July 31, 2004

Saturday Post...

Had a nice slow morning...slept in until 8:30 (Hubby got up with son) then we went for a walk around neighborhood - boy is it hot when the sun's out!

Came back, son played in his kiddie pool, then we had lunch. Now son & hubby having nap - nothing too exciting around here!

I started working on the Creative Memories album I am doing for son and realized that I don't have all the Christmas pics printed out that I want. We use SnapFish for our picture developing and for some reason, I don't have all the Christmas pics - I don't think I would've only ordered some of the good ones - if I ordered any, shouldn't I have all the good ones? Ugh. I can't check from our father-in-law's house (where we are Friday - Monday) because we're on dialup. Oh well.

That's the daily report from Round Hill, VA.

If anyone has any good book suggestions, send'em my way!

July 30, 2004

Friday Update...

Today's my day with son again...so we've been busy, well, playing. We did take a walk around the neighborhood, where we saw some moving trucks and diggers. Now son is taking a little nap.

Not much new with us - the guy we have to do the electrical stuff thru for our new house is charging a TON for little things - HD antenna prewire, $600. Really? To run wires in a house that's not built, which makes it easy? Come on! $125 per phone jack - damn!

I didn't watch John Kerry's speech - he is so annoying to me I can't stand to see or hear him. Edwards is annoying too, but not quite so much that I won't even browse the channels when I think he's on.

I watched the new series "BodyWork" on the Discovery Channel. It was a pretty good show - the only part I didn't like was when the docs did Botox on themselves. I understand they want to look good just like everyone else, but I don't think I'm ready to see that. A young girl got a nose job, which turned out fabulous! A young man who had had a gastric bypass had a tummy tuck essentially to get rid of the excess skin and tighten the muscles (I am hoping for one of this when I'm done having kids...I could use a little trim there)...A breast cancer survivor had her breasts reconstructed - apparently they did a good job, they didn't show a full shot of her exposed breasts. But with clothes on, she looked great. As she said, she didn't want "stripper boobs", just nice ones that fit her frame. She did look great. She also got an eyelid lift. Now this could just be me, or a piece I saw once about a girl that had an eyelid lift that the DR screwed up, but I don't think I'm letting anyone operate on my eyes. They're my eyes...you can't get new ones, at least not easily. The girl I saw in the piece on a different show that had the surgery-gone-wrong couldn't close her eyes - so she was in a lot of pain w/chronically dry eyes. It was terrible. I don't think I'd risk that either.

July 29, 2004

Customer Service...

Ok - hubyy and I are having a house built. In order to setup the electrical stuff for the house, hubby has to work directly w/the electrical sub that our builder uses. This is the FIRST customer service no-no. If we're paying you $$$$$$$$$$ to build us a house, YOU (the builder) work w/the @#%@! subs to get it figured out.

So hubby has asked the sub THREE TIMES (not thru email or voice mail, called him and spoke to him directly) to email us some pricing information that he always claims he has right there. Haven't received it yet.

Deck guy - they actually were GREAT in getting us the plans and pricing. There's one more item we need a price on. They said they'd email me ( this was Monday ). Met Tuesday to finalize price - again said they'd email this one last thing. I called them yesterday, they said they'd email me as soon as they got back to the office. No
email yet.

It is SHOCkINg the terrible customer service we're getting, and we're not even being difficult! We just need prices on standard stuff...Jeesh. You wouldn't think it'd be this hard to get people to take your money.

If we ran the business, you can be sure people would get the stuff right away.

July 28, 2004

Senator Miller

I just heard this on NBC...Senator Miller is a Democrat that officially supports Bush, from what I'm hearing him say, because he dislikes Kerry so much. Seems like he likes Edwards. The commentator just cut him off - I wonder if he didn't like what he had to say? Heaven forbid someone not like Kerry - to quote Senator Miller, "Edwards doesn't attract the Whoopi Goldberg fanatic types that Kerry attracts".

John Edwards' Speech

Bleck! What a load of crap!

He and John are going to change the view the world has of America back to what it should be.

