December 30, 2005

The Birth Story... we go!

About 10 p.m. Dec. 16 (Friday night) we were laying in bed and I was getting a searing pain across my hips - as if someone put a sword in my left hip and out through my right hip. Of course, I didn't feel this warranted waking up hubby or calling doctor (dummy!)... I just though maybe I pulled something with my ENORMOUS BELLY rolling over or something.

About 2 a.m., the pain woke me up again. I got up to pee and it was SO MUCH WORSE STANDING UP I walked to the bathroom doubled over. BUT these were so not contractions, so I continued to think I had just pulled something. Of course I laid back down and realized I hadn't felt the baby move (going to the bathroom usually woke him up). So I laid there for a few minutes... no movement... I started cursing myself for sending the damn doppler back, because I really could've used it then. Note that I still did not think of waking hubby or calling the doc. Doubled over, I walked downstairs for a huge glass of cold orange juice to wake the baby. FINALLY, I got a little movement and about 2:50 a.m. went back to lay down.

I must've fallen asleep even w/the searing pain becuase POP!!! At 3 a.m. I felt my water break and lept out of bed (this must've been quite a sight at my size and with my coordination! But I saved our wonderful mattress! Not a drop! Could I use any more exclaimation points??!!) and RAN to the bathroom (we have off-white carpets!)... I yelled for Eric as I couldn't leave my spot in the bathroom w/out making a mess to start bringing me things.

* Please note here: because the DR had told me 12 hours earlier I was not having this baby any time soon hubby had dosed himself up on super-duper cold medicine!

So he's running around finishing packing my bag, bringing me things, putting sheets on the guest bed and I'm running from the toilet to the shower - no way am I going into L&D stinky!

My brother arrives at about 3:30 a.m. and we give him instructions on what to do with Son while we're gone and we get into hubby's car (note that this is his NEW car, which he adores almost as much as he adores me!). Lots of towels are spread around...

The contractions get pretty strong on the ride over... I tell hubby to PLEASE drive smoothly as driving over bumps while having a contraction HURTS LIKE HELL. I ask him a couple times if I hurt this much w/our first son, as I didn't think anything had hurt quite like these contractions and he continues to laugh at me.

We arrive at the hospital at 4 a.m. and are sent to the L&D triage. We are the ONLY people in the triage at the hospital which is nice (it's a big room w/curtains so you can hear EVERYTHING). The contractions are quite painful, as we can tell from the monitors (as if I couldn't feel them!)

The nurse asks me all the questions and if I'm SURE my water broke. "OH, I'm SURE" I tell her. She gets out the test stick and checks (this hurt WORSE THAN THE CONTRACTIONS, I don't know why) and exclaims that yes! My water has broken! Then she checks me - 3 cm! Progress! Of course, with the pain I was in, I was sure I was at least 6!

About 5:30 a.m. (why they are so slow at all this when I AM THE ONLY WOMAN AROUND I am not sure) I get wheeled to my delivery room. So there are like 6 nurses setting stuff up in my room and getting me settled (this is nice! Lots of attention, as they were just hanging out bored before I arrived!). They start the IV when I wasn't looking so it surprised me to be stabbed in the arm, but she did a good job.

I tell them I'm ready for the epidrual! Send him in! And the order is placed. They turn the IV on super fast to get the liquids in before he arrives which makes me COLD and a wonderful nurse brings HEATED BLANKETS to warm me up! An angel! I tell them I want to pee before the epidural guy comes and they say No. After you are 3 c.m. w/broken water, they don't let you out of bed. Damn.

The epidural guy arrives around 6:15 a.m. Sitting still for the epidural wasn't has hard as I remember it being. Though I did squeeze the hell out of hubby's hand. The first numbing pinch shot was the worst of it. He said I'd probably feel 2 more contractions before the meds kicked in - he was WRONG! It took effect right away and I watched the next contraction on the monitor w/out pain! I could feel the tightening of my uterus, BUT NO PAIN! WONDER OF WONDERS! Then they checked me and said I was between 5 and 6 c.m.

Then, hubby and I settled in for some sleep! Man were we tired! Last time, my labor was 13 hours from start to end, so we were not worried at all, just ready for some Z's.

About 8:30 I told the nurse I was pretty sure I had to pee. She said she'd like to check me before, because sometimes any activity down there can speed things up. She also said they were going to start me on pitocin since my contractions were 180 seconds long - they like to see nice 60 second mountain ones, not 180 second ones. Thank GOD I had an epidural, as I'm sure 180 second contractions would've killed me. Seriously. She checked me and made a face. ???

You're ready, she said. WHAT? You're ready and your doctor doesn't get here until 9, she said, so just wait. WAIT? I'm sorry, WHAT? She told me if the urge to push was so strong I couldn't ignore it, let her know, but otherwise, just wait. And don't push.

Great. So I start feeling, of course, like I really need to push. I can see it coming, thank goodness on the monitor, the urge to push starts w/each contraction. Let me tell you - having the urge to push, but not pushing, is just as excrutiating as contractions with no epidural. That is damn hard and takes a lot of energy and focus.

At 9 the DR that I had seen Friday morning (who promised I was no where near labor and would have an 8 pd. baby) came in. He said the baby was still a little high so let's have another couple of contractions to bring the baby down to save me some pushing. He said he'd be back.

At 9:45 a.m. he came back in to check me and the look on his face said everything - the baby was already almost out! On his own! You've never seen medical people run like when the DR gives the order! At about 9:50 I started pushing - unlike w/my son, I could feel everything. EVERYTHING. It just didn't hurt. It was a very strange sensation. I mentioned it to the DR between contractions. He said I had the perfect epidural then, because it's easier to push when you can feel the baby and your muscles. I don't know - I don't think I wanted to feel all that. I know from having my son I can push w/out all that feeling (he was 20 minutes of pushing) - I still don't think I needed quite all those sensations.

BUT - anyway! The pushing! I'm pushing with the second contraction. I have the DR, hubby, and 4 nurses all aound me. All of a sudden I hear hubby... "I'm sorry, I have to sit down..." and BOOM. He hits the floor. YIKES!

Then - ALL THE NURSES run over to him and the DR stops whatever it was he's doing to face that way. UM hello? Yes, I'm worried about him too, but I've got a BABY COMING RIGHT NOW AND SOMEONE NEEDS TO CATCH IT... Finally 2 nurses tend to him and 2 to me. For the third contraction, I push holding my own darn right leg. We think it was a mix of cold medicine/no food/excitement/anxiety that did it, as he didn't pass out w/our first son.

Then, Baby T is here. Screaming away instantly. The DR says "wow, that's a big one!". Hubby walks over and says yeah, he's big. I look at him - he doesn't look so big to me, then they put him on my chest. Wow. He IS big. But he's also the most adorable little guy that I've worked so hard to bring into our lives for almost exactly 3 years now. I am overwhelmed with love and gratitude that we've made it to the point of having and holding a live baby!

More in the next installment! Including! Plastic flip flops! Babies that eat NOTHING and VOMIT a lot! Much fun!

Almost 4!

Happy Birthday to my Son, who will be 4 years old tomorrow! At 5:30 p.m. to be exact! I can't believe how the time has flown or how my little baby has grown into such a wonderful little boy... he amazes me all the time and is the reason I wanted another so badly - with the love I feel for him and get from him, how could I not want more more more??!!

Happy Birthday little one!

December 27, 2005

Growing so fast...

As of Saturday, we are officially out of Newborn size clothes (which is a shame, because we only got to wear like 20 of the gazillion newborn outfits we have, since we only had 5 days since we got home from the hospital) and Newborn size diapers (good thing I only bought a small amount of those!)...

Big Brother got to hold Baby T for the first time last night! He loved it- I forgot to ask - would anyone like baby pics??!! :-)

December 25, 2005

December 23, 2005

What I did yesterday....

* I realize I forgot to include diaper changes! There was 1 right before EVERY feeding and a few interspersed throughout the day!

  • 12:45 a.m. - Baby T requests his feeding
  • 1:00 a.m. - after much debating, give Baby T 2 more ounces than usual because he is demanding it. Bringing the total for this feeding to 4 oz. Commence worrying that he's going to choke on spitup in his sleep.
  • 1:15 a.m. (or so) - Baby T and I sleep in chair in living room.
  • 2:15 a.m. - I wake up and put Baby T in crib.
  • 4 a.m. - realize it's time for Baby T's feeding - goto his room to find him sound asleep, almost rolled over??!! Commence worrying that he'll suffocate himself sleeping on belly. Return to bed.
  • 5:30 a.m. - Baby T requests feeding. Just a hair over 2 ounces. Fall asleep in chair w/Baby T on my chest again (this is quite a wonderful snuggly position).
  • 7:45 a.m. - Son wakes up and requests that we start drawing Christmas pictures that I promised last night.
  • 8:30 a.m. - make Son pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Substitute pancakes for whole wheat bread slice when he declares my pancakes not as good as Grammy's. Clean bottles, start laundry, play with Son.
  • 9:40 a.m. - Baby T wants more food. Just over 2 oz.
  • 10:30 a.m. - Baby T wants more food. Just over 1 oz.
  • 11 a.m. - put Baby T in crib for nap, give Son a bath.
  • 12 p.m. - do breakfast dishes, was bottles, and start bottle sterilizer.
  • 12:30 p.m. - make lunch for me and Son.
  • 12:45 p.m. - feed Baby T 1 oz.
  • 1 p.m. - clean up from lunch and play with son
  • 3 p.m. - send Son to neighbors house for Christmas party.
  • 3:30 p.m. - feed Baby T 2 oz.
  • 4 p.m. - hold Baby T.
  • 4:30 p.m. - wash and sterilize bottles, clean kitchen.
  • 5 p.m. - SHOWER!
  • 5:45 p.m. - in-laws arrive with presents and we order pizza.
  • 6 p.m. - feed Baby T 2 oz.
  • 6:30 - Baby T fools us into thinking he's hungry again, he eats 0 oz.
  • 7 p.m. - Baby T has HUGE spit up all over Dad, requires cleaning of both parties.
  • 8 p.m. - In laws leave.
  • 8:15 p.m. - Baby T eats 1 1/4 oz.
  • 9 p.m. - get Son ready for bed.
  • 10 p.m. - Feed Baby T 2 1/4 oz.
  • 10:30 p.m. - sponge bath for Baby T.
  • 11 p.m. feed Baby T 1 oz.
  • 12 a.m. - Mom & Dad off to bed!!!!!

    ( please note: Dad is HUGE HELPER - this does not include all the things HE DID yesterday like feeding Baby T, cleaning up, changing diapers, playing with Son, etc.)
  • December 22, 2005

    Please don't

    Please don't call me for the express purpose of telling me how TIRED you are or how much stuff you have to do... I really have NO sympathy for you if you at least had the opportunity to sleep all night and not have to watch a 6 day old and a 4 year old all day today. Honestly!

