November 30, 2006


watching the Discovery Channel's Everest series?
They are following a team of men trying to climb Mt. Everest.  It is a 71 day trip, with only 10 of those days actually being climbing.
It is a fascinating show, though it escapes me why someone would spend $40,000 and 71 days to put their life on the line.  They detail all the dangers (cerebral edema!  The one guy that gets hit, his brain gets so swollen his eyeballs start to bulge right out of their sockets - frostbite!  One guy lost BOTH LEGS to a previous expedition's frostbite and he's back again).  To risk your life like that, when you have a wife and children, baffles me.
But it's a wildly interesting show - it details all the risks, what it's like, how they get equipment around, what it takes, etc.  How some teams take safety precautions and some teams simply follow the teams that are supposed to be safer, etc.

November 28, 2006

sorry for the radio silence...

we had a wonderful Thanksgiving...though we are still trying to recover.  BabyT and I both have colds, which is fun fun and yet more fun.
Hopefully I'll post more when I work my way thru the TON of housework and unpacking and Christmas decorating I have to do.

November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving...

as you start up whatever plans you may have, please travel safe and eat well!
We are heading to our relatives house for the holiday.  Wish for us that BabyT sleeps there, he usually doesn't.
There are many things I am thankful for this year, the biggest of which is that my hubby made it safe and sound home after his long trip.  Also for my beautiful 2 sons, who are happy and healthy, and also for the wonderfully surprising unexpected and much loved little girl that will be joining us in April.  May she also be happy and healthy.  I am also thankful for my wonderful mother and father-in-law & his wife.  They are wonderful parents and grandparents and our lives are much richer because of them.
Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2006


Well here we are!  Since hubby came home, I had gained 3 pounds finally!  Then I weighed myself yesterday and ....
I lost them.  No idea where they went or how they fell off.  I've been eating like a horse too, so no idea why I'm losing weight...
Does this mean that when the baby comes out, etc and you usually lose 20 pds of PHYSICAL weight and fluids, that I'll actually be 20 pounds less than I started?  Is that possible?

are you kidding me?

Someone wants to re-instate the draft?  Seriously?

November 15, 2006

short story...

Remember, this pregnancy is my surprise pregnancy, the one I never thought I would get.  The first two children cam after much, much trying and many doctor visits, medication, charting, stress and miscarriages.  One could not be happier about it than I am (if not a bit scared of 2 babies at once, but that's ok)...
My AFP test came back w/an increase risk of Downs Syndrome.  So we did the ultrasound early to look for Downs soft markers, which we saw none.  We also saw no evidence of intestinal problems (usually associated w/Downs).  Hubby and I declined the amnio.  So now we just wait and pray that the baby is ok.    I felt pretty good about the results, but the DR said the U/S misses 30% of Downs cases.  I'm hoping, that since they went in SPECIFICALLY to look for it and take the measurements, they wouldn't miss it as opposed to a "regular" ultrasound where they don't usually measure quite so carefully or take all those specific measurements.   Only time will tell.  To my lovely readers that have already started praying for the baby's health, thank you very much.  I don't think we can have too many prayers hoping that the baby is healthy.
Oh, and they said it was a GIRL! 

November 13, 2006

November 10, 2006


Task accomplished!  I am registered at our old address, about a 30 minute car ride away, but we made it there and VOTED!
I hope you did as well!

November 05, 2006

10.5 months old!

Things BabyT can do:

** take 3 steps! Repeatedly! He loves to walk.
** Steer his walker like a champ. 3 point turns to turn around and all.
** meals are mostly table food followed by a bottle (ie. sandwiches! peas, carrots, fruit cups, black-eyed peas, yogurt, nuggets, bagels and cream cheese, ABCs and 123s, cheese sticks, crackers, rolls, bread (all wheat products), cantelope, banana)
** stand independently for long periods
** indicate wants by pointing specifically at things and saying "This!"
** Say big brother's name, "mama", and "dada"
** tell you that dogs say "woof"
** point at items (like if you ask where is the fan?)
** put balls in a tube
** turn canister over to get balls back out
** crawl amazingly fast
** hug and kiss!
** get angry when you say no!
** actually OBEY when you say no!
** refuses high chair, he prefers to sit at the table w/the family
** come looking for me

It's been a great 10.5 months!

November 02, 2006


**  Kerry has apologized. Although Michelle Malkin has links and quotes from 1972 where he also said similar type things about the type of people you find in the military.  As someone who HAS career military people in her family (with actual degrees from Penn State) and works with several people who got their degrees paid for by the military, then served their due, and now are in the workforce and are highly in demand at the various gov't agencies around here, what he says is just offensive.
** 15w 5d today.  Still, amazingly, I weigh 1 pound less than when I got pregnant.  Odd.  But I'm sure it has something to do w/hubby being out of town for the past 6 weeks and me chasing 2 kids and not getting time to eat when I'm home w/them.
My belly has "popped". I went from not looking pregnant at all to looking, oh, 15 weeks pregnant overnight.
**  I love people watching on my way into work - w/the crazy weather (it was 80 yesterday and like 50 today) people are dressing all wacky.  Like the weather makes the mirrors ineffective or something!