May 02, 2005

A top rate billing dept...

Billing dept: hello - can i get your account number?

Billing dept: and how may i help you?
Me: yes, I have an overdue bill here, that I've sent payment for twice and you guys keep sending it back to me for invalid account number.

BD: what account number are you sending it to?

BD: that is correct. Why did it get rejected?
Me: ? That is WHY I am calling.

BD: what address did you send it to?
Me: the one on the bill, XYZ Street, etc.

BD: well, our address has changed.
Me: so the address on the late bill you just sent me is wrong?

BD: yes.
Me: doesn't it forward to the new address? My payment was returned "invalid account" not incorrect address.

BD: well that is strange.
Me: yes! How do I pay this bill?

BD: you can just send in payment.
Me: apparently that doesn't work. Can I just give you my Credit card info?

BD: yes, just mail it to the same address.
ME: but if i mail it, it will have the acct number on it and your mail dept will return it

BD: why would they do that?
ME: ???????

ME: can you take it over the phone?
BD: yes.


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