July 11, 2008

and no babysitter...

Babysitter A and I were in a long texting discussion last night trying to find a time that would work - but no dice.  We get no adult time this weekend (well, no normal hours adult time).  I imagine we'll break out the ROCKBAND and the beer and work on our mastery of it.  I really want to work on my singing while playing guitar (man, that is really really hard) and am thinking I might try singing and drums.  I am a crazy one, let me tell you!

Right now we've got a long day ahead of us - Son is in soccer camp and they're playing the coaches today.  I'm trying to work up the strength to take the 2 little ones to go watch - but it's in the searing sun with no shade.  What do you think - fun or not?

The diet is going ok - I promised myself a set of super cool bluetooth headphones for my iphone if I can lose 5 pds - and then I read last night that the iphone doesn't support stereo bluetooth!  Eh?  Seriously?  It has gps but not bluetooth for listening to music?  What kind of crack are they smokin over there?  If they just f-d my diet, I'm going to be mad!  That was the only reward I could think of!

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