May 31, 2005

don't be surprised...

if you walk into my office, look at me, and ask "is anyone sitting in here?" you get a very smartass answer.

Happy Memorial Day!

We had a GREAT weekend!

Thursday I picked up my mother-in-law (who I adore, really!) at the airport. We went to watch son have his swimming lesson.

Friday we went up (with mother-in-law) to our relatives in PA. That was a blast. They have a great pool and creek. Son loves it there (as we do)... and courtesy of the relatives, I got a NAP every day! Thank you so much for that time! I heart daytime naps!

Saturday we went to see PopPop at his nursing home. He's doing well and we had a great visit and got some awesome pics. We sat in the garden with him and they have a playground there. Aunt L bought great gifts for son, which he loved. And Granny (mother-in-law) also showered everyone with fab gifts. Who couldn't love that!!!

Sunday we lounged and played in the pool and creek some more. Also visited PopPop again in the garden.

Monday was more of the same then drove home.

A fabulous weekend. You??

SIDE NOTE: is it rude for your neighbors THAT YOU DON'T KNOW to use your playground while you're out of town? I think so. Hubby will be going over today or this week after work to discuss this with them.

May 26, 2005

The Interview Game!

This is a game I got from Sara...

I answered her questions and you dear readers ask me to ask YOU questions! Fun? Of course!! Whoe doesn't want to read about ME?

1.If you could change one thing about your body, what would you change?

I would change my ability to run. At my best, I can run no more than 3 times a week, 4 miles at a time, max. I simply do not have a runners body - I get shin splints and have even gotten 2 stress fractures in my ankle and 1 in my back vertebrae. I believe, this would fix the pouchy belly problem I have, if I could run more. It is the most satisfying exercise I've found.

2.If you could have a $1,000 gift certificate to ANY store, what store would it be and why?

This is a complicated one. Being an engineer, I have a couple of different answers based on different assumptions.

  • Any store, for anybody? I'd get the gift certificate from the jewelry store where my mom saw this diamond ring she really wants. She wants it so badly. She is asking only for cash for all her Mother's Day, birthday, and Christmas gifts. My Dad was not into buying jewelry, so she doesn't have any truly amazing pieces, which I think is sad and I'd love to help her get it.

  • Any store, must be for myself? I think I'm going to have to go the jewelry route as well. For me, the idea of acquiring fabulous pieces (of which I currently have 1, the necklace hubby gave me when my son was born) so that I can leave them to my children, along with the stories of why the piece is important, is very exciting. I think I'd like to get an anniversary band, with the hopes that one day it would be the wedding ring of one of my grandchildren.

    3. What is the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

    This is a tough one - hubby really is fabulous and doing nice things for me all the time. I'm going to have to go with his "official" wedding proposal. We had already "decided" to get married (we were already living together and had bought a house) and were in the process of selecting rings, VIA MAIL, from a custom jewelry shop in Park City, UT. Yes, they just shipped us diamond rings to try on with NO DEPOSIT! When my ring finally came, sized just for me, he intercepted it, ran out under the guise of having to feed his mother's cats and got me roses so he could do it properly, on bended knee, flowers and ring in hand.

    His original proposal was only 2 months after we went on our first date. We were at the Dave Matthews Concert in August (started dating June 5, 1995). We were having such a good time he just asked me. I was thrilled, to say the least!

    Runners Up:
  • surprise day at the spa 4 weeks after my son was born
  • roses when I woke up on Valentine's Day morning when my Dad was in the hospital for his lung cancer, knowing that was the only time I'd be home until midnight that day

    4. What food soothes you in times of stress?

    Chocolate or chips and french onion dip. Or ice cream. Or McDonalds. I'm really not picky, I just like to eat!

    5. Which oh-powerful-woman-of-blogging to you feel you are most like or drawn to? (of the blogs that you read regularly.)
    I feel most drawn to (as much as I like to think I'm like her, no way) Michele. Hands down. She is a fabulous writer. She covers all sorts of topics, and covers them well. I love to read not only her thoughts on things, but her fiction stories as well. She is very grounded and a lot of our opinions on things are the same, but she expresses them so much more eloquently than I ever could.

    Ok - who wants to play?? Leave a comment that says you're in!
  • May 25, 2005

    Swim Master!

    Yesterday was a fabulous day!

