May 31, 2007

sleeping has gone to hell in a handbasket

1:45 a.m. --> BabyT screaming
2:15 a.m. --> BabyJ needs to be fed
3:30 a.m. --> BabyT screaming again
4:45 a.m. --> smoke detector batteries low - AIYEEEE.  And the "hush" button on the detectors apparently is just a cruel joke
5:15 am.. --> BabyT screaming again
6:45 a.m. --> both babies up for the day

Anyone have ANY ideas on getting BabyT to sleep thru the night again?   Anything???? 

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Sara said...

Is he waking up because he can get out of his crib now? Or is it possibly an external factor that is bothering him? Teething? Bellyache? Temperature? And what do you do when he wakes up?