November 30, 2005

Good news, good news!

Just got work from our neighbors that the yucky neighbors ( the ones that "planted" random shit in their yard, and mowed TWICE the entire year and tried to grow dead bamboo ) are moving!!!! Apparently she had a baby and now refuses to bring the baby home to that house - she's too lonely in our neighborhood. (of course, there are never less that 15 people and 5 cars at that house, so I don't know what she's talking about, lonely)

It would be nice for my son to have someone his age to play with, but I'd never have picked them anyway. Remember, they are the ones that would lean out their kitchen door (no deck yet), openly stare at us for a long length of time, and burp so loudly she scared the bejesus out of me, even with our large lot sizes.

Maybe we'll get some normal people?

Today's Complaints...

Dear Linens & Things Manager - I expect to do returns at the return desk. Yes, I will glare at you with the stare of evil pregnant woman when you flippantly just tell me to get in a regular line and go sit back in the back room. Get off your lazy ass and give me my money back. (especially since I was waiting at the return desk, the regular lines went from 0 customers to 5 and now I will have to be #6 in line. Thanks.)

Dear XM Radio: Christmas music from Kelly Clarkson (or whoever sings "My Grown Up Christmas") doesn't count as Christmas music and don't play it on the 24 hour Christmas music channel. I expect to hear Frosty, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and all the regular songs. Even if they are songs that aren't my favorite, fine, but make them REGULAR CHRISTMAS MUSIC DAMMIT. Even stupid new variations on old hits will do.

Dear Santa's Helpers at the Mall: it is no easy feat to get a four year old on Santa's lap (oh, how we LOVE Santa, but when actually FACED with Santa, it's a different story) AND SMILING. So, if I do manage this feat (with the boy in a nice Christmas sweater no less), and you lose the pics because you rebooted the computer AFTER you took the pic, don't be surprised when I give you a look. And don't continue to be surprised when you do this 2 more times, the looks get meaner and meaner. Good grief - how long CAN a 4 year old be expected to sit on some stranger's lap and smile?? Seriously.

And don't get me started on the COST of these pictures. Goodness! And of course, every relative is expecting his or her own 5x7.... because that's not pricey for me at all. In addition to all the school portrait 5X7s I just bought and handed around like candy. This kid thing is EXPENSIVE!

Dear Birthday Party Attendees: Please do not come to my party with the throwing-up kind of stomach virus. I really do appreciate that you WANT to see my son and see him open his presents, have cake, etc. I also think it's too cute to be missed. But to risk giving it to him or worse yet, ME is in-excusable. I've always been a bit more careful about bringing my son to visit people when he's even got a cold than I notice other parents are, but some sickesses you stay home for. Seriously. I know some people say, "let him get it now, then he'll be immune to it later!" but seriously, do you know how stupid that sounds when you say it? I'd much rather have a 6 or 7 year old w/a stomach virus than a 4 year old. People think it's no big deal to spread colds and things around... well, then, they can bring their butts over to my house at night-time to get up to sit w/the child that is awake because he can't breathe thru his nose, or can't sleep because he's coughing to much. At 9 months pregnant, it is more than I can handle and I will say something to you if I catch you bringing viruses into my house. My poor husband, every time he gets a "no big deal, it's just a cold" from someone, it turns into a sinus & respiratory infection. So much for "no big deal" huh? But people just seem oblivious and it really, really pisses me off.

I'm glad I was warned today about the stomach virus thing - I hope we go by unscathed. BUT since son and hubby are going to see PopPop this weekend (who is 94) I know to make damn sure they're as healthy as can be and not getting ready to have this virus before they go see him. Seriously, it could kill him. Then it would be a big deal, wouldn't it?

No, not really grumpy today, why do you ask? ;-)

November 29, 2005

36 Weeks!

Well... I have been at work long enough to set my stuff down and run downstairs (run, ha!) to the deli to get a bagel - and HAD 3 converstations about my belly.

"Girl - looks like you got a basketball, not a baby under there!"
"don't jump up and down or that baby's going to fall out!"
"when are you due, must be soon!"

So... yes, I am still getting MORE uncomfortable, though I didn't think I COULD get more uncomfortable.

For some reason, I cannot get around to packing our bag for the hospital. We keep talking about it, but I can't seem to DO IT. I have no idea why.

