July 31, 2008

something terrible has happened...

please send your prayers to Midwestern Mommy.  She just found out she has cancer.  She is EXACTLY my age and it just popped up out of nowhere and now she's in the oncology ward at her hospital.


small update on playground wars

The owner of the house next to us, where the trespassing neighbor was playing on their playground before moving onto our playground, came over yesterday.  He said I was AWESOME!

He said he was inside standing in the window pondering how to go tell that fool to get off property that isn't his and he saw me come running out, pointer finger going crazy!  He is also totally baffled that people would come play in the yards of people that they do not know.  He pointed out that these people don't even come over to say HI! if they seem him or us outside.  They just wait for us to be gone and run to use our stuff.  Losers.

July 30, 2008

funniest twitter comment ever... (or so far in it's tiny existence)

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I found this on "DCist"...

Funniest Twitter comment from the Los Angeles earthquake earlier today: "I am totally serious. My Ob/Gyn was IN my vagina and an earthquake started rattling the room!"

July 29, 2008

seriously? What is wrong with the world today...

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Today's headlines on foxnews.com:

"Mistaken About Taunting, Dad Stabs Boy In Face"

"Unattended Infant Mauled By Dog"

"Mom Puts Baby In Fish Tank To Stop Its Crying"

"Motorist Hits Husband, Drives Off As He Dies"

Really people - is there not enough wrong with the world that we have to hurt the ones we love (or not care for them properly as in the mauling article)??

Everyone play nice please.  I can't even read the articles about the parents hurting children.  HOW CAN ONE DO THAT?  How, how, how? I have been frustrated - when my husband is gone for 60 days at a time I can go crazy too.  Know what I do rather than drown my children?  I call someone to vent....I go outside....I go upstairs for a moment...I tell the kids that Mommy needs a timeout and not to talk to her for a moment.  It doesn't even occur to me to hurt them.  There's enough going on in the world where we should be nice to each other - we are all we've got!  There are plenty of people out there that would hurt us if given the chance, let's try and be able to trust our own.

Playground trespass!

So yesterday hubby was leaving and he called to say the people down
the street ( that we do not know ) we using out neighbors playset
( which they have been asked not to do ). Well I had to leave the
house 2 min later and guess what? They were in OUR playset!

I stormed out there telling ( not yelling. Not rudely. ) them to get

And the dad was all "sorry! Sorry!" ( they are Pakistani ), I said
"no! Please GET OFF!".

They waited til they thought we were not home to trespass, so they
know we wouldn't like it. What us wrong with them?

And FYI, they are currently having their basement finished, so they
could have bought a set if they wanted.

July 28, 2008

made it to the gym again!

The alarm went off at 4:31 a.m. 

I hit snooze 2 times, then bounded out of bed to head to the gym!  I did a full circuit of leg workouts then ran for 28 minutes (then walked up hill at 4.0 for 5 more minutes).  YAY me!  Last week I got 3 workouts in, let's see how this week goes!  But so far, it looks promising!

I have to admit one of the things that gets me out of bed in the morning is that our gym only has 2 showers and I'm terrified of getting there late and having to wait in line to shower, in which case I'd probably just shoot myself.

In other news, I'm updating my links tonight to add my new friends Red and Blondy - am I missing anyone else?

July 27, 2008

Oh no!

at 5 a.m. this morning, hubby bolted upright in bed, even though no noise had happened in the house/over the baby monitors, etc.

"What?!" I asked - it is RARE that he is up voluntairily at this hour - especially when the alarm was going to go off at 5:15 for him to get up and goto work (covering the shift for one of his workers that has a pregnant wife - she can't watch their other child all day w/out going into contractions)...

"I LEFT THE HOSE ON ALL NIGHT filling the pool!"

YIKES! The pool is about 1 mm from overflowing.

UPDATE: and now it is raining!

Star Wars - Clone Wars Battle Revolution Ship

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Found at Target today. Son was $5 short, so he owes me 5 $1 chores!

July 22, 2008

guess what we scored today?

A WII FIT!  YAY!  Actually 2 - one from toyrus.com and one from target.  If the toysrus.com one actually comes (we had some issues online ordering) we'll ditch the Target one -but I can't wait to play!!!!!

July 21, 2008


Ok - I did it.

I got up at 5 a.m. today and went to the gym!

Now, before I had kids, I was there 5 times a week, when they opened the door (I had the number to call the openers if they overslept! I was EARLY!).

After having the oldest son, I switched to working out at lunchtime, 3 or 4 days per week.

After having the second son, I had just started running again LITERALLY 4 days before I found out I was pregnant with Number 3.

Since having BabyJ my schedule has been nuts.  I joined the gym in Sept. and went maybe twice before Hubby went out of town for all of October.  Then the holidays hit and any extra time was spent shopping and doing stuff w/the kids. In January I tried to start going again but Hubby when out of town for all of February.  Finally in June (after going once or twice in april and may) I said "OK - I go Tues and Thurs after work!  No ifs ands or buts!"....hahahahaha.

Now to be clear, Hubby doesn't ever tell me not to go.  He encourages me to go....but when life gets in the way, I feel guilty about canceling something else or telling the kids we can't do what they want to do because mommy has to goto the gym, so it's always the first thing I cross of the schedule (going away for the weekend?  Then the Thurs workout is out.  Get home from work late?  Workout is out - we can't have dinner late).

