May 09, 2005

Lovely Weekend!

I had not mentioned it here, but hubby was away for 3 WEEKS! He came home Saturday morning about 4 a.m.! It is so wonderful to have him home again. I am so thrilled, there aren't words. And you should see son...he is positively beaming. He missed his daddy so much...he'd look out the window at night and, with tears streaming down his face, say "Good night dadddy" over and over. It was heartbreaking and he teared all up when telling his dad how much he missed him, even though Dad was right there holding him!

Mother's Day was great - I got to sleep in for the first time in 3 WEEKS! Luxurious! Hubby got lots of yard work done, we went to my Grandmother's for a bit. Then home for dinner and more playing. Man is my house a mess now! 3 weeks worth of luggage and laundry...ick!

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