People working too hard that can't make ends meet - hope is on the way. (I just hope you aren't a struggling, working couple in the Northern Va area - people that make more than 200K are classified as rich, though in our area, a single family home STARTS at $335K for a 50 year old, ranch style, not remodeled home. 200K is not rich in our area -it's not poor, but it sure ain't rich. But I'm glad 2 guys with plenty of money feel free to draw the line there.)

Your mother paying too much for medicines? Hope is on the way...

No where in his wildly annoying speech did I hear ONE idea about how he's actually going to do any of these things...

Ugh....the speech was literally gross.

July 27, 2004

Aching Back...

About 6 years ago, I was running 3 miles a day, since that was excellent for my health and my waistline! I developed, though, severe pain in my back vertabrea - the L1/S1 area. It feels like bone pain - like my bones are rubbing on each other instead of cartiledge. After visiting what are supposed to be the two best doctors in the Northern VA area, many xrays, an mri, countless hours of physical therapy, a bone scan, injections into my cartiledge - they were baffled. The best guess they could give me was that I had mini-stress fractures and that not running until I healed was the only option. Given time, the pain went away and I was able to run 3 times a week, 3-4 miles at a time.

I ran Saturday for probably 40 minutes, my usual route. Last night, for some reason, excrutiating pain started. Just like the old pain. WTF? If it was the run, I should've been hurting Saturday night or maybe Sunday - but late Monday night? So every roll over last night was painful - today, walking is ok, except every so many steps, I hit it wrong and almost drop to my knees. Sitting is ok, but moving into or up from a sitting position is excrutiating. And don't even ask me to bend over and get something off the floor.

This is WAY more painful than child birth - any suggestions on what I should do?

Jay Pinkerton's Blog

There is a blog I read, which is great - he's got 2 recent posts that you should read...

15 year old tells friend to set him on fire...


The Wrong Assholes.

Go on, read them. I'll wait.

Segway Golf-style...

Hubby needs one of these!

From Engadget...


I saw this at Michele's - Planned Parenthood is now selling "I had an abortion" tshirts. Come on, is this really necessary? I can understand why abortion should be legal and I support a women's right to choose (of course, not late term) - but do we need tshirts saying such?

I, for one, do not display crap like that on my car - I don't want to be keyed because of my political preferences and having a bumper sticker isn't changing anyone else's mind, so what's the point? I feel the same way about these tshirts. Seems like an unncessary way to provoke people when all we really need to do is mind our own business.

July 25, 2004

Our weekend...

I don't work on Fridays, so I have extra time w/my son, so our weekend starts on Friday!

Friday - son and I hung out, recovering from his cold. Hubby had enough hours to take the day off, so we just hung out! Hubby worked on pond he is creating for his father...it's been very frustrating for him - it's supposed to be a two level pond, but it keeps leaking. Hubby thinks he got it fixed today.

Saturday - Hubby works on pond. Son and I play. Go to buy goldfish for pond in torrential rainstorm. Come home - put in water treatment chemicals and fish (into pond). Note that water is so "cloudy" cannot see 8 really-orange fish. Then off to dinner - The Golden Corral in Winchester. We love this buffet. They have shrimp on the weekends and son eats for free! Which brings me to Michele's post (doesn't it always) about buffets

5 annoying things about last night's buffet dinner
  • people staring at the food trying to decide if they want it, holding up the line
  • forgetting to bring a fresh plate w/me up to buffet bar - they should leave them there for the taking
  • people who use the same serving utensil for other foods - there-by mixing food one w/food two - what if I don't like foods one and two mixed? Or for those who know me well, what if I don't like food one and now you've mixed it into food two?
  • stinky people
  • the smoking section of that restaurant - it's like the restaurant is having smoke brought in, it's so smokey over there (I only know because that's where the bathrooms are)

    so there!

    Today is hubby's 33rd bday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBY! I love you and always will! Wasn't it nice of son to tell you what your gift was when you got out of bed? Always the considerate one, he was trying to save you the trouble of opening it!
  • July 22, 2004

    Little One Is Sick...

