September 21, 2005

26 weeks! ok, today is 26w1d, but who's counting?

26 weeks! 1 more week until the third trimester and supposed viability.

Sometimes the little one kicks and pushes so hard, it's like he's actually trying to get out...thru my skin. Sometimes, this really hurts.

ALL of my low-rise maternity clothes are KILLING me... warning: you will need full-panel maternity for the end of the pregnancy, be fore-warned! BUT it's too hot to wear fall clothes (not that I've bought any yet) and the summer stuff is cutting off my circulation - what's a girl to do??

PotteryBarnKids is taking their damn sweet time in sending out my bedding - ordered on Thursday, hasn't shipped yet. That's one thing I hate about them and companies like Gap/Old Navy. They think it's acceptable to sit on the order for a week THEN ship it. The Disney costume (Disney is just as busy, if not BUSIER, than these other companies, shipped the costume Monday morning (also ordered Thursday).

Still no name for baby yet. I'm calling it Luke until someone comes up with something better (hint hint hint - get a move on!).

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vixanne wigg said...

The only pants that I can still wear comfortably are elastic. I have not caved and bought any of those full belly ones. They look so silly. But the comfortable pants all fall down because they creep down below my belly.

This is a problem.