November 22, 2005

35 Weeks!!!

Well here I am, 35 weeks! And today, my mother looked at me in my work clothes and said "VHM, really, you should buy shirts that are long enough to cover that belly!". Yeah, ok, they're short because I bought the wrong size, NOT BECAUSE I'M FREAKING HUGE. But thanks for the reminder that if I don't hold down the front of my shirt, I'm showing everyone my new outie belly button! It's a great look, I promise!

Today, my MIL arrives from FL to celebrate Thanksgiving. My aunt and family (technically, hubby's aunt and family, but I love them like my own) arrive Thursday, with most of the holiday dinner in their van (aren't they GREAT??!!) - and are going to cook the evening dinner while I have a big Thanksgiving lunch with my family. Once again, aren't they GREAT?

The window treatments in the family room and breakfast room and kitchen were installed yesterday and they look great! So the house is in order for a perfect holiday!

(BTW, the nursery is DONE! If anyone would like a pic, let me know, and after my company leaves (there is a spare bed on the floor), I'll send one!)

1 comment:

overactive-imagination said...

I'd love to see the sweet baby nursery!!

Where are the pregnant belly pics by the way??
Hope you are doing well.