May 31, 2007

sleeping has gone to hell in a handbasket

1:45 a.m. --> BabyT screaming
2:15 a.m. --> BabyJ needs to be fed
3:30 a.m. --> BabyT screaming again
4:45 a.m. --> smoke detector batteries low - AIYEEEE.  And the "hush" button on the detectors apparently is just a cruel joke
5:15 am.. --> BabyT screaming again
6:45 a.m. --> both babies up for the day

Anyone have ANY ideas on getting BabyT to sleep thru the night again?   Anything???? 

May 30, 2007

cute things they say...

Hubby was complaining about some guy shooting his mouth off at work...

and son asked why somebody would shoot themselves in the mouth!

May 29, 2007

what a wonderful weekend!

** we went to a restaurant this weekend w/all three kids.  It was ok, not great.  BabyT hasn't been to a restaurant in so long he's forgotten how to behave which means we'll have to work on that one.

** BabyJ is growing nicely.  Somehow she barely has any clothes that fit, I need find some time to go to Carter's and stock up!

** hubby and the boys GREATLY enjoyed the pool!

** we had a celebration dinner for Son yesterday - he graduated PRESCHOOL!  Where has my first baby gone?  He's so big now!

BabyT's sleeping has gone to crap.  I'm trying to re-sleep train him now.  Wish me luck - we really need all the kids in this house to sleep better.  As it is right now, the newborn sleeps better than the 17 month old and the 5 year old!  Crazy.

And I'm sick.  Some sort of cold that I can't kick, in addition to really bad allergies.  Ugh.

BUT it's summer, and it's nice outside and hubby's coming home from work early today!

May 25, 2007


What do you do, at 3 AM, when the baby wants to be fed and the 17 month old is CRYING, wants to be held, and won't stay in his crib because he figured out how to climb out?

I only had to get up ONCE last night w/the new baby.  BUT THREE TIMES w/the 17 month old.  Dang.  It's like the world is conspiring against me to NOT LET ME SLEEP DAMMIT.

Suggestions for situations like this?  I had to feed the baby on the floor of BabyT's room while he screamed at us that he wanted "DOWN!" and while I kept telling him
a.  To lay down
b.  No climbing out

Thank goodness Hubby comes home tonight - guess what his first to-do list item is?

May 22, 2007

very busy...

hubby on business trip.  STOP.  am alone w/the 3 kids. STOP.  no need to say more, am a bit busy. STOP.

May 17, 2007

sorry for the silence!

Things as usual are a bit busy around here...

Son is wrapping up the 2006-2007 school year, and there are lots of activities to attend!  Yesterday was soccer awards.  Monday is the end of the year party, Wednesday is a birthday party, and Friday is GRADUATION (EEKS!).

BabyT is rapidly moving into 2 word sentences!  And sleeping better!  yay!  He's so cute, and we're getting more and more words and concepts every day.  It's so amazing to watch.

BabyJ is recovering from the worst case of diaper rash anyone has seen in years!  Of course since she poops SEVENTEEN (I logged it on TrixieTracker!) no wonder!  But TriplePaste is a godsend and works wonders (in less than 12 hours no less!!!).  Last week we outgrew Newborn diapers and today we went onto size 2 nipples.  She'll be dating in no time ;-)

I'm loving being home w/the kids, even though it's EXHAUSTING.

May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

My husband and my children have given me wonderful gifts today....

Hubby got me GODIVA!  And took the 4 a.m. feeding, THEN let me sleep in!  Then, the "boys" got me flowers and a homemade card with HANDPRINTS, which I will keep forever!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you!

May 08, 2007

Two Under Two...

is hard.  I've had the kids for brief stints on my own, to sort of test the waters.  But today is my first almost full day (hubby left 2 hrs late for work to help w/Breakfast)...and it's going FINE.  BUT it is a lot of work!

BabyT wants to lay in the pack&play w/the baby, so I'm forever having to chase him out of it.  When I feed the baby, he's usually pretty good, but occaisionally gets into something (like the wipes container) and makes a small mess.  Also, they both seem to get hungry at the same time, which presents a problem as I only have 2 hands (and each child takes 2 hands to feed, unless I allow BabyT free reign of his lunch, which = MESS!)....

But it's going...they're both napping right now, and instead of napping myself (I KNOW) I need to go fold laundry!

May 04, 2007

*** sigh ***

you know you're old when...

You goto, the headline is "get yourself something!" and your suggested items are:

1.  A kid's spongepainting kit
2.  a crib  ( I hope to never have to purchase another one of these until i have grandkids! )
3.  the learning piggy bank by Fisher-Price ( ok, maybe this is for me since hubby and I way over-spend!  hahahaha )

May 01, 2007

2 week post partum...

and I know weigh 4 pounds less than I did before I got pregnant!  I am currently WEARING NON-MATERNITY SHORTS!  My good ones!