September 27, 2005

Thoughts from the MALL

  • to the 3 elederly people in the elevator at Nordstrom. I am very sorry I couldn't help you. Telling me over and over (and over) that you want the elevator to go DOWN, when we are ON the 1st floor (I've worked in that Nordstrom for 7 years, it does not GO DOWN lower than 1), even when I ask you specifically what section or store you are looking for is not very helpful. I am sorry I could not help you and you got VERY VERY exasperated with me.
  • the lady wearing various shades of red: a red jacket, red pants, red shoes, red purse, red shirt. Was it intentional or did they all look like the same shade in your mirror at home? If so - why would you do that?
  • Dear Motherhood Maternity: NO work pants w/a belly panel? In a MATERNITY STORE? Really? Come on now folks...get with the program.

    I need a pair of shoes/boots that will work with both work clothes (business casual) and casual clothes (think jeans and brown cords)... any suggestions?
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