November 14, 2005

Conversations with Morons.

I need to order humidifier replacement parts for my mom's humidifier. Because it's fun to be me sometimes.

So I goto the Holmes Website, where the shopping cart doesn't work if you're using Firefox, by the way. Which is my first clue these people are going to be a pain to deal with.

So I open IE. Navigate to the page which tells you which filters go with which humidifiers.

Cool - I see that 1 filter is 18.99, but 2 should be 29.99. Excellent. I click on the link for HWF80 (one link to order either the 1 pack or 2 pack, suspicious).

It shows the quantity as 1. Hmm. I want 2 for 29.99. I update the quantity (which is where it dies if you use Firefox, BTW). It works - 2 for $37 and change. What?

I send them an email inquiring how I get the deal of 2 for 29.99.

I never hear from them.

I call the customer service number.

She informs me they are sold out of the 2 pack, as indicated by the fact that "29.99" is in red. oh. I thought that was to highlight the bargain price if you buy 2. No where on the page does it indicate that red text = sold out. Actually, at the top, IN RED NO LESS, it says, "Buy bargain packs & save more!". Apparently their usability people SUCK. They took a general usability standard (prices in red tend to indicate specials/price cuts, etc.) and used it for something else, totally confusing the customer.

I only used their site to purchase the filters because I could find no one else to give my business to. Otherwise, I'd have happily given my money to someone else.

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