    Please don't

    Please don't call me for the express purpose of telling me how TIRED you are or how much stuff you have to do... I really have NO sympathy for you if you at least had the opportunity to sleep all night and not have to watch a 6 day old and a 4 year old all day today. Honestly!

    Thank you very much

    Baby T! For sleeping from 1:15 a.m. last night until 5:30 a.m. this morning! Mommy REALLY REALLY apapreciates it!

    December 21, 2005


    I just got up from a glorious 2 hour nap! Our system is such - I do the nights and hubby does mornings and daytimes that I want a a 2 hour midday nap is JUST what I needed!

    I was running around just now like a MAD WOMAN because my in-laws are coming this evening and the house is a STY!!! Then my uterus starting hurting and I got hot - so I sat down to rest and oops! the laptop is right there calling my name!

    We had son's Christmas show today - and it was glorious! You've never seen a show until you've watched your preschooler sing Christmas songs in a preschool show. Fabulous and I couldn't have been more proud of my little man. There was 1 4 year old who had TWO piano recitals during the show, with no sheet music. Seriously. I was quite impressed to say the least.

    Baby T is at his first DRs appt right now w/hubby - I hope it goes well.

    I'm feeling more and more human with every day. Today when I got dressed in my work clothes for the show, I put on a pair of pants I bought in October. Humph! They were full belly pants! I had no idea as by the time I bought them, it was impossible to even get them 1/2 way up the bottom of my belly so for me they were very low rise. I thought I looked quite good for giving birth only 4 days ago! I did create the cone of protection around Baby T though, no one was getting their grubby hands in or on the car seat or baby but me and hubby.

    AND the woman in the pew in front of us had a 3 week old (who, BTW, is not yet as heavy as my son!) and set her car seat carrier in the aisle. EVERY DAMN person that went up the aisle to snap a picture kicked it or walked into it. EVERY ONE. Finally, appalled, I had to suggest to her to set it on the pew in front of her (luckily the baby wasn't in it, which I didn't know and the people walking up the aisle certainly didn't know as she had the canopy up) and told her people kept kicking it. She was shocked (she hadn't seen it, was filming the show)...

    I couldn't believe people in a CHURCH would be so careless!
    #1 - it is not yours, don't kick it or walk into it, watch where you are going!
    #2 - it is a device made for holding babies, which every damn person in that room knows, as they were each there to watch a child no older than 4 in the show - and everyone one of them had a carrier like that I'm sure. YOU SHOULD GO OUT OF YOUR WAY NOT TO KICK IT OR BUMP IT on your way by.

    What is wrong w/these people...

    Anyway, son #1 just got up from his nap, gotta run!

    December 20, 2005

    Tuesday Update

    Baby T does not like crib. Mom also not using all of brainpower, as I spent 2 hours trying to get us comfy in our family room chair together last night, about 3:30 a.m.,only to realize the chair sits right in front of the PACK & PLAY, which he happily slept in all day. Duh, put him in pack and play and he was quite comfy. It is a godsend.

    I'll work on the birth story - I'm going to publish a censored one here, and a TMI/helpful hints one for anyone that might want some helpful hints and/or fresh memories from day 0 and day 1 with a newborn and a new non-pregnant body!

    Seriously guys, thank you very much for the emails!

    December 19, 2005

    A New Family Member!

    Little son #2 arrived Saturday morning, at 10:02 a.m. weighing in at 9 pounds, 2 ounces! Surprising us with timing as well as size!!!

    More later - just got home and tired! Thanks everyone for the emails! It's wonderful to know people are hoping we're ok!!

    December 16, 2005

    Friday Evening Update...

    Nothing yet.

    Discussing w/hubby induction options... If they induce Tuesday, I miss the Christmas show on Wednesday at Son's school. Also if they induce Wednesday, I ALSO miss the show. If they induce Thursday, since I'm Strep +, I won't be eligible to be released until Saturday evening, at the EARLIEST, more likely Sunday. Which means missing my Son's Surprise at seeing the Santa bounty :-(

    So unless they can induce Monday night or Tuesday, I'll maybe just take my chances? What do you guys think??

    Dr. Appt.

    Surprise! NO CHANGE.

    How this is possible is BEYOND me. I have another appt. Monday, where they want to discuss being induced... so I guess from here we just wait some more???!!

    December 15, 2005

    Evening Update...

    Nothing yet.

    BUT - my joints are so loose today my right leg about pops out of the hip joint every 25 steps or so - and this is QUITE painful and a little scary.

    AND it's a full moon tonight! I'll update again in the morn after my 9:15 a.m. DR appt and taking my son to ToysRUs to shop for presents from him to other people...

    And good night!

    Today's Driving Idiots...

    What the HELL is wrong with people???

    In our ride in today, the road in front of my neighborhood is 55 mph. We cruising along at least at 60 mph, when the woman in front of me decides the guy turning out of an office complex onto the road we're on should be let out. While this is a very nice gesture, going from 60 to 0, with no warning to the people behind you about WHAT you are doing or WHY you are doing it is CRAAAAAZZZEEE... Not to mention it'd be MY FAULT for rear-ending her (and totaling her Chevy Malibu w/my huge truck) AND I'd have to be rushed to the hospital, but have to wait for someone to come retrieve my son...oh the mess! So I hope she understood when I laid on the truck's horn and almost skidded into her, as the people behind me swerved for the ditches. Nice work lady.

    THEN - we're taking a local shortcut thru an office park (still behind the same nutty lady) and she thinks I'm chasing her maybe because she's FLYING THRU it... anyway, a parking shuttle comes off the ramp to my right and apparently wants to turn left at the light, which is THREE LANES over...and just cruises across the lanes almost hitting me and the cars in the 2 lanes next to me. Nice.

    Grrrr... AND because of the work they're doing in the garage, the only spaces available are ON TOP and we're getting ice today.... also, very nice. It'll be fun cleaning off my car and walking to it!!!!

    December 14, 2005


    I just looked at our Amazon Recent Orders - hubby's been buying things for himself!!?? Doesn't he know that's MY JOB this time of year?? Good grief!

    Wednesday Morning Update...

    No Baby Yet. Darn it all.

    In other news... going for lunch for an hour walk around Tysons II. Hopefully that helps a bit - at the very least, I should be able to get some more shopping done. One would think that with all this shopping I'd be done by now, of course, one would be WRONG, but that's what one would think.

    December 13, 2005

    December 12, 2005

    So true...

    Your Christmas is Most Like: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

    Christmas is a big, boisterous event at your place.

    And no matter what, something hilarious usually happens.

    Also - the Christmas tree we put up YESTERDAY has already fallen down once (just like last year!) (no, son was not involved, just Dad!)


    daily 1 hour of walking done at Tyson's during lunch - there better be a baby coming soon! That was A LOT of walking!

    Nothing yet...

    38 weeks tomorrow.

    Honestly, I am STUNNED to the core. NO WAY had I thought I would be pregnant past 37 weeks or so. I don't know why, that's just the timeline I had in my head. So now I pretty much don't know what to do with myself.

    I came downstairs today for work and hubby gave me an odd look - apparently my cute GAP sweater has been outgrown in the belly area. Great... now that's like 3 outfits I have left that fit.

    Side note: the baby was really quiet yesterday... then when we went to bed about 11:30 he got all excited and awake and SERIOUSLY SQUIRMY until 2 a.m. Seriously, 2 a.m.? That has to be way past his bed time. I could feel him hitting down around my cervix, as if he was feeling for the exit (as cool as that sounds, at 2 a.m. it is not INTERESTING or COMFORTABLE). Also checking with his feet to see if there were any exits inside or outside of my ribcage.

    But I try to remember - every day that he stays in, that's one day older and easier to take care of he will be. His older brother was SUCH an easy baby, I'm a little afraid of what we're in for - I hope he's just like his big brother in that department!

    December 09, 2005

    Why Pottery Barn Can Be A Pain In The Ass...

    Remember Pottery Barn? The place where I ordered our nursery set? Although I had to order it from online, instead of in the store, because apparently "Pottery Barn Kids" the store and "Pottery Barn Kids" online are different entities - even though they do share some items and order from the same place? The same place that cancelled my order then had to next day air my shipment to me after I found out and had waited 2 weeks for it?

    Well - I wanted curtains for the nursery. They had 3 in stock and ordered 1 for me from the distribution center. So a week later I get a note saying it'll arrive around 12/8/05. No problem. The next day, I get a letter saying it'll arrive 2/5/06?? Whatever. I'm irritated but not enough to call. If they're out of them, they're out and not much I can do about it (apparently I can be laid back once in a while).

    SO TODAY ( 12/9/05 ) I get a box from Pottery Barn Kids...with a panel. And a bill for THREE panels, saying one more is on it's way "soon" and another is on back order and a receipt for a credit card charge for THREE PANELS.


    I call their customer service and what the lady wants me to believe is that even though MY PRINTED RECEIPT says otherwise, they are only sending the 1, and only charged me $51.45. So I pull up my credit card statement online while I've got her and see they've charged me once on 11/30 and once on 12/7, but credited it back on 12/8. For some reason, she says, they always double charge it then refund one. WHAT? That doesn't make any sense.

    I explain to her I do not appreciate random charges to my credit card, regardless of what they "usually" do. She says, but we only charged you once. I say, actually, NO, you charged me twice, but you did refund one, so the NET is $51.45, but you did charge twice, which I did not approve and do not approve and I'd better not see any more fiddle faddling w/my credit card. She says no, we charged you once. We go around about once vs. twice (she acknowledges that charges were made on 11/30/05 and 12/7/05, but since they also credited, it isn't actually a charge) before I HAD to hang up on her before my head exploded.

    December 08, 2005

    Dr. Update...

    1+ cm dilated and 70% effaced.

    So I could have a baby today or anytime in the next 3 weeks. Thanks for the update Dr.

    Something that occurred to me this morning...

    I was getting ready for work and I thought - "What if I go into labor at work?"...

    Not worrying about how I get to the hospital (Hubby works only minutes away, and my work is CLOSER to the hospital than our house) but WHAT ABOUT THE CAMERA? AND THE VIDEO RECORDER?

    What if I was in labor and we didn't have those things?? I most definitely want pictures of my newborn! And of me with the newborn! And of hubby with the newborn, etc. What if they are at home while we're in the hospital?

    Now I know Hubby's solution would be to run to Best Buy (right around the corner) and purchase a new state-of-the-art camera and recorder, but come on, we really don't need to drop that kind of money just because we are unprepared!

    So this morning I packed the camera bag and slipped it into my truck, just in case.

    Um... well... yeah.... ok

    I got nothing. Sitting here waiting to go into labor is pretty much taking up all of my brain power today. Every day I wake up and think "is it today? Is December 8 a good birthday?". This would be so much easier with a finite end date. And the shirt I have on today (which I did wear to work last week - I'm pretty well down to 4 outfits or so) is SO SMALL on me now. Must spend day hiding from people that know me.