    At my son's school, it was "Mommy Appreciation Day". They sang us songs, brought us snacks, and made us jewelry. Now, similarly to my lust for artwork done by a child, I've been DYING for the first time my child makes me jewelry! And my wish was granted. I put it on and wore it ALL DAY (and at work too!). I can't believe some mom's didn't want to - I was excited enough just to get it, but to get to wear it to work and tell everyone, it was just too much!

    Then off to his first swim lesson. He is THE MAN. He hopped right in (with floaties on his arms, all kids are required to wear them) and started arm moving and kicking around. Now, seriously, he was the BEST swimmer in the class, and easily one of the youngest children there (it's ages 3 - 5). He is so atheletic, which he gets from hubby. They (both of them) physically, can do anything. While I, can do almost nothing (even riding a bike with me was embarrassing to my hubby!).

    So it was a great day!

    May 24, 2005

    This thing really sucks!

    I got a new DYSON vacuum cleaner!!! MAN! What an excellent cleaner! I did the hall w/my old (really nice, only 3 year old top of the line Hoover bagless) and then w/the dyson, just doing the hall, the dyson was FULL! I love it! It's based on a ball, so manuvering it around the floor is a breeze I tell you, a breeze!

    And the emptying is amazing! The old one, you had to take the lid off and shake shake shake, all the while breathing in all the crap you just vaccuumed up. W/the dyson, the bottom drops out and gravity pulls the dirt down. Much cleaner!

    I highly recommend, next time you're needing a new vacuum cleaner!

    May 23, 2005

    More great new shows!

    Anyone seen Intervention on A&E? It is such a fascinating show. I caught 2 this weekend...they find addicts and tell their story up to the intervention their family has for them to save them. I am so fascinated by other people's lives. I know not everyone's life is just like mine - but you don't realized the extent - and it is amazing to see what these people are thinking.

    One had a meth and sex addict, Brian. He was a male model, in a downward spiral. He agreed to go for help.

    The other, Alissa, was a gambling addict. She refused help and her boyfriend (who, as part of the intervention, was supposed to not help her or support her if she refused help) continues to enable her addiction (he works 3 jobs and all she does is gamble).

    Another was Sara. She's a meth addict. She has a daughter and lost custody and her marriage over the meth. She did agree to get help. She was on Oprah discussing things a while back. It was amazing to see the difference in her after treatment. I hope she's still doing well.

    This is a great show, you should try to catch it.

    May 19, 2005

    More problems with the builder....

    I'm going to have to sue them when they give me high blood pressure.

    I called the warranty people last night about the basement door leaking (after they've already fixed it once) and the lack of attention to our dead landscaping, and also all the missing screens on our basement level.

    The guy was all "I don't take care of the landscaping", "we don't put screens on the basement level" (which is just an assinine statement since I can SEE that all our neighbors HAVE screens and I ASKED them where they came from) and "I'll have to schedule someone for the basement door, but no one is available anytime soon"...not like it was easy to understand him because his English isn't great and he gets irritated when I ask him to repeat. ( I'm used to listening more closely when this is the case, my mother and her family speak English as a late-second language as well. )

    I call the head dude- of course, oddly, he's on vacation this week. So I get peon-dude that's supposed to call me back.... GRRRRR.

    May 18, 2005

    Apparently, I am sinful.

    Your Deadly Sins

    Greed: 60%

    Gluttony: 40%

    Wrath: 40%

    Pride: 20%

    Sloth: 20%

    Envy: 0%

    Lust: 0%

    Chance You'll Go to Hell: 26%

    You'll die in a castle, surrounded by servants.

    Found via Acidman.

    Really, did you think?

    These 2 girls told a newspaper reporter how they planned to drink after the prom. And are suprised when they are banned. They are now saying they were talking about other people not themselves. Also, that if their moms don't care, no one else should care if they drink.


    If she wasn't going 40 mph...


    There was a woman driving an A4 Audi Station Wagon this morning...Grey/silver.

    Her backseat was empty.

    The jumpseat (the seat in the trunk/back space of a wagon) that faces the other way...her 4 year old ( or so ) little girl was sitting there reading.

    NOT IN A CAR SEAT. Those are such tiny seats, that if the girl was in a booster that only had the bottom, she'd have her head in the roof of the car. The seatbelt, I could see unbuckled (the buckle was actually on the strap up by her shoulder attached to the seat, obviously not around the precious one)...