I'm hoping to get some belly shots today and nursery pics... any takers?

November 28, 2005

Why, hello there!!!

HI! How are you? I'm pretty good, but DAMN TIRED, if I do say so myself!

So where did I leave off? Ah yes, the night of no sleep. That was fun. And it set me up for being so damn tired I couldn't see straight!

Wednesday schedule: hang out and clean house for more houseguests on Thanksgiving. Make first ever chocolate pie, from scratch. Pray that it tastes good when I realize you cannot taste test a pie before guests arrive to ensure that it's ok.

Thursday: more houseguests arrive right on schedule! Lovely Aunt L, and her portable Thanksgiving dinner in a van arrive! That's right - our guests brought THE ENTIRE DINNER WITH THEM! What wonderful guests! Finish up first PUMPKIN PIE I've ever made, from scratch and also fret that the pie cannot be taste-tested before hand! Yikes!

Make mac&cheese (from scratch!) for dinner at my family's house ( the noon dinner ) and get son over there so we can eat w/them at noon.

Head back to my house to prep for evening meal with Hubby's aunt and mom. It was a GREAT meal! AND the pies were perfect, I might add!

Friday: trip to Kohl's as their after-Thanskgiving toy sale is unmatched! I find toys for all the under 3 children in our family at 50% off! Thanks to Aunt L and cousin R for helping me shop!! It is SO MUCH appreciated!

Prepare for Son's Fourth Birthday party, which is scheduled for Saturday at 2 (we had the party early to prevent baby brother from making his grand appearance on the day of the party, ruining it for son). THANK GOODNESS Aunt L & Family are still around - no way could I have done all that myself.

Saturday: party day! Party was a blast - everyone seemed to have a great time and there were just enough kids there, not too many and not too few.

By 7 p.m., we had our house back to ourselves. We spent some quality time just playing with our son alone then went RIGHT TO BED.

Sunday was GREAT! We got up, had breakfast, and I took a 2 hour nap on the couch watching hubby and son put together toys. Then lunch and son asked if it was time for his nap yet. WHAT? Why, of course it is! Off to bed we all go for "family nap time" and it was WONDERFUL!

How was your holiday? I could not have asked for more. We got to see everyone we love over the span of a couple of days and share a wonderful holiday and a celebration of son's birthday with them!

November 23, 2005

35W1D = False Labor #1

  • 2:00 a.m. - lower back pain wakes me
  • 2:30 - contractions start
  • 2:34 - next contraction
  • 2:37 - next contraction

    They continue at 3-4 minute intervals for 30-40 seconds each.

  • 3:30 - call DR (guideline is 5 minutes apart for 60 seconds). He says they are not intense enough yet. When they get to 60 seconds and I cannot breathe through them, come into hospital.
  • 3:30 - 7:30 contractions 3 minutes apart, 60 seconds. Same intensity as before.
  • 10:20 - arrive LATE for regularly scheduled DR appt. Find out have gained NO weight in last month! Yahoo! Also - 50% effaced, 0 cm dialted. Baby dropped all the way down by this time and DR can feel him.

    Diagnosis: false labor, go home, do not pass go.
  • November 22, 2005

    35 Weeks!!!

    Well here I am, 35 weeks! And today, my mother looked at me in my work clothes and said "VHM, really, you should buy shirts that are long enough to cover that belly!". Yeah, ok, they're short because I bought the wrong size, NOT BECAUSE I'M FREAKING HUGE. But thanks for the reminder that if I don't hold down the front of my shirt, I'm showing everyone my new outie belly button! It's a great look, I promise!

    Today, my MIL arrives from FL to celebrate Thanksgiving. My aunt and family (technically, hubby's aunt and family, but I love them like my own) arrive Thursday, with most of the holiday dinner in their van (aren't they GREAT??!!) - and are going to cook the evening dinner while I have a big Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Once again, aren't they GREAT?

    The window treatments in the family room and breakfast room and kitchen were installed yesterday and they look great! So the house is in order for a perfect holiday!

    (BTW, the nursery is DONE! If anyone would like a pic, let me know, and after my company leaves (there is a spare bed on the floor), I'll send one!)

    November 17, 2005

    And now, I need to do more shopping.

