November 02, 2006


**  Kerry has apologized. Although Michelle Malkin has links and quotes from 1972 where he also said similar type things about the type of people you find in the military.  As someone who HAS career military people in her family (with actual degrees from Penn State) and works with several people who got their degrees paid for by the military, then served their due, and now are in the workforce and are highly in demand at the various gov't agencies around here, what he says is just offensive.
** 15w 5d today.  Still, amazingly, I weigh 1 pound less than when I got pregnant.  Odd.  But I'm sure it has something to do w/hubby being out of town for the past 6 weeks and me chasing 2 kids and not getting time to eat when I'm home w/them.
My belly has "popped". I went from not looking pregnant at all to looking, oh, 15 weeks pregnant overnight.
**  I love people watching on my way into work - w/the crazy weather (it was 80 yesterday and like 50 today) people are dressing all wacky.  Like the weather makes the mirrors ineffective or something!


girl_from_florida said...

I want to see pictures of the popping!!

Have you thought of adding haloscan to your comments? For some reason, I always have SO much trouble loading your comment box which makes it difficult to comment.

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Working as a defense contractor, I see the same kinds of people as you do; many are active duty, and nearly all have spent some time in the service.

Even the ones who are unabashed Democrats are steaming at the comments.