May 23, 2005

More great new shows!

Anyone seen Intervention on A&E? It is such a fascinating show. I caught 2 this weekend...they find addicts and tell their story up to the intervention their family has for them to save them. I am so fascinated by other people's lives. I know not everyone's life is just like mine - but you don't realized the extent - and it is amazing to see what these people are thinking.

One had a meth and sex addict, Brian. He was a male model, in a downward spiral. He agreed to go for help.

The other, Alissa, was a gambling addict. She refused help and her boyfriend (who, as part of the intervention, was supposed to not help her or support her if she refused help) continues to enable her addiction (he works 3 jobs and all she does is gamble).

Another was Sara. She's a meth addict. She has a daughter and lost custody and her marriage over the meth. She did agree to get help. She was on Oprah discussing things a while back. It was amazing to see the difference in her after treatment. I hope she's still doing well.

This is a great show, you should try to catch it.

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