April 08, 2005

More fun with the builder!

Ok...we had an "appointment" for 8 a.m. today...the warrenty guy (from here on called WG) said...they'll be there at 8, plan on them staying until quitting time (they have a lot of work to do)...

Okey dokey.

I rise early on my day off so I'm showered and ready by 8. I didn't want to have to shower w/workmen wandering around!

8:30 - no guys here yet.
9 a.m. - no guys here yet. Call and leave message w/WG.
9:30 - get call from some chick that works w/WG. She says, no way he said that, the policy is that they will be there sometime between 8 and 12. !!! WTF...I tell her, that may be the policy, it is NOT what WG said.

9:45 - WG calls. Said he didn't tell me 8, told me 8:30. I point out that either way, it is 9:45 NOW and no one is here. He says, the Project Manager fixed your broken outdoor drain this week. I walk outside (on cordless) and check. No, I say, it's still broken. WG says "Really?". Like I'm making this shit up. I say some other choice things and hang up. I had also mentioned to him that I would like the SCREENS for the house since it's been nice all week and I haven't been able to open a damn window because I have NO SCREENS (yes, we've been here 5 1/2 months!). I mention/insist that screens will be here today if they have to take them from the houses under construction (which, for some reason, have screens).

9:46 - HVAC contractors ring doorbell. Rip out ductwork in basement and redo it. Clean furnace innards. Fix HUGE holes in ductwork.

12 p.m. guy comes to replace window in basement that is filled w/moisture for some reason.

1 p.m. WG comes over himself to measure, get, and install most screens. Manges to let in a HUGE wasp.

*sigh* and for some reason, he didn't schedule contractors to do all the work today,so I'll get at least one more Friday spent with these morons.

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