    After ironing for 10 minutes today, I find out I've outgrown 2 more shirts. At this rate, I'm going to work topless very soon (like the end of next week). Luckily, I found a great sweater I got at the Gap last pregnancy that not only fits, hubby said it was "slimming"! Yay! Must go around today and make sure every sees me in my slimming outfit!

    Side Advice: ORDER DIAPERS FROM AMAZON! They are slightly cheaper than you get in the store, they sell CASES, and they DELIVER FOR FREE! No more running to the store simply to buy diapers! I am in love!

    November 16, 2005

    And yet more shopping!

    Well - PBKids had 3 of the 4 84 inch panels that I needed. Oh well, 3 will have to do for now.

    Saw a funny thing in the parking garage. An Asian woman was trying to unlock a gold Toyota Highlander. She was having trouble - then noticed that the lights were blinking on the Lexus equivalant across the aisle, 5 cars down. Apparently THAT one was her car. It was also SILVER. Glad to know she's driving around in traffic w/me and my son.

    Shopping shopping and more shopping...

    Apparently I do love to shop!

    Here are the dinos we bought for Baby #2 this weekend:


    Bought this at Nordstrom yesterday:

    Nordstrom - how much do I love thee? When I was at Nordstrom, buying the dinos (I also bought the brontosaurus), the lady offered to carry them to the car for me! YAY! But right away she noticed the PBKids bag I had looked heavy ( 2 curtain rods, 4 fabric panels ) and INSISTED that I carry the stuffed animals and she carry the heavy bag! Yay for helpful people!!!

    AND...proof you should measure before you buy! I purchased 4 63" panels for baby's windows...apparently his windows are 65" tall - so back to the mall I go!

    November 15, 2005

    Made it thru the full moon

    Whew. That was a close one. When I was pregnant with my first child, for the last 2 full moons before my due date, I went into preterm labor and had to goto the hospital. Of course, quite scary.

    I hadn't thought about it much until a couple of days ago when I saw somewhere that yesterday was ALSO a full moon. Thankfully, no pre-term labor! Yay!

    Today - I am 34 weeks. Almost NONE of my maternity shirts cover my belly. None of the full-panel pants cover my belly (or are comfortable). I am a sight to see, I'm sure. I'm going today to Pottery Barn kids to get the window treatments for the baby's room then we just wait for the final decorations to arrive and VOILA the nursery will be done! YAY!

    Now I just have to prepare the house for a housefull of guests for Thanksgiving and we're all set to go!

    November 14, 2005

    Conversations with Morons.

    I need to order humidifier replacement parts for my mom's humidifier. Because it's fun to be me sometimes.

    So I goto the Holmes Website, where the shopping cart doesn't work if you're using Firefox, by the way. Which is my first clue these people are going to be a pain to deal with.

    So I open IE. Navigate to the page which tells you which filters go with which humidifiers.

    Cool - I see that 1 filter is 18.99, but 2 should be 29.99. Excellent. I click on the link for HWF80 (one link to order either the 1 pack or 2 pack, suspicious).

    It shows the quantity as 1. Hmm. I want 2 for 29.99. I update the quantity (which is where it dies if you use Firefox, BTW). It works - 2 for $37 and change. What?

    I send them an email inquiring how I get the deal of 2 for 29.99.

    I never hear from them.

    I call the customer service number.

    She informs me they are sold out of the 2 pack, as indicated by the fact that "29.99" is in red. oh. I thought that was to highlight the bargain price if you buy 2. No where on the page does it indicate that red text = sold out. Actually, at the top, IN RED NO LESS, it says, "Buy bargain packs & save more!". Apparently their usability people SUCK. They took a general usability standard (prices in red tend to indicate specials/price cuts, etc.) and used it for something else, totally confusing the customer.

    I only used their site to purchase the filters because I could find no one else to give my business to. Otherwise, I'd have happily given my money to someone else.

    Productive Weekend!

    We finished painting the nusery and some finishing touches on Son's room, that we'd been putting off. It looks fabulous!

    Hubby got all the furniture arranged in the nursery and guest rooms so all the right pieces are there. I hung up the few new clothes I got for baby #2. I ordered some "Super Saurus" stuff off ebay and a quilt hanger to hang his crib quilt on (everyone of course must buy a quilt for the crib, though you are never ever allowed to put it ON the actual baby, so weird).