    He has a cold... my mom, his babysitter 3 days a week, says he didn't have ONE BITE today because everything "tastes gross". Poor little guy... apparently all he wants to eat/drink is medicine because that makes the stuffies go away for a bit.

    Saw one today...

    What tops my list of nice-to-have...

    Someone in our building got a new one of these....schweet! I took a peek thru the window and it's beautiful! Man, I'd like to have one of those as my tool-around-town car!

    July 21, 2004

    software demo...

    I saw a demo today for some project management software from Intersect Software. It looks like it solves all the problems we generally face in an R&D environment - it does not only project planning, but provides an easy way for the engineers to keep the project plan updated as time rolls on. This allows the managers and executives to actually see how the project is doing at any point in time. They call it project managment execution and their product is called CrossPoint...

    go on, check it out.

    Made it thru...

    Well I made it thru the day w/out screaming at anyone. I came home and met hubby & son at the park - that was very nice!
    Then ordered pizza while hubby cut the grass for my mom. Then we put son to bed and I got to doing my nightly work that counts towards my 4 hours I'm supposed to work on Friday. So much fun!

    Blowing Your Top...

    Some days, do you just feel like you're one small button push from losing it? That's how I feel today - I am actually fearing for the next person to walk into my cube that says anything other than "You look tired, would you like a massage?"...

    And I certainly don't take any responsibility for anyone that wanders over here that has more work for me to do...

    Note to stupid driver...

    Ok - so yesterday, there are two terrible accidents in our area - one in which a pregnant woman lost both her unborn baby and the toddler in the carseat - the driver of the car that caused the huge pileup that injured 6 other people was reading a map. He is being charged with Reckless Driving - is that ALL? That is stunning - he KILLED a toddler through his specific actions and decision to whip out a map while driving on busy highway where the speed limit is 55 mph.

    So today, after counting my blessings last night that I can still hug my son and hubby close to me, I see a stupid idiot driving in the left lane of the Toll Road, during heavy rush hour, READING A BOOK at 50 mph (which is 20 mph slower than the other traffic all around him). What the F*CK is his problem - does he have NO CLUE that he could kill someone that way? Kill multiple people? There are enough crazy, insane aggressive drivers around here that us regular people need to be paying attention, not driving AND reading an F---ing book!

    Please people - pay attention! Our lives depend on it....and heaven help the idiot that hits me and causes my family harm if they happen to be reading a book when it happens.

    Blog Worship...

    Ok - Michele has said it eloquently again.

    Go ahead, read it.

    July 20, 2004

    Note to self...

    When packing gym bag, please include jog bra. Do not mistake 2 pairs of spandex shorts for a jog bra and pair of shorts.

    I eeked out an hour for myself today and ran off to gym- open locker, threw in my car keys. Ripped open gym bag in a hurry to start working off gallon of ice cream and voila...no jog bra. So, back to work for me...

    not only do I need my lovely Nike sports jog bra (advertised by Brandy Chastain) I am certainly not going to exercise in my regular bra and then wear it to work.

    Oh Baby!

    courtesy of AMCGLTD.com

    July 17, 2004

    Dr. Phil...

    Dr. Phil had a show this week that had a fascinating segment...

    There was a 17 year old named John. He was turned over by his mother (a heroin addict) to foster care where he'd bounced 15 times from 'family' to 'family'. Apparently he hasn't been treated well and is desperately in need of a stable family life. Well, it seems that is something Dr. Phil can't provide, but he did what he could for John...John walked away with a $2500 scholarship, a laptop, acceptance into Cal State, a dental plan and a job interview.

    I feel so much for John - I cannot even imagine what a life like that is like. I am surprised that anyone lives a life like that - where I live, you don't meet people that have had that much pain in their life generally. Most of the people I know, grew up in pretty regular houses, went to college and got pretty regular jobs. It is hard for me to imagine that there really are a ton of kids in the same boat as him - that day was his 18th birthday, where he's let out of the system. I never thought about it, but the show mentioned that he loses health and dental insurance as well. On top of not having somewhere to live or anyway to pay your bills. That is a terrible situation to drop an 18 year old into. The fact that he's focused enough to do well in school even though he went to TWELVE different high schools is amazing.

