October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Son designed the 2 family pumpkins. Didn't he do a marvelous job?!
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October 27, 2007

and it's booked!

We are going to Disney!!  I cannot wait! BabyT is going to FREAK!  He is SO going to love it!  BabyJ will probably also enjoy it, but she enjoys everything....

And we will be there when they're filming the Christmas parade for broadcast!  And we're going to the Christmas party!  And character lunches, and breakfasts, OH MY!

October 18, 2007

playground morons...

Dear parents,

Taking your kids to the playground, then making them sit on the equipment for 30 minutes does not count as playing.  The poor kids looked miserable. You can sit still at home, why did you drag them to the park, then hog the equipment to do this?

Dear Spanish Nanny,


Dear Father w/the Spanish Nanny,

if your overweight dirty three year old barrels down the slide WHILE MY ONE YEAR OLD IS ON IT, I expect you to tell your kid to wait until the other kid gets off.  At the least, if not sort of saying your sorry when my baby gets hurt. 

Dear Father making a business call at the playground,

We are not impressed and you look like a big dork w/your pants up under your armpits like that.  I thought it was funny when my son was screaming about something or other and you were right there to hear it and let the other people on the phone hear too.  Very professional!


October 15, 2007

today's Moxie!

I love this woman...today she says...

"Has anyone else been watching the BBC show--now on the Discovery channel in the U.S.--"Last Man Standing"? It's 6 youngish American and British athletes who go to tribal villages and participate in their tests of strength and fighting rituals. I've been watching, thinking how lame it all is. Any woman who'd mothered a child through the age of 5 could beat any of these guys in tenacity, endurance, and feats of strength under adverse conditions. Brazilian piranha-tooth cuts on the legs rubbed with chile powder? Try 36 hours of unmedicated labor.  Zulu fighting sticks? Try sleep regression after sleep regression. Running 30 miles uphill in sandals? Try nursing all night for months and still holding down a full-time job. Maybe I should work up a pitch for the show: kick boxer, triathlete, and bodybuilder vs. mom of high-needs baby, mom of twins, and mom of three kids under age five."

so damn true!

October 12, 2007

BabyT loves this! The ghost sings "I want candy!". It is SO SO cute!
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October 09, 2007