    Dr. appt. at 1:45 to be checked, let's hope for some progress!

    December 07, 2005

    And MORE Shopping!

    I went to the mall at lunch to walk a bit (please baby please decide to come soon!) and get a Christmas present for my cousin.

    I found the perfect item at Hechts, and while in line I realized I left my 20% coupon in the car, at the other end of the mall. I was seriously going to beg the clerk to give me the 20% off w/out the coupon and not walk to my car to get it, when the lady in front of me just offered me hers! Wonder of wonders! I couldn't say thank you enough!

    The mall wasn't bad yet...but give it a week as shoppers start to make even getting NEAR the mall at lunchtime unbearable. Hopefully I'll be done with my shopping (and holding a new baby!) by then!

    A brighter day today!

    Feeling much better today - we ALL went to bed early last night and I think we're all much better for it!

    Nothing new to report - just a regular day, going shopping at lunch to try and get this Christmas present thing done!

    ALSO! If you want to exchange real Christmas/Holiday cards, please send me an email, though be forewarned, we are waiting until after baby #2 arrives to take the picture and order cards! :-)

    December 06, 2005

    Practice Time is OVER! (37 Weeks today)

    Ok - listen here Mr. Uterus (or Ms. Uterus, if you prefer)...

    2 weeks ago, when you were contracting every 3-4 minutes for 8 HOURS I was excited because I thought we were getting somewhere (pls. note, these hours were from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m.). Then my DR said I was still 0 c.m. dialated.

    These contractions continued on and off, though not so close together or at night, for another week. Again, DR said I was 0 c.m. dialated.

    So, last night's fun and games, from 1 a.m. - 3 a.m. producing mild (but not-so mild I could sleep thru them) contractions every 6 minutes was just plain annoying. I get it - we've "practiced" enough.

    Please only commence with contractions if it is the real deal. Thank you. (because now I am REALLY REALLY tired and quite cranky today. I'm generally so tired I need a nap anyway by about 1 p.m. and now I was ready for my nap by 8 a.m.)

    December 05, 2005

    Gloomy Monday...

    It's gross here. Everyone just waiting for snow, or for lack of snow. Our forecasters are so bad, we never actually know what is going to happen until it's done.

    It was a nice weekend, but got even better last night at 6:45 p.m. when hubby and son returned home! It was SO GOOD to see them again!!!!!! And to have my house hustling and bustling w/the sounds of a 4 year old!

    I'll check back in later w/a weather report!

    December 02, 2005

    What on earth...

    shall I do with myself? My husband and son have gone visiting relatives and left me here by myself until Sunday night... what does one DO with all that free time?? :-)

    (please note: we WILL NOT be going into labor before Sunday night, when they return. Got it Mr. Uterus?)

    December 01, 2005

    No progress...

    Just back from the OB's weekly check...( yes, it's nice to be checked, but MAN does it hurt )...

    No progress, still 0 cm. dialated. So much for giving birth at 36 / 37 weeks.

    Gained 1 pd. in a week. Which is right on target for this stage of pregnancy (the BABY should gain 1 pd. a week from here on out).

    I got nothing else. I'm tired and large and feeling a bit cranky today.

    November 30, 2005

    Good news, good news!

    Just got work from our neighbors that the yucky neighbors ( the ones that "planted" random shit in their yard, and mowed TWICE the entire year and tried to grow dead bamboo ) are moving!!!! Apparently she had a baby and now refuses to bring the baby home to that house - she's too lonely in our neighborhood. (of course, there are never less that 15 people and 5 cars at that house, so I don't know what she's talking about, lonely)

    It would be nice for my son to have someone his age to play with, but I'd never have picked them anyway. Remember, they are the ones that would lean out their kitchen door (no deck yet), openly stare at us for a long length of time, and burp so loudly she scared the bejesus out of me, even with our large lot sizes.

    Maybe we'll get some normal people?

    Today's Complaints...

    Dear Linens & Things Manager - I expect to do returns at the return desk. Yes, I will glare at you with the stare of evil pregnant woman when you flippantly just tell me to get in a regular line and go sit back in the back room. Get off your lazy ass and give me my money back. (especially since I was waiting at the return desk, the regular lines went from 0 customers to 5 and now I will have to be #6 in line. Thanks.)

    Dear XM Radio: Christmas music from Kelly Clarkson (or whoever sings "My Grown Up Christmas") doesn't count as Christmas music and don't play it on the 24 hour Christmas music channel. I expect to hear Frosty, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and all the regular songs. Even if they are songs that aren't my favorite, fine, but make them REGULAR CHRISTMAS MUSIC DAMMIT. Even stupid new variations on old hits will do.

    Dear Santa's Helpers at the Mall: it is no easy feat to get a four year old on Santa's lap (oh, how we LOVE Santa, but when actually FACED with Santa, it's a different story) AND SMILING. So, if I do manage this feat (with the boy in a nice Christmas sweater no less), and you lose the pics because you rebooted the computer AFTER you took the pic, don't be surprised when I give you a look. And don't continue to be surprised when you do this 2 more times, the looks get meaner and meaner. Good grief - how long CAN a 4 year old be expected to sit on some stranger's lap and smile?? Seriously.

    And don't get me started on the COST of these pictures. Goodness! And of course, every relative is expecting his or her own 5x7.... because that's not pricey for me at all. In addition to all the school portrait 5X7s I just bought and handed around like candy. This kid thing is EXPENSIVE!

    Dear Birthday Party Attendees: Please do not come to my party with the throwing-up kind of stomach virus. I really do appreciate that you WANT to see my son and see him open his presents, have cake, etc. I also think it's too cute to be missed. But to risk giving it to him or worse yet, ME is in-excusable. I've always been a bit more careful about bringing my son to visit people when he's even got a cold than I notice other parents are, but some sickesses you stay home for. Seriously. I know some people say, "let him get it now, then he'll be immune to it later!" but seriously, do you know how stupid that sounds when you say it? I'd much rather have a 6 or 7 year old w/a stomach virus than a 4 year old. People think it's no big deal to spread colds and things around... well, then, they can bring their butts over to my house at night-time to get up to sit w/the child that is awake because he can't breathe thru his nose, or can't sleep because he's coughing to much. At 9 months pregnant, it is more than I can handle and I will say something to you if I catch you bringing viruses into my house. My poor husband, every time he gets a "no big deal, it's just a cold" from someone, it turns into a sinus & respiratory infection. So much for "no big deal" huh? But people just seem oblivious and it really, really pisses me off.

    I'm glad I was warned today about the stomach virus thing - I hope we go by unscathed. BUT since son and hubby are going to see PopPop this weekend (who is 94) I know to make damn sure they're as healthy as can be and not getting ready to have this virus before they go see him. Seriously, it could kill him. Then it would be a big deal, wouldn't it?

    No, not really grumpy today, why do you ask? ;-)

    November 29, 2005

    36 Weeks!

    Well... I have been at work long enough to set my stuff down and run downstairs (run, ha!) to the deli to get a bagel - and HAD 3 converstations about my belly.

    "Girl - looks like you got a basketball, not a baby under there!"
    "don't jump up and down or that baby's going to fall out!"
    "when are you due, must be soon!"

    So... yes, I am still getting MORE uncomfortable, though I didn't think I COULD get more uncomfortable.

    For some reason, I cannot get around to packing our bag for the hospital. We keep talking about it, but I can't seem to DO IT. I have no idea why.

    I'm hoping to get some belly shots today and nursery pics... any takers?

    November 28, 2005

    Why, hello there!!!

    HI! How are you? I'm pretty good, but DAMN TIRED, if I do say so myself!

    So where did I leave off? Ah yes, the night of no sleep. That was fun. And it set me up for being so damn tired I couldn't see straight!

    Wednesday schedule: hang out and clean house for more houseguests on Thanksgiving. Make first ever chocolate pie, from scratch. Pray that it tastes good when I realize you cannot taste test a pie before guests arrive to ensure that it's ok.

    Thursday: more houseguests arrive right on schedule! Lovely Aunt L, and her portable Thanksgiving dinner in a van arrive! That's right - our guests brought THE ENTIRE DINNER WITH THEM! What wonderful guests! Finish up first PUMPKIN PIE I've ever made, from scratch and also fret that the pie cannot be taste-tested before hand! Yikes!

    Make mac&cheese (from scratch!) for dinner at my family's house ( the noon dinner ) and get son over there so we can eat w/them at noon.

    Head back to my house to prep for evening meal with Hubby's aunt and mom. It was a GREAT meal! AND the pies were perfect, I might add!

    Friday: trip to Kohl's as their after-Thanskgiving toy sale is unmatched! I find toys for all the under 3 children in our family at 50% off! Thanks to Aunt L and cousin R for helping me shop!! It is SO MUCH appreciated!

    Prepare for Son's Fourth Birthday party, which is scheduled for Saturday at 2 (we had the party early to prevent baby brother from making his grand appearance on the day of the party, ruining it for son). THANK GOODNESS Aunt L & Family are still around - no way could I have done all that myself.

    Saturday: party day! Party was a blast - everyone seemed to have a great time and there were just enough kids there, not too many and not too few.

    By 7 p.m., we had our house back to ourselves. We spent some quality time just playing with our son alone then went RIGHT TO BED.

    Sunday was GREAT! We got up, had breakfast, and I took a 2 hour nap on the couch watching hubby and son put together toys. Then lunch and son asked if it was time for his nap yet. WHAT? Why, of course it is! Off to bed we all go for "family nap time" and it was WONDERFUL!

    How was your holiday? I could not have asked for more. We got to see everyone we love over the span of a couple of days and share a wonderful holiday and a celebration of son's birthday with them!

    November 23, 2005

    35W1D = False Labor #1

  • 2:00 a.m. - lower back pain wakes me
  • 2:30 - contractions start
  • 2:34 - next contraction
  • 2:37 - next contraction

    They continue at 3-4 minute intervals for 30-40 seconds each.

  • 3:30 - call DR (guideline is 5 minutes apart for 60 seconds). He says they are not intense enough yet. When they get to 60 seconds and I cannot breathe through them, come into hospital.
  • 3:30 - 7:30 contractions 3 minutes apart, 60 seconds. Same intensity as before.
  • 10:20 - arrive LATE for regularly scheduled DR appt. Find out have gained NO weight in last month! Yahoo! Also - 50% effaced, 0 cm dialted. Baby dropped all the way down by this time and DR can feel him.

    Diagnosis: false labor, go home, do not pass go.
  • November 22, 2005

    35 Weeks!!!

    Well here I am, 35 weeks! And today, my mother looked at me in my work clothes and said "VHM, really, you should buy shirts that are long enough to cover that belly!". Yeah, ok, they're short because I bought the wrong size, NOT BECAUSE I'M FREAKING HUGE. But thanks for the reminder that if I don't hold down the front of my shirt, I'm showing everyone my new outie belly button! It's a great look, I promise!

