October 26, 2008

A long day...

WheW! This was one seriously long day.

We started at a birthday party from 12-2 at a park. It was a great day for that. The mom that setup the party did a great job - she had grapes, goldfish, potato chips and sandwiches - including sandwiches without lettuce/tomato/etc. on it for the kids! Ham and cheese only! Also she had a moon bounce and pumpkin painting! My ONLY complaint is that the only drinks for adults were beer and wine - no Diet Coke and no water! So I HAD to have 2 beers in the middle of the day. :-)

Then off to Hagarstown, MD to a party hosted by Blondy for the kids. They had a ball - she has a son that is the same age as my son so they had a great time running around!

The only problem is that is 77 miles from my house! So we had a long long long drive home! I am beat- keeping busy DOES help the time fly by but OMG am I tired now!!

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