Well...I decided to put the workout where I CAN CONTROL whether or not I go.  And the only timeframe that I have control over is 5 a.m., so there we go.

And the feeling of having control of my schedule for the first time in FOREVER is great (Note: the kids weren't sleeping well enough every night until mabye May to even consider this - i'm not getting up in the middle of the night, then going to the gym at 4:50 a.m.!)...

Wish me luck - tomorrow is another gym day!  I'm shooting for 3 workouts a week!

July 17, 2008

Baby Borrowers: The mom of the vegetarian boys is MIS-INFORMED

The teen watching her two vegetarian sons eats poorly.  I get that.  The mom tells the teen that they just need salad an potatoes, for example, when the teen mom is making dinner choices.

FIRST OF ALL - growing boys need more protein than that.

Then she LECTURES the teen (note: this is NOT the most effective way to speak to teenagers, which this mom will find out when her sons are older) that if she eats poorly her children will automatically be obese and sickly.


Now, I do eat poorly.  I should eat better.  No veggies and fruit for me, in general, although I do love fresh corn on the cob w/butter and green beans cooked in bacon fat.  I drink diet coke and water, in that order.  BUT... my kids are awesome eaters.  They eat a lot of fruit and some vegetables (including carrot-apple juice).  If you introduce it when they're young they will drink/eat it and get used to the texture and flavor.

My children are not obese - far from it.  They are little powerhouses (the 2 boys have awesome six-pack abs) and the little girl isn't far behind.  For weight, they're around 50th percentile, although about 100th percentile for height.   EVERY MEAL has fruit or veggies as the first course.  EVERY MEAL.  If we go out, they eat their fruit at home or in the car before we goto the restaurant or I bring their fruit to the restaurant and they eat it before the food comes.

Should that teen eat a better diet?  Of course.  Will trying to scare her into a better diet work?  No, and the mom was WRONG about how the kids turn out if the kids don't eat well.

AND I know TONS of parents that DO eat fresh fruits and veggies all the time and their kids live off mac&cheese and nuggets!  Generally, my kids eat a better variety than their kids (2 of my kids eat tofu!  Broccoli!)

Donuts again!!

July 15, 2008

are you watching Nashville Star?

I love this show - but really they need to boot the people that suck and the fakers and just let Michelle and Gabe have a sing off.

The blond chick - she sucks.  I'm surprised John Rich likes her because she sounds awful and her voice is not powerful enough.

Gabe - he is AWESOME.

Melissa - she is AWESOME.  Oversinging it my ass.  She did GREAT and she was confident and looked like she was really having fun up there.

Coffey (pronounced Cough-eh, like a redneck trying to sound French).  OMG - please do not ever sing a Tim McGraw song again.  I thought my ears were going to start bleeding.  You are awful.  Pulling the sympathy card might get you thru (and chocking up during the song, wah) to next week, but you'll still suck then.  I agree with Jeff and John - you are NOT country and we can see right thru you.

Shawn - omg, she is terrible.  And this young lady is NO Carrie Underwood, and she butchered her song.  She could also stand to watch herself on video because the faces she makes while singing are painful and downright scary.  And not dressing like a whore might help too.

I feel strongly about this, can you tell?  I love country music and have listened to it all my life.  I am quite offended by Jewel's entrance into country (marrying a rodeo guy doesn't make you country!) and by her being on this show.  (don't get me started on Jessica Freaking-Simpson's new country song - PLEASE)  I can't imagine any of these loser people winning - it has to be Gabe or Melissa.

July 11, 2008

Breakfast for the kids and me

and no babysitter...

Babysitter A and I were in a long texting discussion last night trying to find a time that would work - but no dice.  We get no adult time this weekend (well, no normal hours adult time).  I imagine we'll break out the ROCKBAND and the beer and work on our mastery of it.  I really want to work on my singing while playing guitar (man, that is really really hard) and am thinking I might try singing and drums.  I am a crazy one, let me tell you!

Right now we've got a long day ahead of us - Son is in soccer camp and they're playing the coaches today.  I'm trying to work up the strength to take the 2 little ones to go watch - but it's in the searing sun with no shade.  What do you think - fun or not?

The diet is going ok - I promised myself a set of super cool bluetooth headphones for my iphone if I can lose 5 pds - and then I read last night that the iphone doesn't support stereo bluetooth!  Eh?  Seriously?  It has gps but not bluetooth for listening to music?  What kind of crack are they smokin over there?  If they just f-d my diet, I'm going to be mad!  That was the only reward I could think of!

July 07, 2008


We saw this yesterday - MAN was it awesome!  I have no idea why it is getting bad reviews, it just so incredibly awesome.  Plenty of special effects, action etc and great romance story on the side.

I almost started crying at one point and Hubby hissed at me "You aren't going to cry at a WILL SMITH ACTION MOVIE are you?".  But it was great - it was funny and exciting and FRESH!  A new idea AND it has a plot twist that you won't see coming.


July 01, 2008


we are pottytrained!  BabyT (now 2 and 1/2 years old!) has been in underwear for TWO WEEKS!  GO BABYT!