    Today, my MIL arrives from FL to celebrate Thanksgiving. My aunt and family (technically, hubby's aunt and family, but I love them like my own) arrive Thursday, with most of the holiday dinner in their van (aren't they GREAT??!!) - and are going to cook the evening dinner while I have a big Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Once again, aren't they GREAT?

    The window treatments in the family room and breakfast room and kitchen were installed yesterday and they look great! So the house is in order for a perfect holiday!

    (BTW, the nursery is DONE! If anyone would like a pic, let me know, and after my company leaves (there is a spare bed on the floor), I'll send one!)

    November 17, 2005

    And now, I need to do more shopping.

    After ironing for 10 minutes today, I find out I've outgrown 2 more shirts. At this rate, I'm going to work topless very soon (like the end of next week). Luckily, I found a great sweater I got at the Gap last pregnancy that not only fits, hubby said it was "slimming"! Yay! Must go around today and make sure every sees me in my slimming outfit!

    Side Advice: ORDER DIAPERS FROM AMAZON! They are slightly cheaper than you get in the store, they sell CASES, and they DELIVER FOR FREE! No more running to the store simply to buy diapers! I am in love!

    November 16, 2005

    And yet more shopping!

    Well - PBKids had 3 of the 4 84 inch panels that I needed. Oh well, 3 will have to do for now.

    Saw a funny thing in the parking garage. An Asian woman was trying to unlock a gold Toyota Highlander. She was having trouble - then noticed that the lights were blinking on the Lexus equivalant across the aisle, 5 cars down. Apparently THAT one was her car. It was also SILVER. Glad to know she's driving around in traffic w/me and my son.

    Shopping shopping and more shopping...

    Apparently I do love to shop!

    Here are the dinos we bought for Baby #2 this weekend:


    Bought this at Nordstrom yesterday:

    Nordstrom - how much do I love thee? When I was at Nordstrom, buying the dinos (I also bought the brontosaurus), the lady offered to carry them to the car for me! YAY! But right away she noticed the PBKids bag I had looked heavy ( 2 curtain rods, 4 fabric panels ) and INSISTED that I carry the stuffed animals and she carry the heavy bag! Yay for helpful people!!!

    AND...proof you should measure before you buy! I purchased 4 63" panels for baby's windows...apparently his windows are 65" tall - so back to the mall I go!

    November 15, 2005

    Made it thru the full moon

    Whew. That was a close one. When I was pregnant with my first child, for the last 2 full moons before my due date, I went into preterm labor and had to goto the hospital. Of course, quite scary.

    I hadn't thought about it much until a couple of days ago when I saw somewhere that yesterday was ALSO a full moon. Thankfully, no pre-term labor! Yay!

    Today - I am 34 weeks. Almost NONE of my maternity shirts cover my belly. None of the full-panel pants cover my belly (or are comfortable). I am a sight to see, I'm sure. I'm going today to Pottery Barn kids to get the window treatments for the baby's room then we just wait for the final decorations to arrive and VOILA the nursery will be done! YAY!

    Now I just have to prepare the house for a housefull of guests for Thanksgiving and we're all set to go!

    November 14, 2005

    Conversations with Morons.

    I need to order humidifier replacement parts for my mom's humidifier. Because it's fun to be me sometimes.

    So I goto the Holmes Website, where the shopping cart doesn't work if you're using Firefox, by the way. Which is my first clue these people are going to be a pain to deal with.

    So I open IE. Navigate to the page which tells you which filters go with which humidifiers.

    Cool - I see that 1 filter is 18.99, but 2 should be 29.99. Excellent. I click on the link for HWF80 (one link to order either the 1 pack or 2 pack, suspicious).

    It shows the quantity as 1. Hmm. I want 2 for 29.99. I update the quantity (which is where it dies if you use Firefox, BTW). It works - 2 for $37 and change. What?

    I send them an email inquiring how I get the deal of 2 for 29.99.

    I never hear from them.

    I call the customer service number.

    She informs me they are sold out of the 2 pack, as indicated by the fact that "29.99" is in red. oh. I thought that was to highlight the bargain price if you buy 2. No where on the page does it indicate that red text = sold out. Actually, at the top, IN RED NO LESS, it says, "Buy bargain packs & save more!". Apparently their usability people SUCK. They took a general usability standard (prices in red tend to indicate specials/price cuts, etc.) and used it for something else, totally confusing the customer.

    I only used their site to purchase the filters because I could find no one else to give my business to. Otherwise, I'd have happily given my money to someone else.

    Productive Weekend!

    We finished painting the nusery and some finishing touches on Son's room, that we'd been putting off. It looks fabulous!

    Hubby got all the furniture arranged in the nursery and guest rooms so all the right pieces are there. I hung up the few new clothes I got for baby #2. I ordered some "Super Saurus" stuff off ebay and a quilt hanger to hang his crib quilt on (everyone of course must buy a quilt for the crib, though you are never ever allowed to put it ON the actual baby, so weird).

    Our family room and kitchen got painted!!! Well, they have a tad left to do today, but the rooms LOOK GREAT. Like actual grown-ups with good taste live there! And this gives me the oppourtunity for some good cleaning in those rooms before hubby moves all the furniture back into place!

    Amd we went to the light store and bought drop lights to go over our island in the kitchen and viola! Decorated kitchen!

    So much progress!!!

    BTW - cold is ALMOST GONE! Don't need meds anymore!!!

    November 10, 2005

    Product Review: Tylenol Cold (Day)

    Well. Last night, after 90 MINUTES of coughing and hacking, I decided enough was enough. I went downstairs and had a cookie and a glass of milk (I don't take meds on an empty stomach) and 2 Tylenol Cold (Day). I decided on the day ones because the night ones only added an antihistimine, and the runny nose wasn't a problem. One less chemical, right?

    WELL! 20 minutes later I was sound asleep and I must say - that was the BEST sleep I'd had in a long time! And not another cough until 6:45 this morning! Fabulous! So I won't take anymore during the day because I can deal with it, but I'm sure tonight I'll be taking them again, right before bedtime!!!

    Love that stuff - I'll probably use it even after the baby comes it worked so well!

    November 09, 2005

    Phelgm attack, day 8

    Ugh. STILL stuffy, miserable, and coughing. Gross. It must be nice to wake up with me! I bought the Tylenol Cold yesterday (ok, hubby went out and got it for me) but I couldn't bring myself to take it. I didn't feel bad enough to cancel out the risks.

    BUT today, today I am truly miserable. AND I left the meds at home, so now of course, it's not even an option to take it. :-(

    A smart one am I.

    November 08, 2005

    Pandemic: AIDS

    So - the next episode came out. I watched it. I should've known better.

    (remember: 33 weeks pregnant = slightly hormonal)

    This one is the story of LEK, a Thai woman that has contracted AIDS.

    When she was 12, she was raped. This caused everyone (friends and family) to think that she was dirty and bad and not want her around.

    When she was 16 she married and had a son.
    When she was 17, her husband abandoned them. In order to support her son, she sent him to her mother's and promised to send money. How is an uneducated young woman going to earn money? She tried as a bartender. Found the money to be good in the sex industry (apparently boom in Thailand - where the people are poor, but have a huge sex industry? I do not understand).

    She liked her customers to use condoms, but sometimes the men refused (she said this was mostly when they and she were drunk). Now she has AIDS.

    She is one of the lucky ones - she got a bed at the AIDS Hospice run by monks, as it would bring shame onto her family for her to be seen there. They do not know how AIDS is transmitted and are very afraid of it.

    There are 200 beds. The waiting list is 10,000 people long. They bury 2 people a day.

    LEK goes to visit her family in the middle of the night. They are upset, but make her leave before morning. It is an 8 hour van ride each way.

    LEK has gotten very ill. Her family decides to take her in. She moves in with them and is so miserable. There is one scene where she's crying because she's just so angry and doesn't know what to do with herself. It is all so amazingly unfair (this is my thought, I imagine hers as well).

    LEK dies. You see her family in an immense amount of pain and all I can think of his her beautiful little boy. He is beautiful and smart. I hope he does well with his life, he is going to be a monk.

    One of the saddest things I've ever seen.

    33 Weeks!!!

    I just got back from my 33 week OB appt. Where I only gained 1/4 of 1 pound. How on EARTH that is possible, I have no idea. I'm sure I've consumed more than 1,000 extra calories since my last appt. 2 weeks ago... But I'll take good news whenever I can!

    Also - the DR said to try Tylenol Cold for my cold. I'm getting some ASAP for tonight. It doesn't bother me too much during the day, but since I sleep so poorly now anyway, adding in the super congestion and snoring so much I wake MYSELF (bless my poor hubby for putting up all the nocturnal activity - the noise of me simply rolling over, getting up to pee all the time, and now coughing and sniffling all night + SNORING LOUDLY) I'm exhausted.

    I thought they'd start checking me today, but nope. I guess at 35 weeks? I'm hoping to be nicely dialted by then - all these braxton-hicks contractions have to be doing SOMETHING to have them this strong and often.

    I also got the paper work started on the maternity leave and verified w/my boss that 3 months was the amount of leave I was going to take, so yay! Don't need to worry about that anymore!

    Now...gotta find some lunch!

    November 06, 2005

    It should be against the law...

    for pregnant women to get sick. I have a TERRIBLE cold, making me feel all goopy and stuffed up and tired and cranky, and sore-throatish. AND there's nothing I can take to make myself feel better, or at least able to BREATHE once in a while. GRR. If I could figure out what jerk spread the germ around, I'd be set!

    As a side note: The Hokies SUCKED last night - it was like watching a high school team play Miami. They were AWFUL - I think Marcus Vick only completed 3 or 4 passes THE WHOLE GAME. He fumbled, the punt returner fumbled ( which = Miami Touchdown ), interceptions, it was astonishing. They deserved to lose, the way they played. I have no idea what happened to them.

    November 03, 2005

    Come on people! You're really pissing me off!

    Ok...Picture me - hugely pregnant. It has just taken me an hour and a half to drive 24 miles. I get to work, put my stuff down and meander over the ladies room.

    The door won't open. What??? I have to pee. I yank on it some and pull on it and cuss up a storm. I'll figure this out later, and go to the 12th floor to pee (I'm on 11).

    Damn door there is locked too. OK, NOW I have to pee and I'm furious. What the fuck is going on???

    I find the receptionist... what the hell is going on w/the bathrooms I ask? She says you need a key because of the incident that happened the other day - it was in the email.

    WHAT? I did not get such an email, and believe me, if I had read they were LOCKING the bathrooms and NOT GIVING OUT KEYS it would've gotten my attention damn quick.

    I don't have time to argue with her - I tell her I need to go NOW and how do I go about getting a key this minute? (side note: I must be a pure JOY to work with)...

    She turns over the key she has at HER DESK... I go pee. Then she tells me who to call to find out why I'm not on the distribution list (and refuses to tell me WHAT EXACTLY happened that caused the locking of the bathrooms) and where I'll find a key in the future. Great - 1 key per floor. If I have to fucking stand in line to get a god damn key I'm not going to be pleasant. Stay tuned for a transcript of my call w/the security person in charge of this mess.

