November 30, 2005

Today's Complaints...

Dear Linens & Things Manager - I expect to do returns at the return desk. Yes, I will glare at you with the stare of evil pregnant woman when you flippantly just tell me to get in a regular line and go sit back in the back room. Get off your lazy ass and give me my money back. (especially since I was waiting at the return desk, the regular lines went from 0 customers to 5 and now I will have to be #6 in line. Thanks.)

Dear XM Radio: Christmas music from Kelly Clarkson (or whoever sings "My Grown Up Christmas") doesn't count as Christmas music and don't play it on the 24 hour Christmas music channel. I expect to hear Frosty, Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and all the regular songs. Even if they are songs that aren't my favorite, fine, but make them REGULAR CHRISTMAS MUSIC DAMMIT. Even stupid new variations on old hits will do.

Dear Santa's Helpers at the Mall: it is no easy feat to get a four year old on Santa's lap (oh, how we LOVE Santa, but when actually FACED with Santa, it's a different story) AND SMILING. So, if I do manage this feat (with the boy in a nice Christmas sweater no less), and you lose the pics because you rebooted the computer AFTER you took the pic, don't be surprised when I give you a look. And don't continue to be surprised when you do this 2 more times, the looks get meaner and meaner. Good grief - how long CAN a 4 year old be expected to sit on some stranger's lap and smile?? Seriously.

And don't get me started on the COST of these pictures. Goodness! And of course, every relative is expecting his or her own 5x7.... because that's not pricey for me at all. In addition to all the school portrait 5X7s I just bought and handed around like candy. This kid thing is EXPENSIVE!

Dear Birthday Party Attendees: Please do not come to my party with the throwing-up kind of stomach virus. I really do appreciate that you WANT to see my son and see him open his presents, have cake, etc. I also think it's too cute to be missed. But to risk giving it to him or worse yet, ME is in-excusable. I've always been a bit more careful about bringing my son to visit people when he's even got a cold than I notice other parents are, but some sickesses you stay home for. Seriously. I know some people say, "let him get it now, then he'll be immune to it later!" but seriously, do you know how stupid that sounds when you say it? I'd much rather have a 6 or 7 year old w/a stomach virus than a 4 year old. People think it's no big deal to spread colds and things around... well, then, they can bring their butts over to my house at night-time to get up to sit w/the child that is awake because he can't breathe thru his nose, or can't sleep because he's coughing to much. At 9 months pregnant, it is more than I can handle and I will say something to you if I catch you bringing viruses into my house. My poor husband, every time he gets a "no big deal, it's just a cold" from someone, it turns into a sinus & respiratory infection. So much for "no big deal" huh? But people just seem oblivious and it really, really pisses me off.

I'm glad I was warned today about the stomach virus thing - I hope we go by unscathed. BUT since son and hubby are going to see PopPop this weekend (who is 94) I know to make damn sure they're as healthy as can be and not getting ready to have this virus before they go see him. Seriously, it could kill him. Then it would be a big deal, wouldn't it?

No, not really grumpy today, why do you ask? ;-)

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girl from florida said...

heehee! Spoken like a true pregnant woman!