    I hope he does great things for himself - he deserves everything Dr. Phil gave him and more. Good luck John.

    July 15, 2004


    Email I just sent:

    I AM FURIOUS. My husband just went to our Grandmother's and saw the
    flowers... He said the roses are so old, the edges are wilting and they are
    past budded. Also, he said it is not very arrangement like, that they look
    like someone just jammed them into a vase.

    I was thrilled with the order I placed to be delivered on July 4, but am
    extremely unhappy with this current order. I certainly did not expect my
    husband to call asking if that's really what we sent, because compared to
    the florist arrangements she received, ours looks 3 days old. Knowing that
    my husband doesn't generally notice flowers, it says quite a lot that he was
    so surprised about the arrangement to verify that is what I ordered.

    We'll see what they reply...

    Eating my lunch...

    Ok - If I'm eating my lunch at my desk and you have a quick question, please feel free to ask, I'm happy to answer...

    If, however, you just want to have a long discussion about something that is going to take so long my soup goes ice cold, please kindly wait until I'm done with lunch.

    That is all.

    July 14, 2004

    Big Bellies...

    So we goto the mall tonight and we decide to get some ice cream.

    In the ice cream store, there are 3 girls. One slim one and 2 that are probably 40 pounds too heavy. All three had on low rider pants and short tops. I really don't need to see a belly hanging over the front of your low rider pants girls. And it isn't a flattering view of your early-stage love handles in the back, I might add.

    I am shocked by this - as (note this was pre-baby stomach on myself) I would never have considered wearing something that was that unflattering to my belly and love handles.

    Any one else notice this new trend? While it is quite cute on the figures that it was meant for, it is not cute on anyone w/any quantity of body fat.

    Attention New Girl At My Gym...

    It is very rude to just leave your gym crap all over the locker floor, in front of other people's lockers while you dry your hair and put on makeup.

    At least the rude people that leave things on the benches aren't blocking me from my locker, they just keep me from sitting down. YOU, on the other hand, were totally in the way. And on returning to the area, should've moved your crap instead of then rummaging thru your purse (which was laying open the whole time unsupervised).

    That is all.


    checking my stats, I see that no one's been here today anyway so now I really don't feel obligated to be usually hilarious, insightful self!


    Not much going on today...in my blog rounds, nothing of note that I felt especially eager to point out. Sorry. If you pay me, I'll try harder next time! ;-)

    July 13, 2004

    Cool Phone! And small too!

    Cell Phone I Want

    Man this looks nice! Via Engadget.


    Ok. The Phillippines are pulling out of Iraq to save a hostage.

    I can understand wanting to save his life. But you don't get anywhere, in the long run, by negotiating with terrorists. Now the terrorists know they can pretty much get the Phillippines to do anything they want. Nothing like having your government controlled by some guys living in a sand cave somewhere. Stupid idiots.

    Right or Left???

    Found this quiz...

    My Results:

    The highest possible rating is 700.

    The highest possible rating, given the importance you assigned each issue, is 350.

    You rated the Democratic stances 265. Democratic Platform

    You rated the Green stances 175. Green Platform

    You rated the Libertarian stances 35. Libertarian Platform.

    You rated the Republican stances 265. Republican Platform.

    More activists (or big babies)...

    Michele has this post about people trying to create confusion during the RNC convention...they're going to cause false alarms from the bomb sniffing dogs by having traces of ammoniumn nitrate and gunpowder. Yeah, that's a good idea. Cause the dogs to get burned out for all these false alarms so that when a real bomber comes thru, he's not noticed. That's brilliant...did they pool their 2 collective brain cells to come up with that one? Do they not understand the significance of having a bomb go off? Did they not even have the sense of self-preservation that they might still be there when a real bomb comes thru the door?

    I really hope there is not a terrorist attack that day...but if there is, I hope there are plenty of these stupid activists standing around to 'feel the impact'. And I also hope they throw all their butts in jail. Don't these people have anything better to do, like WORK?