    November 02, 2005

    Apparently, I'm hot!

    Well! Before I even got to my desk this morning, THREE PEOPLE told me how fabulous I look. Well... one of them was my mother, but still! She usually doesn't just say that! The other two were the lady in the store downstairs and another lady on the elevator! Three unsolicited compliements! Yay me! Of course, I did take special care with my appearance today, as hubby and I are going out to a fancy-smancy restaurant for lunch together for our anniversary! But still!

    November 01, 2005

    Grrr....grumpy girl...

    ugh. The network server room is around the corner from my desk. And the network guys have been walkie-talkie-ing each other w/their Nextel phones all day. Don't they have a PHONE IN THEIR HAND? Do they have to subject everyone to that annoying tone that means someone wants to talk to you, then having to hear both ends of the conversation? It's a bit distracting, you know?

    THEN - people that always feel they need to be in the loop about everything damn thing going on in everyone's lives. When I hear crap like that ("so-and-so feels left out") about something I will get around to telling them shortly anyway, makes me NOT CALL and spread the news. Just to be pissy like that. LOOK - I'll get to you, don't be offended that your not #1 on the list, because then I just bump you lower and get irritated. Surprisingly, I call people that are PLEASANT to talk to first, imagine that.

    Boy, I really AM grumpy today!

    BTW - 32 weeks today! Which is definitely something to be happy about!!! :-)


    Son had a fabulous time trick-or-treating last night. It did take some coaxing to get him OUT the door, but apparently once they started, he was on a roll. AND so happy when he came home, so success!!!

    BUT let me tell you how lame some of our neighbors are! One house, turned OFF their porch light as son rang the bell. It was a large group of kids, son's group + another. And I guess they yelled at the people in the house. HOW RUDE! And 50% of the houses in our neighborhood had all their lights off. Talk about grumpy old people! These people have plenty of money, so having $$ to spare for candy isn't an issue - and almost all of those houses have at least 1 child living there...I wonder if they were out trick-or-treating and not giving out candy in return?

    We didn't give out nearly any of the HUGE STASH hubby bought...we always overbuy, even when we lived in a neighborhood that had plenty of kids coming around. Son thinks he's in heaven now, that he's got his own basket + our cauldron of treats!

    October 31, 2005

    Happy Anniversary!

    To my Hubby! Today marks seven years! (Yes, our anniversary is Halloween. No, it was not a Halloween themed wedding.)

    Hubby - I love you more than you know. You are a better husband and father than I could have ever asked for in my wildest dreams.

    Monday Monday Monday

    Ahhh... a lovely Monday morning... so nice that the time change has screwed up son's waking schedule, so that he's now up and ready for play at 6:45 a.m. Thanks for that one! Can we PLEASE do away with this dumb-assery that we call Daylight Savings Time??? It's moronic... if you f-ing want more daylight hours, get your damn self out of bed early...don't fool yourself (and drag me with you) by making every one change their clocks. And I, for one, would rather have more daylight AT THE END OF THE DAY when I am home from work and would like to play outside w/my son!

    Grr... Funny, I didn't think I was in a bad mood! :-)

    October 29, 2005

    Guess What???


    Next weekend (I hope) my brother will be over to install chair rail and, voila! C'est fini!

    It's the most beautiful shade of sky blue you've ever seen. Well...I've actually seen it before...

    When I was little, when my parents bought their first (and last - they've been there 29 years now) first house, they painted my room sky blue. Apparently, my Dad bought enough paint to touch it up FOREVER. For years, I BEGGED for a new color, pink! Or any color that was not blue! When it came time for a whole-house touch up about the time I was 13, my parents had the NERVE to paint each room a new color (including theirs, which turned out PINK!) and REPAINT MINE BLUE. I swore up and down until 1991 (the year they renovated and my new room was WHITE) my poor children would never ever, not ever, not even once have a blue room.

    Well guess what? Son's nursery in our old house? Blue.
    Son's room in this house? Blue.
    Apparent new baby's room? Blue.

    What the hell is wrong with me??!!

    October 27, 2005

    Radio Silence...

    sorry for the radio silence - I hate it when bloggers do that... especially pregnant ones, I worry that something has happened.

    All is fine. Monday, Son had 2 cavities filled. The second one required novicaine. On the way home, since he couldn't feel his tongue or cheek, he chewed them up quite impressively. By the time he returned home, he looked like he had a baseball in his cheek. Of course, 20 minutes later, the numbness wore off and he was MISERABLE. And there is NOTHING more miserable to a parent than to see their child obviously miserable and in pain. Of course, then he had nothing to eat AT ALL for 36 hours. Barely drank water, because it hurt. Of course, no speaking either. Finally, he discovered that he COULD drink, so he had 2 meals of PediaSure (I always keep some in the fridge for emergencies and boy was I thankful I had them!). Finally yesterday for lunch, he tried a solid food and, in very small bites, was able to eat! Just a little, but it was progress!

    Today he is still swollen (inside and out) and not talking correctly, but he can see that the saltwater rinses have helped, and is a bit more willing to do them. Thank goodness!

    Everything else is fine - we're just gearing up for Halloween on Monday. Today at Son's school, there is a costume parade and Halloween party, so that is very exciting and we'll be going to watch it!

    October 20, 2005

    Movie Review: Saw

    MAN! This was a great movie! I absolutely LOVE a good horror movie, and they are so hard to come by, we never get to see any. BUT this one....was GREAT!

    The idea is fantastic - some maniac picks 2 people that are linked to each other in their lives, but probably don't know it. Then there's some sort of "test" where one has to die in order for the other to live - in this case, the main story is a DR who is cheating on his wife AND was once a suspect in these odd murders (there are quite a few of them, and they show the other ones, very cool!) and the private investigator following him wake up locked in a disgusting bathroom - each chained to the other side of the room. The killer leaves a recorded message for each of them, telling them what they need to do to live and consequences if they don't - in the killer's mind, he wants to make these people appreciate life more. Apparently, for the DR to live (and his wife and daughter to live), he must find a way to kill the other guy, Adam, chained up across the room. They are each given a saw - which they can use to cut off their foot to either escape or accomplish their task.

    It's a great flick w/twists that we didn't see coming at all. And the flashbacks to the other competitions were great - super eerie, but great.

    I highly recommend it - and am trying to figure out a way to get to see Saw2 when it comes out next Friday night.

    October 19, 2005

    October 18, 2005

    30 Weeks...

    30 Weeks along here...I'm thinking 8 more weeks to go, which takes me to December 13. But, of course, I'm sure I'll be wrong and it'll be like January 10 or something!

    Not much new to report...
    Nursery? Nope.
    Name? Nope.

    I did buy the top sheet for the crib and the crib ruffle yesterday from Pottery Barn, so they'd match. We DID select a paint color for the nursery (going to do blue instead of sage) and curtain color (red, also from Pottery Barn, probably).

    Physically? Still tired. Still huge. A lot of my shirts are getting way too short - might have to buy yet more shirts in size Large, just for the extra belly material - though i'm not sure how that'll look in the arms and chest part.

    I'm having a very difficult time w/the pants...I have 5 pair, that I would deem wear-able to work:
  • black pair from the Gap
  • light tan cords from the Gap (need to hem first)
  • dark brown cords
  • 4 pair of jeans (2 from the last pregnancy that aren't hideously out of style)

    Since I only work 4 days a week, this seems like a reasonable number of pants to me (doesn't count yoga pants and stuff I wear at home)...BUT there is a rumor that the powers-above are deeming jeans as inappropriate work-wear, even w/a nice top and boots. Grrr...I'm not buying any more pants (really, all I would be able to do is buy a second pair of a pair that I already own - I tried on EVERYTHING Gap makes, and Motherhood makes, and that's all I found that fit). Crap. I'll keep you updated, because I'm sure you'll be holding your breath, waiting to hear!

    Anyway - very excited about the baby, and only freaking a little that it's 8-10 weeks until his arrival date!!! I can't wait to officially meet the little guy!
  • Who Knew?

    That wearing full panel (belly covering) maternity pants could be SO GOD-AWFUL UNCOMFORTABLE that they would ruin a perfectly good mood? Apparently they can, be warned. AND not only do I have an elastic band running over the TOP of my belly, making my uterus uncomfortable and my lungs feel like I'm suffocating, apparently JR isn't pleased either, as he has been kicking at the band since I put the damn pants on.

    It's going to be a GREAT day!

    Side note: to the blonde in the elevator --> no matter how "dressy" the capri pants are, the waistband should cover YOUR UNDERWEAR, at least when you're at work! OR try for a shirt that covers your belly/backside. One or the other, or both even! No way would I allow an employee of mine to run around looking like that at work.

    October 17, 2005

    Update on HBO Documentary...

    it wasn't SHOCKED, it was Smashed...

    here's the link to the show ...

    I finally finished watching this weekend. It was so sad and amazing. The brat Timmy though (the young one that hit a tree driving ATV after drinking) was back up to his old tricks again by the end of the show. Um, Hello? Did you not get the message the first time? He will never fully recover from the brain-damage he inflicted on himself the first time, now he's drinking and riding ATVs again. I couldn't even understand him fully when he was justifying to his mom, saying how now that he knows his limits, he can drink and drive safely. Positively revolting. And Mom & Dad? BTW, it is possible to get rid of his ATV for him or take away some stuff or not let him go out and drink - he IS still under 18 and living in your house. At least please try to fix the problem and not just let him go do stupid crap and whine about it!

    I saw a new documentary about the AIDS epidemic. This was also on HBO. It is called Pandemic: Facing AIDS - Russia". Apparently it is one in a series of 6, filmed by Rory Kennedy and funded by Bill Gates. It is amazing. In this episode, we meet Lena and Sergi. They were drug addicts. Lena gets pregnant and manages to stay clean while pregnant. A short while after the baby is born, a "friend" brings over some heroin and they spiral back down. Lena, unable and/or unwilling to care for her tiny son, leaves him w/her mother. They continue to do drugs and BOTH contract AIDS.

    What they find most healing for themselves, is working now as AIDS Activists. Spreading information about how AIDS is contracted, to try and slow the spread of the disease. This is a wonderful cause. Sergi goes to the doctor and finds out he needs treatment now, and WITH the treatment, he can expect to go "full-blown" in about 1 year, 2 max. He claims to be sad that he won't see his son grow up. This is the first we see of Sergi acknowledging that he even HAS a son.

    Lena visits her mother - and of course they get in a fight. Her mother says it would be nice if Sergi would bother to send money and food to help care for the toddler (he is adorable). Lena says he won't as long as he isn't allowed to see his son. (which to me is ridiculous - the boy needs to be supported whether or not Sergi gets to see him, if he was a good man he'd send money regardless).

