top of the cupcake (under the icing) was hard!  Not full of flavor either.


Bummer.  I had such high hopes, but at least I won't be paying $3 a cupcake all the time!

maybe i'm not supposed to work today!

It took me an extra 53 minutes and $3 to get to work today.

My normal route was STANDING STILL (rt. 606 to rt. 28).  Since rt. 606 goes, in a roundabout way, also to my office I decide to not get on 28 (well, at least to get out of line to get on 28, since the line wasn't moving).  1 minute down 606 IT also comes to a complete standstill.  It is a small road and unable to handle the overflow of everyone, like me, ditching rt. 28.  I turn around and head back towards home and get on the mega-expensive toll road - it is $3 and I go 1 mile on it.  It is also a parking lot, but one that is moving at 0.25 mph because the 6 lanes thru the toll booth merge down to TWO lanes 50 feet after the toll booth.  Good planning there, State of Virginia!

So it took me 60 minutes to get from my house, to my office 7 miles away.  I love Northern Virginia.

August 22, 2008

welcome to the life of a user-interface designer...

seen is a word isn't it?

I know a person who, for some reason, doesn't use the word "seen".
For example, "Have you seen Mike?" is "Have you saw Mike?".  Seriously - I've known this new person for about 10 months, and haven't heard the word "seen" ONE TIME.  And I've been listening for it, because it makes my ears hurt when I hear "Have you saw the book?".

I would...

totally get a tummy-tuck if I wasn't afraid of being the dumb one that died to get a flatter tummy.  And maybe bigger boobs, but at least have them put in a nipple ring while I was under (no f-ing way am I doing that while awake no matter how bad I want one!).

Hubby and I discussed this a while back

How wireless power would be AWESOME...
and now...
"Intel on Thursday showed off a wireless electric power system that analysts say could revolutionize modern life by freeing devices from transformers and wall outlets." from

August 21, 2008

oh, and have you all seen this?

Only 2 more days!

Until Hubby gets home!  Our house is so boring when he is gone!  He is the "fun" parent, so the kids have been quite deprived, although I did try really hard to make yesterday more fun. 
- we went out w/the daycare kids next door twice yesterday.  Of course, then I heard one of the daddy's telling the daycare owner that one of his sons had been throwing up before he brought him to daycare so this choice could bite me later, but the kids did have fun.  TWICE!
- we went for a late night walk where I let older son ride his scooter and younger son chased him instead of riding in the stroller!
See, I am loads of fun!
I did try to get son to play Guitar Hero with me last night, but he got frustrated with it very quickly.  So we played Battlefront a bit before I sent him to bed!

Google chat

Oh how I love you!!!

Thank u for letting me have those conversations! And not relating
slurring into typing!! I love my late nights alone with the Internet,
the tv, and iTunes!

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August 16, 2008

my little monkey

Hubby left today for a 7 day business trip - he left 4 hours after we got home from the beach.  We got up at 3:30 a.m. to drive home.  And I've been at the beach for 7 days with three small children.
And of course the following happens:
1.  we arrive home to no air conditioning.
2.  BabyT shut the garage door on the Yukon XL open rear hatch.
3.  BabyT shut off the pool chlorine generator before we left for the week.
4.  BabyJ learned how to scale the baby gate that is all mesh - the one they advertise as "unclimbable" because it's all soft and has nothing to grab onto.  That one.  So she can now access the steps at will.
5.  BabyJ has figured out how to climb out of her crib and drop on her head.  Because she's so young, she doesn't forsee that this will happen EVERY TIME and keeps doing it.  I turned the crib around so the short side is against the wall so then she climbed the HIGH SIDE and almost fell on her head.  Fuck.
6.  Did I mention Hubby is out of town?
7.  I need to work from home this week (see item 6) and the laptop downstairs won't connect to the internet.
8.  AC repair guy to come tomorrow.
9.  BabyJ gets hot easily and cannot sleep if it's too warm in her room.  See Item 5.  Again, I am totally screwed.
10.  Blondy and Red are partying in OC with out me.  How in the hell did that happen???

August 14, 2008

A better day at the beach

Click for pic

So far an awesome vacation! Good food, well behaved kids and fun in
the sun!