September 22, 2005

Stupid F-ing Pottery Barn Kids!

Background Info...

Last Thursday at lunch, I went to Pottery Barn Kids to purchase the bedding set that I had selected for the little one. They told me that I could only buy this set on-line (because they are different than the on-line catalog. Yeah, sure you are.

So I come back to work and order the nursery set. LAST THURSDAY. The confirmation email says that the item is "Available for immediate shipping" and their website indicates those items should be rec'd w/in 5-7 days.

So I check the status today -hasn't shipped yet? WTF? I call their customer service line and, I'm not kidding you, she tells me that there's a note on the order saying they cancelled it because someone found it for me in the store. WTF? Where the HELL did that come from??? This makes no sense.

Thankfully (for them and the future of my orders from them) they are now shipping it to me RUSH with no shipping or rush charges.

Can I just ever have things work like they should? I don't MIND paying shipping. I just want to place my orders, and have things delivered ontime and in expected condition. Apparently this is asking too much.

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