May 04, 2005

More TV Updates!!!

American Idol! Did you see it? It was great! Here's my summary (like you care!)...

Anthony - ugh. How awful and boring can 1 person be?
Scott - he didn't suck! Really! For once, he wasn't bad.
Bo - BO ROCKS! I've never voted for AI before, but tried last night. Coudln't get thru on Bo's line - hope this is a good sign.
Carrie - so-so. Not bad, not very exciting though.
Vonzell - so good. Love her. Not as much as Bo though.

Deadwood! I heart Deadwood. I only made it part way thru before I passed out from exhaustion. They gave Bullock a better role this week. The wimpy guy is mostly gone. I love Jane. And Al. And what is that stupid school teacher sending in her telegram? Will Al find out? And I love Mrs. Garrett. She's great - even if she's throwing up all over the place.

Oprah was boring, so I deleted it without watching. Today's show looks promising though.

And I think I got an Amazing Race last night too - try to watch that tonight w/the AI show.

(yes, my life is very boring right now)

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girl from florida said...

don't forget wonderful Desperate Housewives :) Do you watch Alias or Gray's Anatomy? Those are two others I like. And I married a Princess is cute... oh, and there's a day of America's next top Model (all the replays of this season) on Saturday on Vh1... I'm tivo'ing it because they are always so addictive!!