    Stupid idiots.

    July 12, 2004

    Big Brother 5...

    This guy is SUCH an amazing loser. I am (and always have been) addicted to this train-wreck of a show. This season, they've got Jase, Scott, and Drew. Totally young, idiot frat-like boys that
    a. think they're hot (which alone would be reason why they're NOT)
    b. are NOT hot
    c. are totally idiots
    d. think they are smarter than everyone else

    Unfortunately, they're in charge this week (Jase is HOH) so they're getting lots of camera time. I'm just hoping the females of the world see them the same as I do. I wouldn't give any of these guys the time of day.

    Blue's Clues Dude...

    Me and my other mommy friends had 2 theories on what happened to him...

    1. kicked off show because of drug habit
    2. really went on to pursue more opportunities...

    here's the deal

    Currently reading...

    I LOVE to read. Since we moved in with my in-laws, my mother-in-law leaves me new paperbacks when she's done with them. So far I've read Angels & Demons, Deception Point, and Digital Fortress.

    I'm currently reading
    Sons Of Fortune
    by Jeffrey Archer. I'm really enjoying it - I'm only 3/4 or so thru the book, but I like it. It does get a bit slow now and then, but that's ok.

    I'm also reading Bill O'Reilly's book Those Who Trespass. It's a pretty light quick read so far. I like it and wonder if Bill actually wrote it or if he had help. But it's good anyway and I'd recommend it.

    I'll let you guys know the offical rating on these 2 when I finish reading.

    UPDATE: I noticed on Amazon's reviews, people criticize Bill O'Reilly for the graphic porn and child porn references in the book. I'm half-way thru and haven't noticed anything more explicit from a brief encounter between Ash & Shannon where they went on a date and fooled around, which didn't result in sex, just an interesting back rub. I'll keep you updated...

    July 09, 2004

    Another glorious Friday...

    My SIL is visiting w/my niece and nephew...we spent the morning hanging out and playing then went to have lunch at Great Grandma's. Poor son was so sad that nephew had to fly home today :-(

    July 08, 2004


    My results:

    You are an SEDF--Sober Emotional Destructive Follower. This makes you an evil genius. You are extremely focused and difficult to distract from your tasks. With luck, you have learned to channel your energies into improving your intellect, rather than destroying the weak and unsuspecting.

    Your friends may find you remote and a hard nut to crack. Few of your peers know you very well--even those you have known a long time--because you have expert control of the face you put forth to the world. You prefer to observe, calculate, discern and decide. Your decisions are final, and your desire to be right is impenetrable.

    You are not to be messed with. You may explode.

    Go take it.

    Breaking News...


    If it were up to me, I'd give the US Government the permission it needs to do whatever it needs to do to get this information. If that means spending money on spies, fine. If that means photographing terrorists at the AbuGarhib prison, fine. Just do it.

    Really required reading...

    Ok - you've got to read Lileks today! He does an excellent job of addressing Michael Moore. I won't say more because I cannot say it nearly as well as he did.

    Thanks to Treacher for pointing me there.

    Shame, shame...

    Ok - anyone that watches college football (and anyone like me, who does not generally watch college football, but is a huge VirginiaTech fan) saw the news about Marcus Vick. I am stunned and amazed that someone with such HUGE opportunities for fame and fortune, who only a few years ago (before brother Michael signed w/NFL) was poor, would blow all chances so easily, for such stupid crap.

    Earlier (I don't remember if it was last year, but I think it was) he was arrested for providing alcohol to minors (they were 15) as well as some more serious charges that were dropped. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail and a ~$2500 fine. VirginiaTech had just announced (the day before the news that he'd been ticketed) that they'd be suspending him for 3 games, but would let him play after that.

    He was ticketed for reckless driving and possession of marijuana. STUPID. He was apparently also driving a new 2005 Chrysler (not his old car, a 2004 Cadillac Escalade) when the cop pulled him over for driving 21 mph over the posted speed limit when the officer smelled pot.

    Damn. Stupid.

