April 28, 2005

a little grumpy today maybe?

Things I'm irritated by today:

  • someone thought it'd be a good idea to have 30 school children in our office today, for some reason unknown to me?? They are currently EMPTYING the hot chocolate machine!
  • the asshole that caused the toll road accident this morning. Someone was busy doing something other than driving, and cost me the 30 minutes I usually spend with my son and my mom before heading to work. Thanks.
  • tried to take my car for state inspection today. The first place only allows drop-offs. WTF? Had a 20 car line. Of course, I had CALLED yesterday and they told me I could just come right in, but that's ok. I like driving around looking for service stations during the work day.
  • it's cold today
  • it didn't rain, and it doesn't look like rain, so I have to water the damn grass again
  • people that make stupid ass comments about people that drive big SUVs. Bite me. Yes, I only have 1 son right now. I plan on having 4 or 5. So it is not unreasonable for me to have bought a Yukon XL and to be planning on driving it for the next 10 years (or 15!), because I hope that someday I have enough kids to fill it. Kiss my ass if you don't like it, you just come across as jealous about my sweet ride. Would you be happier if I bought a new, bigger car w/each new baby? That's dumb. It's called planning. I can afford the payments now, when the 4th or 5th gets here, I won't have a payment anymore.

    Ok, yeah, I'm in a mood.
  • April 27, 2005

    Have you seen this???

    Inappropriately Dressed! Perfect for my daily reading!

    Also saw this photo today...egads woman! What were you thinking??!!
    Katie Price

    April 26, 2005


    I have been blessed with good results this time...I go back at the end of next week for a visual check, keep your fingers crossed for me! And thank you so much for the positive thoughts so far!

    April 25, 2005

    Blood tests? Stat? Sure.

    Good news: the nurse had no problem writing STAT on my bloodwork! I went to Quest Diagnostics and THERE WAS NO WAIT! That is unprecedented!

    Bad news: apparently STAT does not mean faster than usual. :-( I guess I'll get my results tomorrow.

    In a little bit!

    Going in a bit for the bloodwork - please wish me luck! I did manage to talk the nurse into putting STAT on it - so I should get the results today!

    Side note: we had SNOW yesterday...do you believe it? It was so cold. Yesterday, I took son out to McDonald's for lunch (after he finished his appetizer of grapes at home) then to ToysRUs to do some browsing! I had been looking for Star Wars coloring books for him, and Amazon only seems to have used (?!) ones...and I found THREE at ToysRUs for the little guy!

    April 23, 2005

    Busy lately...

    forgive me please, internets, for I have been a bit slack in posting interesting posts...ok, a bit slack in posting anything (I'm not usually interesting anyway!)...

    but last week I had a deadline at work ( *gasp* had to do WORK at work, imagine that!)

    and I've been totally stressed about Monday's upcoming bloodwork. I'm going to do my best to cajole the nurse/DR into writing STAT on it so I get the results back the same day... why should I have to wait until the next morning? That's just another 20 hours of stress I don't need!

    Anyway, just got son into bed, so I'm off to watch Survivor off the TIVO.

    I went to a fabulous baby shower for one of our dear friends. She got a ton of stuff and the food was to die for!

    April 21, 2005

    Kicking my ass...

    the pollen is beating me down...it JUST rained and it's still bothering me. Note that it did not rain enough so that I don't have to water the grass :-( poor me.

    No updates around here...son is napping so I'm taking a quick computer break!

    Let it be known that if you hurt someone in my circle of friends, that WILL affect our friendship, 100%.

    Thank you, that is all.

    April 20, 2005

    Not so smooth...

    apparently 4 inch heels are taller than what I'm used to!

    Medical Update #2

    Blood tests look just in the lower reaches of the "good" realm - retesting next Monday to be sure though. Thanks everyone for the support, it really and truly is very helpful!

    Not much else to update - the weather's gorgeous, and my allergies have just kicked in so even walking to the car gets me sneezing! :-(

    Side note: now I know why we got a sprinkler system with our last house. We will be making the plans necessary (like saving the $$$) to get one as soon as humanly possible with this house as well! I'm on sprinkler duty and WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!

    April 17, 2005

    Medical Update...

    for those paying attention...I got more tests done Friday and they are postive! Please help me keep positive thoughts going! Let's keep our fingers crossed that the test continues to give positive results. I'm hoping the DR will do another test maybe Tuesday to check my blood levels.

    April 14, 2005

    Oh My....

    Ok...My Mom's neighborhood is sketchy at best. In our area, it feeds into the worst high school as far as drugs, fighting, gun violence, etc. It's at least 50 years old, was mostly 900 sq. foot single level dwellings. When we moved in (1977) it was nice. Now it's a bit dilapidated...a lot of the homes are rentals or owned by people that don't give a crap about their home or how it looks.

