November 05, 2006

10.5 months old!

Things BabyT can do:

** take 3 steps! Repeatedly! He loves to walk.
** Steer his walker like a champ. 3 point turns to turn around and all.
** meals are mostly table food followed by a bottle (ie. sandwiches! peas, carrots, fruit cups, black-eyed peas, yogurt, nuggets, bagels and cream cheese, ABCs and 123s, cheese sticks, crackers, rolls, bread (all wheat products), cantelope, banana)
** stand independently for long periods
** indicate wants by pointing specifically at things and saying "This!"
** Say big brother's name, "mama", and "dada"
** tell you that dogs say "woof"
** point at items (like if you ask where is the fan?)
** put balls in a tube
** turn canister over to get balls back out
** crawl amazingly fast
** hug and kiss!
** get angry when you say no!
** actually OBEY when you say no!
** refuses high chair, he prefers to sit at the table w/the family
** come looking for me

It's been a great 10.5 months!


girl from florida said...

AMAZING!! I can't imagine Amelia doing all that in 3.5 months, but it makes me so excited!

Miss X said...

Sounds wonderful!