September 26, 2005

Weekend Update...

Ok...what a GLORIOUS weekend! For once, we had nothing to do! Yay!!! And boy did we make the most of it!

Saturday we hung out - the men/boys got the outdoor stuff done and we relaxed. Can anyone say 4 hour family nap??!!

Sunday - son slept until 9 AM!!!!!!!! Then we had a nice breakfast and went costume shopping (we already have his costume, but wanted some play dress-up things for son to play with --> for girls you can get that stuff anywhere anytime, but for boys, the only time that seems good for something other than fireman is HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!)...we got an Indiana Jones hat, cowboy hat, more guns (of course!), etc. Son really, really likes his Indiana Jones hat!

Today, the baby is kicking like crazy, just under my left rib cage, like he's got a punching bag in there or something - and you can TOTALLY SEE it from the outside. So cool. Wonder what made him do that?

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