September 26, 2005

Premier Week!

Ok - So the good tv shows are back! (No spoilers here)

Nip/Tuck --> this was an AMAZING season opener! Stunning. Fabulous. Excellent writing...the characters are back even more brilliant and alive than ever...GOOD JOB!

Lost --> they really needed to answer a few more questions with this episode. Ok, they could've answered AT LEAST ONE question with this show, but it was still good - just not a good season opener.

Desperate Housewives --> on my TIVO, will report back later...

In other TV News...

GO HOKIES! Excellent season so far - love Marcus Vick's playing, even if he doesn't have the great personality and common sense as his brother.

Suvivor - this looks like a good season, though you always have your LazyPeople, Fakers ( cough cough Blake? Gary? ), losers that want to be winners ( cough cough Judd?) Still interesting though!


girl from florida said...

Going to do a TV post myself! LOVED nip/tuck season premier but thought the dream sequence at the beginning was a little lame and totally unoriginal (which is TOTALLY not what you'd expect from them!) Loved Lost, what a terrific show! I agree with you though.

Anita said...

You've got to watch My Name is Earl. It's the funniest and most touching show I've seen in years.