November 01, 2005

Grrr....grumpy girl...

ugh. The network server room is around the corner from my desk. And the network guys have been walkie-talkie-ing each other w/their Nextel phones all day. Don't they have a PHONE IN THEIR HAND? Do they have to subject everyone to that annoying tone that means someone wants to talk to you, then having to hear both ends of the conversation? It's a bit distracting, you know?

THEN - people that always feel they need to be in the loop about everything damn thing going on in everyone's lives. When I hear crap like that ("so-and-so feels left out") about something I will get around to telling them shortly anyway, makes me NOT CALL and spread the news. Just to be pissy like that. LOOK - I'll get to you, don't be offended that your not #1 on the list, because then I just bump you lower and get irritated. Surprisingly, I call people that are PLEASANT to talk to first, imagine that.

Boy, I really AM grumpy today!

BTW - 32 weeks today! Which is definitely something to be happy about!!! :-)

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