    Now, one could say that college kids will be college kids. Fine, maybe they all smoke a little pot. But don't goddamn do it while you're driving, dumbass. Not only is it illegal, you could kill someone else or another entire family in a car accident. Or kill/seriously injure yourself. It would be a shame if the news story was "Marcus Vick, paralyzed in car accident". Thank goodness he was stopped before any of that could happen.

    It is amazing what happens to people. I have heard (and still hear) that Michael Vick is a very smart guy (on and off the field), very humble, and committed to generally being a good person, upstanding citizen, and helping his mother and family since he now has the means to do so. Marcus, I had heard, had more football talent that Michael. Well, for the 2004 fall season, he'll sit on the bench, if he's allowed in the stadium. A year's of experience and exposure down the toilet.
    I hope he gets his act together...the Vick family story is a great one - started w/the things Michael and Marcus' mother did to make sure her boys got into school. I hope Marcus turns it around into a great college and pro career and gets his life back on track.

    July 07, 2004

    Must Read...

    You must read the bleat today from Lileks - it's great.

    I must remember that line "This is my problem how?".

    Once again...

    well said Michele.

    It's not hard to tell that this is my favorite blog or why it is my favorite.

    That's how I've been feeling recently, though not quite able to say it as well as Michele. It seems like both sides are passionate and screaming but not listening when it's the other side's turn to speak. What kind of example are we setting for our children on how this is supposed to work? We want them to grow up to be the kind of people that listen to others, even if they don't agree with what's being said, but we don't do it ourselves. In the rare instance that it seems like someone from either side is actually listening, they are really only listening so they can form their next argument to be more effective in disproving what the other person just said.

    UPDATE: did any of you watch "Colonial House" on PBS? It was a great series and I would recommend it. Interesting though...the original Colony Governor was a far right. His assistant Governor was far left (appointed by the producers). The wife and the assistant governor admitted to backstabbing the Governor and trying to undermine his authority simply becuase they were on the right. NOTE that the assistant governor was a MINISTER and he still did this. All he had to say on that point, when asked 3 months later was, "I was not a Man of God at his best". Though I was not surprised at the wife and assistant governor's behavior, I was surprised to hear the reasons for the behavior.


    Ok - I read this post at The Command Post about the Edwards stance on issues (which only count if something happens to Kerry and Edwards becomes Pres)...

    I think his (their) definition of an income that defines wealthy is a bit skewed. A couple filing taxes w/an income of $200,000 might be wealthy in some areas, certainly NOT my area, Northern Virginia.

    A single family home, on 1/5 of an acre, that is 25 years old, about 900 square feet is going for $320,000. A townhouse, 1800 square feet, 1 car garage is going for $353,000. These homes are being sold the minute they go on the market because the real estate market is so hot and making prices craze, that 1/3 of a million dollars for a townhouse actually seems reasonable. How does a family pay for the home, the outrageous real estate taxes on the home and any vehicles, pay taxes, pay into Social Security (which is pretty much like throwing money in the toilet at this point), pay for living expenses, etc? If a family is lucky enough (meaning works hard, both parents full-time) to earn that much...they don't deserve tax breaks?

    But people who are on welfare, who don't pay taxes deserve a child tax credit (which happened for the 2003 tax year)?

    I don't disagree that wealthy people shouldn't have tax cuts...I just disagree with where they are drawing the line.

    On Social Security:
    Apparently they oppose privatizing Social Security. That is stupid. I put the money in, why shouldn't I be allowed to say how it's invested? I would have to work really hard to screw it up as much as the government has. Also -If I put the money in, regardless of who controls it and how it's invested, it should be earmarked for ME not sent to some one else that didn't save enough. Hubby and I are planning for our retirement and it's not our fault, and we should not be penalized, because others did not. They knew they were going to get old and should've done something about it. The other reason I'm bitter about Social Security is because of my father... if all had gone along to the plan, he and my mom would've each drawn a check in their retirement, because they've both been paying in for their adult lives. Well, my father passed away, and while my mom gets to pick between the higher of the two checks, now she has to get by on only one check. Where does all the other money go? To my mom, who works her butt off AT TWO JOBS, no, probably into some fund that pays people for not working hard and saving money. Someone has GOT to start making this more fair.

