May 05, 2005


That was a good Deadwood episode - any other fans out there? I was heartbroken at the end...just heartbroken. What a good show.

And LOST? I'm only 1/2 way thru...but I love that show! Can't wait to finish it up tonight!

And on American Idol ...bye bye Scott! Though I really thought Anthony was leaving...and Paula!

Son and the next door neighbor little girl had a ball playing in the lawn sprinkler yesterday - in their clothes! They had so much fun and...damn. I just rememebered I left all those clothes in the washtub yesterday soaking wet. They'll smell nice when I get home today!

And for those following: today is the visual check with my DR. Wish me LUCK!

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girl from florida said...

I LOVE LOST!! I'm saving last night's show for my husband, we'll watch it together when he gets home this weekend.

Good luck at the Dr!!