    Our family room and kitchen got painted!!! Well, they have a tad left to do today, but the rooms LOOK GREAT. Like actual grown-ups with good taste live there! And this gives me the oppourtunity for some good cleaning in those rooms before hubby moves all the furniture back into place!

    Amd we went to the light store and bought drop lights to go over our island in the kitchen and viola! Decorated kitchen!

    So much progress!!!

    BTW - cold is ALMOST GONE! Don't need meds anymore!!!

    November 10, 2005

    Product Review: Tylenol Cold (Day)

    Well. Last night, after 90 MINUTES of coughing and hacking, I decided enough was enough. I went downstairs and had a cookie and a glass of milk (I don't take meds on an empty stomach) and 2 Tylenol Cold (Day). I decided on the day ones because the night ones only added an antihistimine, and the runny nose wasn't a problem. One less chemical, right?

    WELL! 20 minutes later I was sound asleep and I must say - that was the BEST sleep I'd had in a long time! And not another cough until 6:45 this morning! Fabulous! So I won't take anymore during the day because I can deal with it, but I'm sure tonight I'll be taking them again, right before bedtime!!!

    Love that stuff - I'll probably use it even after the baby comes it worked so well!

    November 09, 2005

    Phelgm attack, day 8

    Ugh. STILL stuffy, miserable, and coughing. Gross. It must be nice to wake up with me! I bought the Tylenol Cold yesterday (ok, hubby went out and got it for me) but I couldn't bring myself to take it. I didn't feel bad enough to cancel out the risks.

    BUT today, today I am truly miserable. AND I left the meds at home, so now of course, it's not even an option to take it. :-(

    A smart one am I.

    November 08, 2005

    Pandemic: AIDS

    So - the next episode came out. I watched it. I should've known better.

    (remember: 33 weeks pregnant = slightly hormonal)

    This one is the story of LEK, a Thai woman that has contracted AIDS.

    When she was 12, she was raped. This caused everyone (friends and family) to think that she was dirty and bad and not want her around.

    When she was 16 she married and had a son.
    When she was 17, her husband abandoned them. In order to support her son, she sent him to her mother's and promised to send money. How is an uneducated young woman going to earn money? She tried as a bartender. Found the money to be good in the sex industry (apparently boom in Thailand - where the people are poor, but have a huge sex industry? I do not understand).

    She liked her customers to use condoms, but sometimes the men refused (she said this was mostly when they and she were drunk). Now she has AIDS.

    She is one of the lucky ones - she got a bed at the AIDS Hospice run by monks, as it would bring shame onto her family for her to be seen there. They do not know how AIDS is transmitted and are very afraid of it.

    There are 200 beds. The waiting list is 10,000 people long. They bury 2 people a day.

    LEK goes to visit her family in the middle of the night. They are upset, but make her leave before morning. It is an 8 hour van ride each way.

    LEK has gotten very ill. Her family decides to take her in. She moves in with them and is so miserable. There is one scene where she's crying because she's just so angry and doesn't know what to do with herself. It is all so amazingly unfair (this is my thought, I imagine hers as well).

    LEK dies. You see her family in an immense amount of pain and all I can think of his her beautiful little boy. He is beautiful and smart. I hope he does well with his life, he is going to be a monk.

    One of the saddest things I've ever seen.

    33 Weeks!!!

    I just got back from my 33 week OB appt. Where I only gained 1/4 of 1 pound. How on EARTH that is possible, I have no idea. I'm sure I've consumed more than 1,000 extra calories since my last appt. 2 weeks ago... But I'll take good news whenever I can!

    Also - the DR said to try Tylenol Cold for my cold. I'm getting some ASAP for tonight. It doesn't bother me too much during the day, but since I sleep so poorly now anyway, adding in the super congestion and snoring so much I wake MYSELF (bless my poor hubby for putting up all the nocturnal activity - the noise of me simply rolling over, getting up to pee all the time, and now coughing and sniffling all night + SNORING LOUDLY) I'm exhausted.

    I thought they'd start checking me today, but nope. I guess at 35 weeks? I'm hoping to be nicely dialted by then - all these braxton-hicks contractions have to be doing SOMETHING to have them this strong and often.

    I also got the paper work started on the maternity leave and verified w/my boss that 3 months was the amount of leave I was going to take, so yay! Don't need to worry about that anymore!