    If she hadn't been going 40 mph, I would have had to have words with her. That is just assinine.

    Now maybe the little girl was 5, but since the local schools had already started by then, I doubt it. Regardless of the car seat, why wasn't she wearing her seatbelt?????

    May 17, 2005

    Such a dork...

    yeah, that's me...

    I'm crazy excited that the Country Music Awards are on Thursday! And some of my favorite artists are performing!!!!! I will be Tivo-ing!

    May 15, 2005

    Ok, yeah, more on the house.

    Last Wednesday was hot, if you remember. Hubby turned on the AC on the main level and upstairs (2 units). Neither worked, shocking, I know.

    I called the AC guys and got the first appt of the day at 8 a.m. the next morning.

    At 8:30 I called to inquire about why nobody was at my house.

    At 8:32 I got a call back. The lady said she saw my number on caller id and didn't pick up. Nice. The techs were on more important/emergency jobs and would then be by my house tomorrow, 8 a.m. ok?

    Um, no. I (not very nicely) explained - WHOA. I was to have the first call. How did this happen? Well...the guys had calls that ranked as more emergency-level than mine. WTF? They are an AC company - the only problems they can have are
    1. no heat (which is more of a problem, if IT WAS COLD OUTSIDE)
    2. no AC

    So ? She had no explaination. I told her they would be by TODAY as I was already late for work and not going to replay this tomorrow. She said when do you want them? I said now. She just kept repeating herself. Finally, I said "Look. I don't have their schedule in front of me - when is their next free slot? Tell me and I'll be here. I'm not psychic."... She says no, when do you want them? I said 9. She said no. I said 10. She said no. (boy, isn't this fun!). Finally we agreed on 12.

    At 11:30 Curly and Moe arrive to look at AC units. Hubby already deduced that the problem w/1 unit was that the outside compressor was bad.

    11:32, the smart one, Larry arrives. They get the main level AC on quickly. He comes in to tell me (like 2 hours later) that the upper level compressor is fried. He's going to order another one, but it may be Monday before it gets here.

    Whoa. I don't think so. I inform him that NO, it will be installed before it gets hot again on Saturday. And if he's so hard up for parts, go over to the house that isn't done yet and take theirs. He looks appalled. I say, please. This is a new house and a new AC unit that we KNOW never worked, and you guys just left it because we bought when we wouldn't be running the AC. Get it fixed. He says he'll try to have it done before Monday.

    Now, Hubby had coincidentally left work to come home at that time. So he pulled up 20 minutes later...Did I mention Hubby is MEAN looking w/his shaved head?

    An hour later, we had a new compressor from the house across the street and were cooling off.

    May 11, 2005

    UGH! House frustrations!


    We have 2 trees and several bushes and shrubs that are dead (NOTE: not for lack of water!)...The builder is supposed to replace them. I called THREE WEEKS ago, and was told they'd get right on it.

    I called again Monday, told they'd get right on it.

    Today we get a call that we need to put in a formal request...FUCK. That takes forever, so I faxed the formal request and a nasty letter about 10 minutes after the call....let's wait and see what happens.

    May 10, 2005

    What's in your shower?

    I posted this comment at The Mighty Geek, when he was shocked at all the items in his shower...

    3 shampoos
    2 body washes
    1 bar soap
    2 razors
    1 foot loofah
    1 foot scrub
    1 body sponge
    1 bottle deep conditioner
    1 toothbrush (for cleaning grout while in shower, waiting for deep conditioner to work)
    1 bottle tilex (see above)
    1 pair flip flops (for wearing while using tilex, it ruins the pedicure)
    2 paintbrushes (for toddler)
    3 shades shower paint (see above)
    1 cup for rinsing shower walls or toddler

    Granted, I think my shower is bigger than his NYC condo shower, but still! Do I need so much crap? Of course!

    May 09, 2005

    Thanks a lot....

    to the idiot that burned the popcorn in our office. I'm sure my husband will enjoy the lingering smell stuck to my hair.

    FYI - if you use the POPCORN setting on the damn microwave, it doesn't burn the popcorn, idiot. Just guessing at some number of minutes and WALKING AWAY is stupid.

    If you can't do this, should you really have a decent tech job? Just asking. It's not rocket science.

    Lovely Weekend!

