September 19, 2005

Don't have much to add...

My blood glucose test (which they did 4 weeks early, just to check things out) came back clear. I was terrified because the urine test was positive. Though I have to re-do the test at 28 weeks it's nice knowing we're all clear for now. The last thing I need is Gestational Diabetes hanging over my head. Of course, where the nurse blew my left arm vein LAST TUESDAY is still a 6 inch dark purple streak on my arm. I've been asked THREE TIMES TODAY (it's only 11:10 a.m.) already what happened to my arm, it looks so awful. She won't be touching me again. When the DR did the blood draw on the other arm, not only did he not leave a mark, it didn't even HURT (needle going in or out - the needles going out always hurt me more than going in - does anyone else notice this strangeness?).

I ordered Son's Halloween costume - The Blue Knight as he calls it.

And the baby's nursery decor: dinosaurs. Can't wait for it to get here so I can start matching and painting (ok, well hubby is doing the painting, but you know what i mean!)!

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vixanne wigg said...

Yeah! Glad to hear that you are GD free. It's an evil evil test!