    July 06, 2004

    Stupid people....

    Someone wrote Val asking for his support in an exchange program for American students with Cuba. You should read it, it's actually quite funny if you've been reading Val. But still amazingly well written.

    Go Val! And please post any reply they send!

    Review of Fireworks

    The fireworks display we saw was pretty good. What made the evening great was son's comment..."Mommy, it's raining colors!".

    I love the fresh perspective toddlers bring! :-)

    Review Of Flowers...

    Ok - wandered over to Grandma's on the 4th for her birthday and to check out the flowers...FABULOUS! I am very happy with the flowers, 2 days after delivery and they had just opened up and were beautiful...Of course, as I expected, Grandma said "Next time, you come over when they're delivered and put them in a vase"...Now, I knew they weren't coming in a vase... she has a TON of vases and I would rather spend the $10 on more flowers/better arrangement than a vase, but that's just me.

    July 03, 2004

    On Time Delivery...

    Well...according to the message from Grandma she received flowers yesterday! So score on the on-time delivery...now tomorrow, I'll wander over on my way to the County Parade and see how they LOOK...

    Happy 4th everyone! I hope you're all spending some time with loved ones...Today hubby and I are devoting to playing with son (and have already had a fingerpainting blast on the deck)...tomorrow will be spent at a family get-together at Grandmom's followed by shrimp fest at our old neighbor's house!

    Happy 4th everyone and Happy Birthday United States!

    July 01, 2004

    For Grandma's Birthday...

    Flowers For Grandma

    I ordered this bouquet yesterday from ProFlowers...They said the flowers will be there tommorrow. I can't wait. I've read good reviews of this place, and the prices are amazing...I'll keep you guys updated as to the quality of the flowers...The local florist always does nice bouquets, but they either die quickly or aren't quite what I expected. Apparently, what ProFlowers sends matches their detailed description all the time and they last. We'll see... Keep your fingers crossed for Grandma's sake!

    Do your job!

    Courtesy of babalublog...

    why are there so many Congressmen NOT voting? Isn't that their job? Isn't the job the part that

    a. they get paid for
    b. they get great retirement packages for
    c. they get tons of perks for
    d. what they promise to as part of the job?

    So I hear...

    Waashingtoniennnneee (misspelled to throw off Google searches) has a book deal. Six figures. Nice...Glad to see being a PROSTITUTE pays well.

    What is the demographic for this anyway? Teen girls? I can't imagine that anyone with a real job and respect for themselves looks up to her and says .... Gee, here's a person I respect a lot, let me read her book and see what I can learn. Not. I'm going to guess we're talking soft-porn type of material...So more dirty old men, like her customers (or dirty young men...IQ is the same regardless of the age category you put them in).

    You can be sure I won't be purchasing or even browsing thru.

    (Note that I'd have linked the site where I read about it, but I don't want to send any traffic easily her way and I don't want google searches for her bringing people here)

    UPDATE: Michele says it well here too...

    State Police...

    Ok - I'm minding my own business, driving to work this morning...I'm getting near the exit/toll booth where my office is. I see that the ramp is all backed up. This is a bit unusual, this ramp is not usually congested this much. Hmmm..

    As I get closer to the booth (rolling at about .5 mph) I see what the holdup is - a state police officer stopping each car as it goes thru so he can check if the plates are expired or if the inspection is expired. Nice choice of locations - right on the ramp of a busy highway.

    Northern VA has the worst or second worst traffic IN THE NATION. Do we really need the police making it WORSE?? Come on now, really.

    Usually the police in this area do this on a busy side street, which doesn't cause too much extra traffic or in the parking lot of something busy, like a 7-11, since they get a lot of cars that way. But on the #%@^#@ highway? Please.

    Good Morning!

    It's a beautiful first day of JULY, isn't it!? I cannot believe it is JULY already - where is my summer going?

    It sucks that my entire summer will be spent in my cube - at least I have a window!

    Well, anyway - GOOD MORNING!