November 16, 2005

Shopping shopping and more shopping...

Apparently I do love to shop!

Here are the dinos we bought for Baby #2 this weekend:


Bought this at Nordstrom yesterday:

Nordstrom - how much do I love thee? When I was at Nordstrom, buying the dinos (I also bought the brontosaurus), the lady offered to carry them to the car for me! YAY! But right away she noticed the PBKids bag I had looked heavy ( 2 curtain rods, 4 fabric panels ) and INSISTED that I carry the stuffed animals and she carry the heavy bag! Yay for helpful people!!!

AND...proof you should measure before you buy! I purchased 4 63" panels for baby's windows...apparently his windows are 65" tall - so back to the mall I go!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

oh my gosh! SOOOOO cute! the little dinos, I love them!