November 06, 2005

It should be against the law...

for pregnant women to get sick. I have a TERRIBLE cold, making me feel all goopy and stuffed up and tired and cranky, and sore-throatish. AND there's nothing I can take to make myself feel better, or at least able to BREATHE once in a while. GRR. If I could figure out what jerk spread the germ around, I'd be set!

As a side note: The Hokies SUCKED last night - it was like watching a high school team play Miami. They were AWFUL - I think Marcus Vick only completed 3 or 4 passes THE WHOLE GAME. He fumbled, the punt returner fumbled ( which = Miami Touchdown ), interceptions, it was astonishing. They deserved to lose, the way they played. I have no idea what happened to them.

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girl from florida said...

I could have sworn I left a comment here the other day.

How are you feeling sweetie? I'm starting to feel sick too and I'm devastated since I'm right in the middle of my hell week :( :( :( qualifying exams. Can you take Tylenol Cold and Flu?