    Because there is no HOA, there are a lot of homes that have one or more of the following characteristics:
  • never cut grass
  • broken down cars in streen in front of house or in yard
  • excessive lawn ornaments
  • animals that run free
  • excessive number of cars that they park in the street
  • need paint
  • need paint that matches
  • have teal (TEAL I tell you!) trim

    Ugh. So anyway, in the past couple of years, with the housing boom, an un-renovated, original house in this neighborhood is going for about $500,000. I kid you not. AND what a lot of people are doing is tearing out the hold house and building a two story w/garage home on the 1/4 to 1/2 acre lot they bought. I have not seen a new home where the people did not keep their yard and property BEAUTIFUL.

    My Mom's is an exception...in 1991 my father, choosing to stay where he had land in such a super-desirable location, was one of the first people to tear down and rebuild. He built my mother a georgeous colonial w/3 car garage before he died.

    Monday, while looking thru the neighborhood website to find someone to cut her grass, I noticed some debate going on about people building these huge houses...Uh oh. Seems some people are building 3 and 4 story homes. Now, I don't care...No, I take that back. I actually LIKE all the rebuilding...they LOOK SO NICE compared to what was there. BUT I noticed the "covenants" of the neighborhood. Covenants? I, and my father, had always been under the impression that there were not any. WRONG!

    No dwellling more than 2 stories and no more than a 2 car garage. FUCK! Now there is a move afoot by some residents to have people tear down things that are outside the guidelines. Double FUCK. My mother doesn't have the money to do this. Yes, she has a big house, because it was already paid for. No, my father didn't leave her a huge amount of money. Just enough to retire at age 65 (in ten more years) without him. AND the yearly increase in property tax is eating away at that small sum nicely. She works 45 hours a week at her job (hair stylist) AND 30 hrs a week watching my son AND cuts hair out of her home to make ends meet.

    Now, remember, the homes in the neighborhood DON'T MATCH. Some homes look TERRIBLE. Some homes have been re-faced in Spanish style (nothing wrong w/that, just doesn't match). Some homes have had numerous, small additions put on so they look a little odd. Some of the original homes were build sideways (meaning the side of the house faces the street). Lots of chain link fence. Lots of RUSTY chain link fence.

    I sort of think the people against all this new development are jealous maybe? The new homes make the neighborhood look BETTER...and families with more money will demand the local elementary school do better (it's currently ranked last)...

  • April 13, 2005

    Sante Fe Vest Lady.

    Remember - it's shades of brown/orange in a sante-fe style design...

    Today, the shirt is a baby blue button down with navy pinstripes.

    April 12, 2005

    Ok, so I'm a little behind...

    I just saw "50 First Dates"...somehow hubby had already seen it - when did he do that? It doesn't seem like one he'd watch alone...hmph...

    Anyways, I loved it! Drew B. and Adam are so good together...I was almost crying when Adam finds out what her Dad and brother do for her every day. It was so touching, that they do that for her. Then Adam's character has to re-meet her every day and gets her to fall in love with him, over and over. It's so sweet. I was almost crying...yes, I happen to be an emotional basket case right now (those of you familiar w/my current medical problems of late know why - email me directly for updates) but it was sweet, dammit!

    Ok, ok, as a movie reviewer, I suck. Sue me.

    April 11, 2005


    ok... I haven't had to wear business casual in the spring for work in about FIVE years. My son is 3, which means that anything I owned from that era doesn't fit, or doesn't fit right.

    So last winter, as well as this spring, I need all new clothes and shoes (yes, feet grew too)...well, for the spring, I can continue w/the pants I wore all winter, except for the 1 winter weight pair.

    So I goto the mall today to find some nice tops for work.

    Ok, stop laughing.
    Really, I mean it.

    Do designers think the only colors in for spring are: teal, coral, bright lime, 75 shades of pink? No reds? Jewel tones? Nada.

    I went to: Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Hechts, Talbots, Bloomingdales, J.Jill. NOTHING. If they did have something, it probably was a tank top/sleeveless, which I am not sure fits into "business casual" unless you have a suit jacket to go with it. Grrr.
    Apparently though, a lot of people are just wearing tanks w/their nice slacks, no jacket. There was a great assortment. I also require baby-doll sleeves on my tops. I have skinny arms, so the 3/4 length or longer short sleeved shirts just make me look sickly.

    What is a girl to do? Suggestions? Should I quit?

    Odd clothes...


  • lady with bright baby blue (Is that a color?) corduroy pants, pink hoodie sweater, white tank top, off white heels (no, not really cute little shoes, old lady heels), clown makeup.
  • santa-fe vest lady (wears it EVERY day, regardless of shirt underneath) with flowered top.

    I'll update more as people wander by.
  • April 08, 2005

    More fun with the builder!

