April 11, 2005


ok... I haven't had to wear business casual in the spring for work in about FIVE years. My son is 3, which means that anything I owned from that era doesn't fit, or doesn't fit right.

So last winter, as well as this spring, I need all new clothes and shoes (yes, feet grew too)...well, for the spring, I can continue w/the pants I wore all winter, except for the 1 winter weight pair.

So I goto the mall today to find some nice tops for work.

Ok, stop laughing.
Really, I mean it.

Do designers think the only colors in for spring are: teal, coral, bright lime, 75 shades of pink? No reds? Jewel tones? Nada.

I went to: Nordstrom, Ann Taylor, Hechts, Talbots, Bloomingdales, J.Jill. NOTHING. If they did have something, it probably was a tank top/sleeveless, which I am not sure fits into "business casual" unless you have a suit jacket to go with it. Grrr.
Apparently though, a lot of people are just wearing tanks w/their nice slacks, no jacket. There was a great assortment. I also require baby-doll sleeves on my tops. I have skinny arms, so the 3/4 length or longer short sleeved shirts just make me look sickly.

What is a girl to do? Suggestions? Should I quit?


Sara said...

I am SO not the person to give clothing advice. I have recently discovered that the one part of my body that I actually liked (my legs) are starting to look dimply, so I can't even wear the shorts I would like to wear. (okay, that and they are too tight.) And I agree, the colors stink. Give me earth tones all year round and I am happy.

PS - I added you to my blogroll, hope that is okay!

enjanerd said...

3/4 sleeves make me so angry!!

I thought Hechts or JCPenney would have what you're looking for. More casual places that might have stuff that falls into business casual: Kohl's, Target, Old Navy. I have no idea what size you are and Old Navy might not be your style, but Kohl's is usually my go-to place for inexpensive clothes for work. Not as high quality as you may find elsewhere, but their sleeves come full length.