    Now...gotta find some lunch!

    November 06, 2005

    It should be against the law...

    for pregnant women to get sick. I have a TERRIBLE cold, making me feel all goopy and stuffed up and tired and cranky, and sore-throatish. AND there's nothing I can take to make myself feel better, or at least able to BREATHE once in a while. GRR. If I could figure out what jerk spread the germ around, I'd be set!

    As a side note: The Hokies SUCKED last night - it was like watching a high school team play Miami. They were AWFUL - I think Marcus Vick only completed 3 or 4 passes THE WHOLE GAME. He fumbled, the punt returner fumbled ( which = Miami Touchdown ), interceptions, it was astonishing. They deserved to lose, the way they played. I have no idea what happened to them.

    November 03, 2005

    Come on people! You're really pissing me off!

    Ok...Picture me - hugely pregnant. It has just taken me an hour and a half to drive 24 miles. I get to work, put my stuff down and meander over the ladies room.

    The door won't open. What??? I have to pee. I yank on it some and pull on it and cuss up a storm. I'll figure this out later, and go to the 12th floor to pee (I'm on 11).

    Damn door there is locked too. OK, NOW I have to pee and I'm furious. What the fuck is going on???

    I find the receptionist... what the hell is going on w/the bathrooms I ask? She says you need a key because of the incident that happened the other day - it was in the email.

    WHAT? I did not get such an email, and believe me, if I had read they were LOCKING the bathrooms and NOT GIVING OUT KEYS it would've gotten my attention damn quick.

    I don't have time to argue with her - I tell her I need to go NOW and how do I go about getting a key this minute? (side note: I must be a pure JOY to work with)...

    She turns over the key she has at HER DESK... I go pee. Then she tells me who to call to find out why I'm not on the distribution list (and refuses to tell me WHAT EXACTLY happened that caused the locking of the bathrooms) and where I'll find a key in the future. Great - 1 key per floor. If I have to fucking stand in line to get a god damn key I'm not going to be pleasant. Stay tuned for a transcript of my call w/the security person in charge of this mess.

    November 02, 2005

    Apparently, I'm hot!

    Well! Before I even got to my desk this morning, THREE PEOPLE told me how fabulous I look. Well... one of them was my mother, but still! She usually doesn't just say that! The other two were the lady in the store downstairs and another lady on the elevator! Three unsolicited compliements! Yay me! Of course, I did take special care with my appearance today, as hubby and I are going out to a fancy-smancy restaurant for lunch together for our anniversary! But still!

    November 01, 2005

    Grrr....grumpy girl...

    ugh. The network server room is around the corner from my desk. And the network guys have been walkie-talkie-ing each other w/their Nextel phones all day. Don't they have a PHONE IN THEIR HAND? Do they have to subject everyone to that annoying tone that means someone wants to talk to you, then having to hear both ends of the conversation? It's a bit distracting, you know?

    THEN - people that always feel they need to be in the loop about everything damn thing going on in everyone's lives. When I hear crap like that ("so-and-so feels left out") about something I will get around to telling them shortly anyway, makes me NOT CALL and spread the news. Just to be pissy like that. LOOK - I'll get to you, don't be offended that your not #1 on the list, because then I just bump you lower and get irritated. Surprisingly, I call people that are PLEASANT to talk to first, imagine that.

    Boy, I really AM grumpy today!

    BTW - 32 weeks today! Which is definitely something to be happy about!!! :-)


    Son had a fabulous time trick-or-treating last night. It did take some coaxing to get him OUT the door, but apparently once they started, he was on a roll. AND so happy when he came home, so success!!!

    BUT let me tell you how lame some of our neighbors are! One house, turned OFF their porch light as son rang the bell. It was a large group of kids, son's group + another. And I guess they yelled at the people in the house. HOW RUDE! And 50% of the houses in our neighborhood had all their lights off. Talk about grumpy old people! These people have plenty of money, so having $$ to spare for candy isn't an issue - and almost all of those houses have at least 1 child living there...I wonder if they were out trick-or-treating and not giving out candy in return?

    We didn't give out nearly any of the HUGE STASH hubby bought...we always overbuy, even when we lived in a neighborhood that had plenty of kids coming around. Son thinks he's in heaven now, that he's got his own basket + our cauldron of treats!