November 10, 2005

Product Review: Tylenol Cold (Day)

Well. Last night, after 90 MINUTES of coughing and hacking, I decided enough was enough. I went downstairs and had a cookie and a glass of milk (I don't take meds on an empty stomach) and 2 Tylenol Cold (Day). I decided on the day ones because the night ones only added an antihistimine, and the runny nose wasn't a problem. One less chemical, right?

WELL! 20 minutes later I was sound asleep and I must say - that was the BEST sleep I'd had in a long time! And not another cough until 6:45 this morning! Fabulous! So I won't take anymore during the day because I can deal with it, but I'm sure tonight I'll be taking them again, right before bedtime!!!

Love that stuff - I'll probably use it even after the baby comes it worked so well!

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girl from florida said...

awesome! I ended up needing to take Robutessin, but it didn't help :( I was up all night coughing and as a result, am sooooooo sore today. UGH. Maybe I'll try Tylenol cold next.