    I had not mentioned it here, but hubby was away for 3 WEEKS! He came home Saturday morning about 4 a.m.! It is so wonderful to have him home again. I am so thrilled, there aren't words. And you should see son...he is positively beaming. He missed his daddy so much...he'd look out the window at night and, with tears streaming down his face, say "Good night dadddy" over and over. It was heartbreaking and he teared all up when telling his dad how much he missed him, even though Dad was right there holding him!

    Mother's Day was great - I got to sleep in for the first time in 3 WEEKS! Luxurious! Hubby got lots of yard work done, we went to my Grandmother's for a bit. Then home for dinner and more playing. Man is my house a mess now! 3 weeks worth of luggage and laundry...ick!

    May 05, 2005

    Dr. Update...

    ok - the appt/scan went well. Everything looked as it should, for someone who's been at my level for this long.

    Generally, they like to not check (visually) for about 3 more months...think I can fanagle (?) at least one more check before then?

    Thanks for the well wishes and prayers. I really appreciate them, and if you could, keep praying.

    Seriously, thank you.


    That was a good Deadwood episode - any other fans out there? I was heartbroken at the end...just heartbroken. What a good show.

    And LOST? I'm only 1/2 way thru...but I love that show! Can't wait to finish it up tonight!

    And on American Idol ...bye bye Scott! Though I really thought Anthony was leaving...and Paula!

    Son and the next door neighbor little girl had a ball playing in the lawn sprinkler yesterday - in their clothes! They had so much fun and...damn. I just rememebered I left all those clothes in the washtub yesterday soaking wet. They'll smell nice when I get home today!

    And for those following: today is the visual check with my DR. Wish me LUCK!

    May 04, 2005

    Isn't there a Noise Ordinance???

    5:30 a.m. This morning I hear a semi pull up. Back up (lots o beeping)...drop something SERIOUSLY heavy. Pull forward, more backing, etc. I look out the window and the construction-sized dumpster service is changing out the dumpsters. AT 5:30 in the FUCKING MORNING. Do you have any idea what it sounds like when it DROPS one of those things? I dug out the head-honcho's number of the neighborhood (for the builder) and will keep it bedside for the next occaision. If they wake ME up at 5:30, I can wake him up at 5:30. (first, it has to drop the empty one somewhere, then pick up the full one, move it out of the way, drop the full one, pick up the empty one, put it in the spot the old one was, drop it. Pick up full dumpster. --> that's a lot of noise)

    AND, when I finally succommed to a nap yesterday evening (~5:30 as well)....sometimes, when the road is really dirty from construction, they'll drive backhos (backhoes?) around, with the scoop down, to scoop up some before they wash the road (because that's not a horrendous waste of water). Yesterday, some asshole was driving around, pushing 1 brick (they are almost done w/our street so it wasn't dirty) instead of getting out, picking it up, and putting it in the scoop, then lifting the scoop. He pushed that brick, scoop down, for 2 blocks. Ass. 1 brick.

    More TV Updates!!!

    American Idol! Did you see it? It was great! Here's my summary (like you care!)...

    Anthony - ugh. How awful and boring can 1 person be?
    Scott - he didn't suck! Really! For once, he wasn't bad.
    Bo - BO ROCKS! I've never voted for AI before, but tried last night. Coudln't get thru on Bo's line - hope this is a good sign.
    Carrie - so-so. Not bad, not very exciting though.
    Vonzell - so good. Love her. Not as much as Bo though.

    Deadwood! I heart Deadwood. I only made it part way thru before I passed out from exhaustion. They gave Bullock a better role this week. The wimpy guy is mostly gone. I love Jane. And Al. And what is that stupid school teacher sending in her telegram? Will Al find out? And I love Mrs. Garrett. She's great - even if she's throwing up all over the place.

    Oprah was boring, so I deleted it without watching. Today's show looks promising though.

    And I think I got an Amazing Race last night too - try to watch that tonight w/the AI show.

    (yes, my life is very boring right now)

    May 03, 2005

    Interesting media...