    Ok...we had an "appointment" for 8 a.m. today...the warrenty guy (from here on called WG) said...they'll be there at 8, plan on them staying until quitting time (they have a lot of work to do)...

    Okey dokey.

    I rise early on my day off so I'm showered and ready by 8. I didn't want to have to shower w/workmen wandering around!

    8:30 - no guys here yet.
    9 a.m. - no guys here yet. Call and leave message w/WG.
    9:30 - get call from some chick that works w/WG. She says, no way he said that, the policy is that they will be there sometime between 8 and 12. !!! WTF...I tell her, that may be the policy, it is NOT what WG said.

    9:45 - WG calls. Said he didn't tell me 8, told me 8:30. I point out that either way, it is 9:45 NOW and no one is here. He says, the Project Manager fixed your broken outdoor drain this week. I walk outside (on cordless) and check. No, I say, it's still broken. WG says "Really?". Like I'm making this shit up. I say some other choice things and hang up. I had also mentioned to him that I would like the SCREENS for the house since it's been nice all week and I haven't been able to open a damn window because I have NO SCREENS (yes, we've been here 5 1/2 months!). I mention/insist that screens will be here today if they have to take them from the houses under construction (which, for some reason, have screens).

    9:46 - HVAC contractors ring doorbell. Rip out ductwork in basement and redo it. Clean furnace innards. Fix HUGE holes in ductwork.

    12 p.m. guy comes to replace window in basement that is filled w/moisture for some reason.

    1 p.m. WG comes over himself to measure, get, and install most screens. Manges to let in a HUGE wasp.

    *sigh* and for some reason, he didn't schedule contractors to do all the work today,so I'll get at least one more Friday spent with these morons.

    April 07, 2005


    Just please...

    If you're going somewhere, where you are told beforehand, and as you pull into the facility parking lot, that NO ELECTRONICS are allowed inside the building....

    please remember that this includes your f-ing cell phone. Having to wait thru your discussion w/the person at the front desk about this issue made ME late to my meeting...

    April 06, 2005

    Update on builder...

    Ok...our builder's sales rep called and was mystified. A subcontractor sent you a bill? Yes.

    According to Felicia, this particular subcontractor sent the invoice to the builder only recently (remember folks, we closed on our house in October) - apparently the builder also laughed at them.

    As a last ditch effort, they apparently sent us a bill hoping we'd just pay...hah! Like I'm going to send some doofus $700 simply because I got a bill and not investigate it!

    I've also decided that since we could not get them to call us back when we were trying to schedule the work, that I'm not going to call them about the invoice they sent. When they call me, I'll say something like..."do you find it annoying when people don't call you back in a timely matter? Funny, I find it annoying too!"....


    April 04, 2005

    Of course I am!

    You are Lisa (from Weird Science)! Sexy and
    magical, you either charm the pants off
    everyone, or make them crap their pants in
    fear. Either way, you rule.

    Which John Hughes Character Are You?
    brought to you by Quizilla

    Thanks to Kat for the quiz!

    Also - my entire life people call me Lisa when they get my name wronge...ALL THE TIME... It's never anything else, if they don't get it right, they always use Lisa. Coincidence? I think not.

    April 01, 2005

    um, yeah, let me get right on that...

    Ok...when we bought our house, the builder subs out the electrical wiring. Fine. Stupid builder also makes US deal directly w/the subs when picking out electrical options. Since they were OUTRAGEOUSLY priced, because they could be, we only got an extra phone jack ($125) and an wiring from attic to family room for the HDTV ($625).

    We paid the builder at the time we selected the options - or so we think. We're not sure, now that they ask.

    BUT today we get a bill from the subcontractor wanting money. And they'd like a check immediately and payable to them, not the builder (because it's apparently a pain to get money out of our builder)


    Let's go thru my list....

  • wiring to family room not done when we moved in
  • coax drops not in right place in family room - they put one in center of family room and the second 2 feet over...wtf? they had to move them both to the same spot, duh.
  • f-ing phone line right there doesn't work anyway

  • getting them to come after we moved in was a pain in the ass
  • getting a hold of them to even make our selection way back when was a pain in the ass, and we had to get the project manager to yell at them before they would EVER call us back.

    so let me get right on sending that check....


  • the phone line will be fixed or we aren't paying $125 (!) for it
  • the builder will have to itemize for us each check we gave them last summer and
  • prove to us that we didn't pay. From what I remember, they were really damn on us every time we added anything to put 20% down right away.
  • if, and only if, it is proven that we owe the money, I'm paying the builder and the sub can figure out how to get the money from them. THEN, I'm sending $20 a month until the bill is paid off.

    Assholes. Not only that, the quality of the work sucks - my husband had to redo all the connections at the satellite box in the basement. MAYBE if they'd done a QUALITY JOB ON TIME, I'd be a bit more charitable....but since they SUCK, no soup for you!