    When Sergi returns to the DR to start treatment, he finds the hospital has been closed due to lack of funds. The speaker points out that even though Russia's policy is that all AIDS patients are guarenteed care, the budget only allows for 600 patients. There are currently 1 million people living with HIV in Russia.

    Yes it was eye-opening. But really just disgusted me more w/Lena and Sergi for the abandonment of their son, more than anything else. Yes, AIDS is a problem. Though it is a problem they gave themselves thru their drug use. I have never been a drug addict, so of course it is easy for me to criticize, but I would that they are CLEAN, they would be wanting to spend as much time w/their son as they could and working to make sure he had money left to him for his care since they surely won't be around much longer. Nope. At the end, they were being allowed weekend visits with him, which is good. But for me, it is never enough where children are concerned.

    October 16, 2005

    A lovely Sunday...

    Our darling son allowed us to sleep in until 8:45! What a difference from 7:30! We had a big breakfast and they've gone off to the Air & Space Museum...I've opted out because not only have I been there a bazillion times before, it's too much walking for me - just the THOUGHT makes me tired. So I'm home "relaxing"... which really means...

  • washing the linens for the guest bedroom and putting them back on, so that if brother and sister-in-law have to come to stay w/son in an emergency they've got somewhere clean to sleep.
  • putting away a weeks worth of son's laundry in his closet (I hang everything).
  • picking up family room and kitchen.
  • maybe watching a little TV in our new family room furniture that just arrived Friday! Yay for new chairs!
  • October 13, 2005

    Time to get thru?

    In calling Delta Dental, to inquire about the less-than-expected coverage we're receiving, it took 4 minutes to get thru the menus. Of course this included entering my SSN and date of birth, son's name and date of birth - only so that when I finally got thru to an operator, she asked me for the same damn information again!

    Also - it seems they don't deem anesthesia necessary for a 3 year old to get a cavity filled- WTF? Seriously?

    October 12, 2005

    Not a good show for a pregnant Mommy...

    This morning the little dude slept in until 8:30. Since I was up and ready to leave the house at 7 a.m., I had some time to burn so I turned on the TIVO and checked out the TIVO suggestions that it had recorded.

    I found SHOCKED, which is a documentary on HBO about teens and alcohol. Their stories were shocking and LIVE.

    There was Timmy, a 15 year old that was drinking and then went riding on his ATV. Apparently he swerved to miss a bunny and hit a tree - cutting the tree in half with HIS BODY. And hit his head severly as well. I made it through to day 7 in Shock / Trauma today. He was just taking his first steps since the accident. It was heartbreaking to see him recover, being able to compare what I was seeing to what a 15 year old should be talking/walking/acting like.

    There was a girl, 16, that got in the car w/a drunk guy that she thought was HOT. He hit a tree with her side of the car. She has recovered phsyically about 90%, but mentally is a very different story. She apparently has lost the ability to learn. She kept trying for a while to learn and goto school, then I guess just gave up.

    There was another girl, 17, that got into a car with someone she didn't know had been drinking and he had a terrible accident and she hit the windshield. She is phsysically impaired somewhat, but can had to relearn to walk and talk again. She will not be able to live independently between the physical and mental damage.

    There was the young guy, 19, who had cut back to 6 beer-a-day habit. He had 3 beers then drove himself home, with no seatbelt. He lost control of the car and rolled it. Luckily for him, he seemed to be recovering just fine. I seriously pray he meant it when he said he'd never do that again.

    There was the poor kid that drank a bottle of vodka himself while goofing off at the mall w/his friends. Then he fell THREE STORIES onto a tile floor. I didn't get to see much of his story yet, but he also didn't look to be in too bad of shape, given what had happened to him.

    I can only pray and pray and pray that my children will never do any of these stupid things, and the sheer terror I feel when I think about it is so overwhelming, I don't really allow myself to go there.

    October 11, 2005

    Is it December yet? Or, 29 weeks.

    I am so big. It is difficult to get things off the floor. I get exhausted doing nothing. I can only sleep 2 hours at a time, because I either have to flip from one side to the other (and that requires being awake, at this size) or I have to pee.

    BUT! Things are moving along! I think we'll get the nursery painted this weekend (fingers crossed!) and things setup. I washed the carseat liner this weekend (from when son #1 used it) so that's ready to go as soon as I re-install it in the carseat. I'm hoping to run by Gap Maternity today after work for some work pants (seeing as I have 1 pair of pants and am currently wearing them!)... Let's hope they're having a sale! They are way too pricey, but the Motherhood Maternity store doesn't have any full belly pants and low-rise are too painful to wear at this point.

    This was a fabulous weekend! It was a 4 day weekend for me, with Columbus Day! Yay! We (mostly hubby) got the basement cleaned out and organized. We got lots of playtime with Son (and the house is a wreck to prove it!) and even went out to eat yesterday for a nice lunch!

    AND Hubby found a Black Widow spider yesterday under our rain spout. YIKES! Nothing to make a mother nervous than reading "not lethal to those over 5". Umm.. that would mean IS lethal to 50% of my household! Very Scary stuff indeed (of course, that particular black widow did not live longer than it took to snap a quick pic for verification purposes - it definitely is a black widow, based on it's look and behaviour).

    That is all - tomorrow, 29 week OB appt. Wish me luck on the scale!

    October 06, 2005

    4D ultrasound today!

    This is so exciting! The technology just became available at the end of my pregnancy w/my son 4 years ago, and I think I was TOO FAR along to get one. So today...hubby and I are going to find out what our second little boy looks like (excuse me while I tear up just thinking about that)...

    Anyone like 4D and 28 week belly shots? I'll email them to you if I know you're not some weirdo...

    October 05, 2005

    How To Irritate Me

  • 9:07 I arrive at Q*uest D*iagnostics to take my fasting 1-hour glucose test. Sign my name on the walk-in chart, and mention to the receptionist why I'm there (there is a sign that says to tell them immediately if you're there for a timed test). She "whatever"s me into the waiting room.

  • 9:25 Lady in front of my is SUPRISED that they would like her insurance information before they do her labwork. Because this is shocking. I don't know about other areas of the country, but this is DEFINITELY common practice in our area. I must wait longer while they call around trying to find her husband and his insurance card. No, this isn't annoying AT ALL.

  • 9:35 She FINALLY calls my name. I goto counter w/DRs order, noting that I've just burned 1/2 an hour, haven't started on the test yet, am STARVING, and now having Braxton-Hicks contractions because I don't know if I'm allowed to have water or not. She informs that no one in the DRs officed filled out the paperwork as to which test I'm supposed to have. She calls the DRs office - they say to fax the blank request to them and they'll fax back one w/the proper box checked. GRRRR.

  • 9:40 No fax yet. I call the DRs office - they say it's the 1 hour test, not the 3 hour test, which I knew, but the receptionist either needs to hear it from the nurse or have a fax, my word isn't good enough. The nurse sounds irritated w/ME?? WTF? Like they aren't going to get quite the earful Tuesday when I go in for my 29 week checkup.

    I drink the gross orange drink (think really sweet orange soda. Really sweet doesn't bother me, as I've been living on ice cream and chocolate, but I HATE ORANGE SODA).

  • 10:45 Have blood drawn. Nurse is APPALLED at the state of the vein on my left arm, which coincidentally, the nurse at my OB's office BLEW OUT 3 weeks ago, when SHE was drawing blood. Nurse is so appalled, she comments on the state of my vein multiple times. I know it all f-ed up now, it hurt like a son-of-bitch when she blew it, thank you very much, and gave me a dark purple bruise that was 5 inches long.

  • 10:50 finally get in damn car and scarf down some of son's pretzels that I keep in the car for emergencies (you only get stuck in rush hour traffic w/a toddler that hasn't had breakfast ONCE without food in the car).
  • October 04, 2005

    28 Weeks!

    Is today! I go tomorrow for the glucose test (please, please, please let me pass) and Thursday for our 4D ultrasound! So exciting.

    I am really uncomfortable pretty much all the time now. Sitting is uncomfortable, unless I'm reclined on the couch to give the big belly the space it needs (and JR, who is all spread out and Not In A Tight Fetal Position). Sleeping is funny - by 3 a.m. last night I was done trying to sleep and lay down because it was uncomfortable anyway (and I feel so guilty in any position other than on my left side, because all I see when I close my eyes is JR suffocating) and every time I shifted? Woke up JR. Then had to wait for him to be still, and needed to shift again. GRRRR.

    My clothes are getting too tight in the ... you guessed it... belly. I have no idea what the heck I'll be wearing in November because all of my short-sleeved shirts are already tight across the belly. Hopefully the winter shirts are more full cut? Humor me and say that of course they are. I totally see myself in the office in December in hubby's old tshirts and sweats.

    And my legs are so TIRED. And I am SO TIRED. I couldn't get out of bed today, and my head felt like I had the flu (I don't), but it was SO HARD getting out of bed...if son didn't have school today, we'd probably still be home lying there.

    Please note: this complaining is simply complaining because I'm uncomfortable and TIRED. NOT because I'd like to not be pregnant, no way no how. I am so grateful to have made it this far, and still fear the worst happening (haven't managed to send doppler back yet), it's crazy. But I am still uncomfortable.

    Congratulations Amalah!

    On the cutest little boy, Noah! And at 9 pounds 15 ounces, quite the little guy already! BUT SO CUTE I CAN'T STAND IT!

    October 03, 2005

    Little Dude!

    He is rolling around and squirming like a mad man. I've been sitting here for at least 20 minutes watching lumps appear and disappear across my belly. Or simply slide from one side to the other. Or bump out. Very cool, but darn if it doesn't feel like he's trying to stretch his arms and legs out. I think we may have what we had w/my son - a child that's not above average size at birth, but that doesn't do fetal position...meaning he's not cramped into a little ball - he's in there w/arms and legs nice and spread out, not curled up at all, making ME acommodate HIS size, instead of vice versa.

    Fall Weekends...

    What a lovely weekend!!!

    Friday night our neighbors had a housewarming party - it was a lovely party and well attended. I hear that guests stayed until 1:30 a.m. Who does that? The hosts were EXHAUSTED the next day and had all this cleaning to do. And it's funny - I noticed that some people tend to treat parties like this just as if they're in a bar - being demanding of the hostess as if she was a waitress, which, HELLO, she is not.

    Saturday we hung around the house and hubby updated our landscaping to the new fall flowers. They look lovely. And we got a weeping cherry tree to replace the crappy dying evergreen the builder planted for us.

    Sunday was the neighbor's daughter's first birthday party. It was so cute - bugs theme. The mom made a fabulous bug cake and had little pots of pudding/oreo crumb mix for the kiddies (with gummy worms!).

    The decorator came Friday and we picked out paint colors for the family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. As well as window treatment fabrics for kitchen and family room. AND my new sofa came a month early! I love it, though I think hubby is slightly less enthused about it as I am. But I think it is great and looks great - have already had a nap on it even!

    September 29, 2005

    Desperate Housewives?