    Check this out - one girl's ride thru Chernobyl. Beautiful sad pictures. Fascinating. I would never be brave enough to do that. Found at Birch & Maple

    I watched Dr. Phil yesterday. It was a show about people having a loved one that is a bad influence. He had these really pretty blond twins on. Twin A wanted the twins to goto the Bunny Ranch (in Nevada) and work as prostiutes for a while, because the owner said they could pull in $500,000 a year, easy. She was trying to talk Twin B into this. A was a waitress, I think. B was a computer consultant. But they also showed footage of the many modeling gigs these girls have had (quite skimpily clad)... Apparently, Twin A didn't feel like working really hard for not much money in her current job. She has an idea for an international comedy show that she needs money to produce.

    Well. Where shall we start...
    First - she spoke like, and with the perspective, of a teenager. You felt as if everything Dr. Phil said to her was just out of her grasp of understanding. It must be ok to be a prostitute, because she has a reason (her emphasis)...she's not just doing it to make money to retire. They also had an ex-prostitute on the show, who has started a group to help prositutes get out of the profession trying to point out to her the downsides of selling yourself, which Twin A did not want to hear. There are no downsides in her eyes. She cannot see that in the future, she might wish she had not done this. She doesn't think it will affect the men she can choose from to marry if she does this (ok, sure!). She was full of hair flipping, eye rolling, and lip pouting. She actually struck me as if she might have a drug problem of some sort, maybe? That sort of behavior.

    It was just amazing to watch. Such denial. There are no other ways to raise money? Also, she really didn't come off as being very bright - that she understands the what would be considered comedy in many different cultures is something I seriously doubt. And how can she not agree, that just maybe, she might live to regret this decision someday?

    One thing I didn't understand the most was this: why didn't they keep modeling? They were gorgeous (though of the fake-breasted blonde type).

    May 02, 2005

    Bush's Social Security Reform...

    Just burns me up.

    Ok - I voted for Bush - not because I love Bush (though I don't think he's doing a bad job) but because Kerry was a horrible idea of a president in my mind.

    I was reading a review of Bush's Social Security plan in the Washington Post to see if I heard it right the other night...
  • new proposal that would reduce benefits more as workers' incomes rise
  • benefits for low-income workers will grow faster than benefits for people who are better off
  • Benefits currently increase each year based on the annual growth of wages.
  • he also supports increasing the limit on income subject to the payroll tax that funds Social Security and raising the retirement age

    Now, I don't know what we COULD do to make the system better. But as I see it, I do not enjoy working so that OTHERS can enjoy a better retirement. As I work harder, and get promoted, and earn more money and put more money into the system, I expect to get that money returned to me, not to have my benefits cut. I do not agree with working to pay for OTHER people's retirement.

    I like getting my SS statement every year showing what my monthly payout will be (assuming there's any money there when I get to retire)...but to work harder and make more and see that number go DOWN? I certainly hope not.

    I don't disagree that there needs to be a minimum for people...if you worked, and simply made less, but DID work all those years, you should get some minimum amount of benefit. Definitely. But lowering my money? I don't think so.

    I also agree that today's seniors, who were told they could rely on SS, should not get their benefits cut either... at this point, it's too late and to cut their benefits would hurt them too much (though, please note that my grandfather, who is 83 still works 40 hours a week to make money).

    I don't know what the answer is, but I don't think taxing those of us who work hard for our money MORE and providing less benefit as we pay in more, is the answer.

    I already pay so much in taxes, it makes me sick. And we OWED a ton this year after all the payroll taxes we put in.
  • A top rate billing dept...

    Billing dept: hello - can i get your account number?
    Me: XXXYYY

    Billing dept: and how may i help you?
    Me: yes, I have an overdue bill here, that I've sent payment for twice and you guys keep sending it back to me for invalid account number.

    BD: what account number are you sending it to?
    Me: XXXYYY

    BD: that is correct. Why did it get rejected?
    Me: ? That is WHY I am calling.

    BD: what address did you send it to?
    Me: the one on the bill, XYZ Street, etc.

    BD: well, our address has changed.
    Me: so the address on the late bill you just sent me is wrong?

    BD: yes.
    Me: doesn't it forward to the new address? My payment was returned "invalid account" not incorrect address.

    BD: well that is strange.
    Me: yes! How do I pay this bill?

    BD: you can just send in payment.
    Me: apparently that doesn't work. Can I just give you my Credit card info?

    BD: yes, just mail it to the same address.
    ME: but if i mail it, it will have the acct number on it and your mail dept will return it

    BD: why would they do that?
    ME: ???????

    ME: can you take it over the phone?
    BD: yes.