October 29, 2008

Show Review: My Big Redneck Wedding


I caught 2 episodes of this last night. Oh my goodness. Seriously??

The first couple - an older gentleman and his bride. The groom kept appearing on camera NAKED and they had to blur him. Then they were in the hot tub WAY naked. He did NOT HAVE any teeth. They were having a wedding featuring a tractor contest - where she got on one and he got on the other - then they sort of had a tug of war between them. Then the gifts - he got her a chrome exhaust pipe for her tractor? She had a bull killed for it's skull (they showed her at the farm picking out the live bull to be killed) then had it painted w/his POW/MIA logo. He built the wedding pavilion for her HIMSELF.

Wow. And the potato salad made many guests sick.

The second couple - OH MY GOODNESS. She was 16 when his parents ADOPTED HER. SO SHE WAS HIS SISTER. But they figured it was ok, because she wasn't a blood sister, but it was so disturbing. Then the mother of the bride/mother of the groom had the birth control talk w/the daughter. She told her that if they were out of condoms, a ziploc bag and a ribbon worked equally as well. WHAT??!!

For the wedding - she wore a dress trimmed in a red corset - which her mother/his mother hated. After, she changed into regular jeans /t shirt. They had tossing of the bouquet to the women IN A MUD PIT. They actually made a cute couple, except for the whole brother/sister thing.

While both of these weddings were SO REDNECK, they actually were very sweet. The look on the couple's faces (1st episode) when declared husband and wife said it all. And was perfect, until he pulled out his teeth to kiss her and grabbed her ass. The second couple was actually just as charming, if not a bit young to be getting married. Oh, and RELATED to each other.

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