    Anyone catch the premier of this one?? (Yes, I do love TV, why do you ask?)

    It was ok...did answer some questions and update everyone all the way 'round. Interesting, but not much left to wonder, except about the new neighbors though!

    AND LOST! Did anyone else catch last night's episode?? MAN! What a good one! Now I have to wait a whole damn week to catch another episode? Of course, I have Survivor tonight then a busy weekend, but STILL!

    And the Amazing Race! That was actually pretty good- though I would never sign up for that with little kids unless ALL the teams had little kids. It's just not fair, from a physical perspective.

    Anyway...what have YOU been watching?

    September 28, 2005

    27 weeks (yesterday)...

    27 doesn't actually feel any different than 26 weeks. Except I'm one week closer to my actual glucose test time (next week)...

    The nursery bedding arrived Monday - so yesterday I stopped at Lowes and got 1 of every sage / red / white paint chip they had to start matching (don't know if the room will be sage or red) you KNOW how many paint chips that is? A LOT - who knew there were that many different shades. Any bets on whether or not any of them match the bedding? :-)

    No info on the name front either ... suggestions?

    Still here, still hungry, still tired, still pregnant (which are ALL GOOD THINGS)...

    SIDE NOTE: did anyone else see Nip/Tuck yesterday??? !!!! Must discuss it with someone!

    September 27, 2005

    Thoughts from the MALL

  • to the 3 elederly people in the elevator at Nordstrom. I am very sorry I couldn't help you. Telling me over and over (and over) that you want the elevator to go DOWN, when we are ON the 1st floor (I've worked in that Nordstrom for 7 years, it does not GO DOWN lower than 1), even when I ask you specifically what section or store you are looking for is not very helpful. I am sorry I could not help you and you got VERY VERY exasperated with me.
  • the lady wearing various shades of red: a red jacket, red pants, red shoes, red purse, red shirt. Was it intentional or did they all look like the same shade in your mirror at home? If so - why would you do that?
  • Dear Motherhood Maternity: NO work pants w/a belly panel? In a MATERNITY STORE? Really? Come on now folks...get with the program.

    I need a pair of shoes/boots that will work with both work clothes (business casual) and casual clothes (think jeans and brown cords)... any suggestions?
  • September 26, 2005

    Premier Week!

    Ok - So the good tv shows are back! (No spoilers here)

    Nip/Tuck --> this was an AMAZING season opener! Stunning. Fabulous. Excellent writing...the characters are back even more brilliant and alive than ever...GOOD JOB!

    Lost --> they really needed to answer a few more questions with this episode. Ok, they could've answered AT LEAST ONE question with this show, but it was still good - just not a good season opener.

    Desperate Housewives --> on my TIVO, will report back later...

    In other TV News...

    GO HOKIES! Excellent season so far - love Marcus Vick's playing, even if he doesn't have the great personality and common sense as his brother.

    Suvivor - this looks like a good season, though you always have your LazyPeople, Fakers ( cough cough Blake? Gary? ), losers that want to be winners ( cough cough Judd?) Still interesting though!

    Weekend Update...

    Ok...what a GLORIOUS weekend! For once, we had nothing to do! Yay!!! And boy did we make the most of it!

    Saturday we hung out - the men/boys got the outdoor stuff done and we relaxed. Can anyone say 4 hour family nap??!!

    Sunday - son slept until 9 AM!!!!!!!! Then we had a nice breakfast and went costume shopping (we already have his costume, but wanted some play dress-up things for son to play with --> for girls you can get that stuff anywhere anytime, but for boys, the only time that seems good for something other than fireman is HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!)...we got an Indiana Jones hat, cowboy hat, more guns (of course!), etc. Son really, really likes his Indiana Jones hat!

    Today, the baby is kicking like crazy, just under my left rib cage, like he's got a punching bag in there or something - and you can TOTALLY SEE it from the outside. So cool. Wonder what made him do that?

    September 22, 2005

    Stupid F-ing Pottery Barn Kids!

    Background Info...

    Last Thursday at lunch, I went to Pottery Barn Kids to purchase the bedding set that I had selected for the little one. They told me that I could only buy this set on-line (because they are different than the on-line catalog. Yeah, sure you are.

    So I come back to work and order the nursery set. LAST THURSDAY. The confirmation email says that the item is "Available for immediate shipping" and their website indicates those items should be rec'd w/in 5-7 days.

    So I check the status today -hasn't shipped yet? WTF? I call their customer service line and, I'm not kidding you, she tells me that there's a note on the order saying they cancelled it because someone found it for me in the store. WTF? Where the HELL did that come from??? This makes no sense.

    Thankfully (for them and the future of my orders from them) they are now shipping it to me RUSH with no shipping or rush charges.

    Can I just ever have things work like they should? I don't MIND paying shipping. I just want to place my orders, and have things delivered ontime and in expected condition. Apparently this is asking too much.


    I hope everyone does what they need to do to stay safe when Rita passes thru... it sounds like either TX has a better plan or they learned a lot from the mistakes with Katrina...I heard on the news today that if you need to be rescued after the storm, and you have children with you, you will also be arrested for child endangerment/neglect. They are also making good use of the area's buses - I hope they're able to get to any and all residents that don't have their own transportation.

    Be safe Texans.

    September 21, 2005

    26 weeks! ok, today is 26w1d, but who's counting?

    26 weeks! 1 more week until the third trimester and supposed viability.

    Sometimes the little one kicks and pushes so hard, it's like he's actually trying to get out...thru my skin. Sometimes, this really hurts.

    ALL of my low-rise maternity clothes are KILLING me... warning: you will need full-panel maternity for the end of the pregnancy, be fore-warned! BUT it's too hot to wear fall clothes (not that I've bought any yet) and the summer stuff is cutting off my circulation - what's a girl to do??

    PotteryBarnKids is taking their damn sweet time in sending out my bedding - ordered on Thursday, hasn't shipped yet. That's one thing I hate about them and companies like Gap/Old Navy. They think it's acceptable to sit on the order for a week THEN ship it. The Disney costume (Disney is just as busy, if not BUSIER, than these other companies, shipped the costume Monday morning (also ordered Thursday).

    Still no name for baby yet. I'm calling it Luke until someone comes up with something better (hint hint hint - get a move on!).

    September 20, 2005

    That's a lot of menus!

    I was changing the mailing address on a bill, and it took 2 minutes and 45 seconds of just going thru the menus to get to the place where I could hold for someone to take the new address. Sheesh!

    What do you do in this case?

    This morning on the elevator, we were squished in there, as is usual. I was right by the buttons when we stopped on the 2nd floor for even MORE passengers. A guy squeezed in, and instead of asking me to press 7 for him, slide his hand in front of me to push the button. I swear, if he had touched/rubbed my belly, we would've had some words. Is there some reason he couldn't just ASK me to press 7 for him? I couldn't move back, there were 2 people lined up behind me...what would you do if you were him? Ask or try to stealth-ly press the button??

    September 19, 2005

    Don't have much to add...

    My blood glucose test (which they did 4 weeks early, just to check things out) came back clear. I was terrified because the urine test was positive. Though I have to re-do the test at 28 weeks it's nice knowing we're all clear for now. The last thing I need is Gestational Diabetes hanging over my head. Of course, where the nurse blew my left arm vein LAST TUESDAY is still a 6 inch dark purple streak on my arm. I've been asked THREE TIMES TODAY (it's only 11:10 a.m.) already what happened to my arm, it looks so awful. She won't be touching me again. When the DR did the blood draw on the other arm, not only did he not leave a mark, it didn't even HURT (needle going in or out - the needles going out always hurt me more than going in - does anyone else notice this strangeness?).

    I ordered Son's Halloween costume - The Blue Knight as he calls it.

    And the baby's nursery decor: dinosaurs. Can't wait for it to get here so I can start matching and painting (ok, well hubby is doing the painting, but you know what i mean!)!

    September 15, 2005


    I know that I do that pregnancy-waddle-walking thing. Not a surprise to me. So PLEASE don't TELL me I'm doing it, or I will beat you over the head with my donut.

    And - using your arms to gesture to me how big I'm getting... is also not winning you any points either.

    And I've only been at work for an hour and a half!

    September 13, 2005

    25 weeks!

    Today I am 25w0d! Not much new in the belly area, just BIG. I don't see how I'm going to get 15 weeks more of growth down there!

    BUT I am freaking about
  • names
  • the nursery

    We have neither, nor plans or ideas for either one. Egads - how did this happen? Suggestions? For either?

    I think, at 25 weeks, I am ready to send back in my rental heartbeat doppler. I think I'm comfortable enough w/the movement to send it back. I thought, when I rented it, that I would send it back the first moment I felt movement. Hah - silly woman. I have been too terrified to send it back, afraid I might need it for reassurance. But I think by now, I can send it back. Wish me luck!
  • September 12, 2005

    for your reading pleasure...

    Okay, wise guy, what would YOU have done?

    Well hello there!!!

    We're BACK! We flew in yesterday...where were we? DISNEYWORLD! It was our yearly visit to Disney with Hubby's Mom. We had a FANTASTIC time. This is the first year son was tall enough to ride the majority of good rides (ex. Test Track, Dinosaur, etc.). And, of course, he LOVED them, but he didn't love any of them more than the Buzz Lightyear ride. I cannot even tell you how much he loved that one - I can't even count the number of times we rode it.

    The park was deserted. We walked right on to almost every ride - the longest wait for a good ride was about 5 minutes, at most. Hurricane Ophelia was spinning right off the east coast of Florida, and providing us with cloud cover, but very little rain, which is odd. We would check the weather channel and it would look like it should be raining on us, but it wasn't! One day was so cloudy we were SURE it was going to dump and I got a wee bit of sunburn!

    The new Soarin' ride is AWESOME. Fantastic. Super-duper. Loved it. Son was squealing with excitement! If you go, you must try it!

    Next year, when I'm not pregnant, I'll get to ride even more stuff w/son! I can't wait already.

    September 01, 2005

    Don't even know what to think...

    about what is going on in New Orleans right now. What the hell? Do they honestly think SHOOTING at the helicopters trying to help them is going to get them evacuated faster?

    I have my donations planned so far:
  • Michele is collecting money and schoold supplies to be shipped to the Astrodome to help the children with school - they will be displaced in a strange area for a long time, and without supplies.
  • My company is MATCHING donations made by employees to the Red Cross. This wasn't originally the charity I had picked out, but if they'll match what I donate, I'm willing to switch. I think they need another day or so to get it setup, then employees are asked and encouraged to donate.
  • August 31, 2005

    So that's why!

    We had our ultrasound yesterday - I LOVE those things! Getting to watch BabyBrother move around and flip and turn is fantastic! This time, he was actually measuring ahead by 3-5 days. On Aug. 4, he was measuring right on track. Since I know exactly when I ovulated, this doesn't mean my due date is wrong, it means HE'S BIG.

    Anyways, whenever I go up the stairs at our house, I am SO out of breath. I thought it was simply because
  • I'm out of shape
  • I'm pregnant and carrying 20 extra pounds
  • stairs suck

    BUT apparently someone's little butt is pushing into the right side of my ribcage already. Even the ultrasound tech thought that was a bit high for him to be at only 23 weeks. So, I hope I'm a little bit less out of shape than I thought and baby is just squeezing my lungs.

    For those of you that knew me when I was pregnant w/my son, you'll remember me complaining of the terrible pain that was Son's butt making my ribs separate. I thought I was having a heart attack and going to die. Looks like I'm in for more of the same this go round! yay!

    Luckily, he's already head down, though that could change, I sure hope it doesn't. AND we re-verified that he is BabyBrother and not BabySister.
  • August 30, 2005

    23 Weeks...

    Today I am 23 weeks. Just last night hubby was being amazed at the naked belly and I reminded him, 17 more weeks of growth, by the way.

    By now, I can feel BabyBrother moving quite a bit. The other night he got the hiccups and hiccup-ed for 20 minutes. Of course, this was RIGHT as I laid down to goto sleep, so that was fun. Apparently he liked dinner last night (chicken quesadillas and pasta w/sauce, and a 1/2 a milkshake) because he was rock'n and roll'n at bedtime.

    I've picked up a few fall pieces of maternity clothes at Target...and need to go thru what I wore last pregnancy. Though I have to buy a "work" wardrobe, because when I was pregnant last time, I was at a start-up and jeans were OK. Not so much now. Of course, as soon as I start shopping (yesterday) takes down their site for maintenance. FYI, when I run a company, our website will NOT go down for 2 days during back to school shopping! Not for 2 days for ANY reason...the site should be ready to be uploaded with a minimum of downtime. You don't upload then test it out.

    I'm getting hotter too (hotter, not sexier)...this is odd for me, it didn't happen w/the first pregnancy.

    And HUNGRY! And TIRED!

    Second sonogram today, wish me luck! Also trying to schedule the 4D sonogram for October!

    August 29, 2005

    Satellite Radio Comparison...

    Ok...hubby ended up w/a new car last week. It's a LONG story, but here's the short version:

    Last Tuesday night we tried to put the baby seat into the back of hubby's sedan. Remember that hubby is 6'2". Neither my son or the new baby can sit directly behind hubby. No configuration of the 2 car seats in the other 2 rear seast (middle seat and behind-passenger-seat) worked. Truth: this car would no longer work for our family.

    So Wednesday hubby and I take lunch and goto the Toyota dealer near my office to checkout the new Sienna minivan. Hubby is SO not a minivan person, but he was thinking he could take one for the team if we liked it enough...He hated it. Seriously, he was looking rather green and like he was going to vomit the whole time.

    I suggested we look at some bigger sedans and we found one he liked and had room for hubby to drive and the sales guy ( 6'1" tall ) to sit BEHIND him. That is a large sedan!

    But back to satellite radio - this car came w/Sirius radio, where we have only been an XM radio family. So this weekend, on our trip to visit family in PA, we got to sample Sirius' programming.

    So here is the review:
  • quality of sound --> XM and Sirius are equivalant, I guess. I did not notice a difference.
  • signal strength -->Sirius dropped out more than the XM Radio did.
  • Programming --> selection of stations was equivalant.
  • Commercials? --> XM Radio is commercial free. Sirius is NOT and that is quite annoying.
  • Talking DJs --> XM Radio only has DJs for the commuting part of the day, and they limit their talking to announcing song requests, and this is not on all stations. Sirius DJs seem to YAP after EVERY SONG, on every station, which is annoying if you're not used to it.

    So - if you have a choice (some car makers only offer 1 or the other), get XM!
  • August 25, 2005

    And we're off!!!

    I just got back from the furniture store! I made a decision on the couch fabric - the lady showed me a computer image of the 2 fabrics I like and it was easy to pick - what had been my favorite fabric is really more of a chair fabric, and a bit obnoxious in couch size. Then picked out 2 new leather chairs and ottoman to complement, and VOILA! Furniture ordered!

    Now I just need to get my butt to Lowes to order white wood blinds. Then to measure out the entertainment center we like and make sure it is big enough for the spot we've picked, and that the TV fits in it, and we can order that too! Hopefully, we can order the window treatments shortly as well! Man, this is really moving along!!!

    Since I'm pretty boring today, go check out these chicks...
  • Enjanerd --> she's dealing w/an insane vistor!
  • Girl From Florida --> she's recently discovered she's going to be a Mommy!
  • August 23, 2005

    The New Mommy Crack

    The Container Store.

    Enough said.

    Technical Difficulties...

  • BioTurf, the people installing our sprinkler system, cut our phone line yesterday. So no phone or DSL at home. :-(
    It's funny - the phone worked until they arrived, then stopped working w/in 30 minutes of arrival, but they don't think they did it. None of our neighbors are having problems either. Just us. Hmmm. Who do YOU think is getting the repair bill?
  • Firefox lost my history yesterday - so my list of blogs to read is GONE. This is most upsetting. If I haven't stopped by your blog in a while, drop me a line, it's quite possible I can't remember or find the URL. This is the second time in 10 months it's done that and I have no idea why...any of you have a clue?
  • I'm tired.
  • August 22, 2005


    This was a great weekend!!! My best friend from Blacksburg came up w/her 3 year old.

    Saturday: we went to Baltimore, MD to goto the Aquarium, joined by my other best friend and HER 3 year old. While it was packed, we saw LOTS of cool stuff! The boys finally saw the PufferFish they were dying to see. Then lunch at Cheesecake Factory, where we thought it might be a bit long for 3 3year olds, they were GREAT!

    Sunday: down to DC for the National Natural History Museum - mostly to see the DINOSAURS! A BIG hit, if I do say so myself. Then we got tons o'stuff at the shop (the toy where they bury bones in a mound of rocks/dirt and the kid has to dig it out themselves was a HUGE hit) and books and things, then back onto the Metro for a ride home! Son loved it - and hubby did too, bonus!

    I. am. tired. now. So. very. tired.

    BONUS: at my last OB appt, the DR gave me another sonogram order! He didn't see my original ones in my file and re-wrote it! Yay! (did I already tell you guys that? Ooops if I did! But I am SO EXCITED TO GET AN EXTRA PEEK!)

    August 18, 2005

    No More

    anonymous comments - some asshole was spamming me at the rate of like 1 per minute. Sorry.


    I don't have anything interesting today (shocking, I know).

    I have my OB appt, which is always so fun, NOT! I thought when everyone talks about getting proper prenatal care, it was a big deal. Basically, until you are 32 weeks, you go in, maybe pee in a cup, get your fundus measured, check for baby heartrate, and off you go. Maybe a tiny blood donation, depending on where you are in your pregnancy (I had the usual workup + a check for fifths disease since a friend's child had been exposed). I KNOW they can catch bad stuff early, but if you're lucky enough to have an uneventful pregnancy, they are pretty quick and painless. Today we are reviewing the results of my ultrasound from Aug. 4 - measurements of baby + how much fluid he's got, etc.

    Oh, and I'm tired today. Don't have anything to eat for lunch, so will have to drive around and scrounge for fast food again. I wish for a regular lunch! But I don't have anyone to go with, and I'm not going to a restaurant alone (yes, I'm a big big baby).

    Please wish Jo a speedy labor and birth, TODAY as she's way past due and deserves to meet her little one!!!

    August 17, 2005

    Summer Reading

    So. When we were at the beach last week, I actually read TWO books! My sister-in-law brought them for me...they were:

    London Bridges

    James Patterson books are light and quick reads. Also, the story is usually so good, it makes you not want to put the book down. I enjoyed both books very much, but if I were BUYING the hardcover, I'd like to get more read-time out of them. More like Harry Potter complexity, which take longer to read because of the extra subplots and detail.

    But for the beach, the James Patterson ones are great! And always a twist of some sort that I never predict!

    August 16, 2005

    Sandwich Meat - the big NO NO

    apparently, pregnant women aren't supposed to eat sandwich meat!

    foods to avoid

    Apparenty sandwich meats and hot dogs have a high listeria bacteria rate...and "they" have deemed them not worth the risk for pregnant women.

    I do know that Subway will microwave meat for you, if you ask (I heard this, I don't eat at Subway, I favor Cheeseburgers!).

    I do, however, scarf down hotdogs if they are cooked by my hubby or myself, making sure they're heated high enough. No mall or street vendor dogs for me though!

    The sandwich meat thing, though, was not around when I was pregnant w/my first son - but I don't remember if I wanted sandwiches or not or if I ate any. This pregnancy, I stick w/ PB&J or grilled cheese or cheese and mayonaise!

    What do you others think?

    21 Weeks!

    So - what am I like at 21 weeks?

    Well, in a nutshell, HUGE!

    Long story version:

  • I am very hungry.
  • I am very tired.
  • My belly is HUGE and my belly button is already gone, and after a big meal, even STICKS OUT!
  • I am very tired.
  • It is very difficult for me to pick up my son anymore.
  • It is very difficult to carry anything in front of me (like you would carry a laundry basket in front, on your stomach). Side carrying is not comfy either, so I usually ask hubby (who is GREAT about offering before I ask) to do these carrying tasks.
  • It is not possible to roll over in my sleep - it requires waking to roll - it is very odd to always wake up in the same position you went to sleep in. On that note, I am getting tired of sleeping on my left side (the suggested position for women over 4 months).
  • I can make the baby move/kick by laying on my left or right side. Also by pressing gently on the left or right side of my belly. Very cool. He also moves a lot when I'm sitting in my desk chair and I lean forward too much (I'm assuming I'm cutting in on his living space).
  • I am BEAT after walking up a flight of stairs.
  • I am SO EXCITED about the going to gym w/a personal trainer when this is done so I can whip back into shape. I'm going to ask for the toughest, meanest trainer they have.
  • I would REALLY LOVE a ham and cheese sandwich right now, and it sucks that I have to wait until the end of DECEMBER to have one. (though I wouldn't trade it for the world!)
  • I cannot get in and out of my husband's car (it sits too low to the ground and the seats are too bucket-like).
  • Having to squat for more than 1 second is painful (like to put on my son's shoes).
  • I'm so excited about new fall maternity clothes! I'm already tired of my summer ones! Apparently, all I bought for summer for work was white and black, which I just noticed today!
  • I love to hear the baby's heartbeat on my home doppler (I could find the heartbeat starting at 7w4d, but couldn't HEAR it on the doppler until more recently). It is SO AMAZING - I get awed and forget to turn off the doppler right away.
  • Breasts are still killing me - and are quite large - I'm up one full cup size.
  • Sense of smell is still quite amazing.
  • Also addicted to buying the baby new clothes, even though he won't really need much, since he'll be born almost exactly the same time as my first son. I cannot resist, have you seen the new Gymboree stuff? It's like MommyCrack. to get a water refill and find something to eat.