March 26, 2009

Week #1 with Invisalign

** They are still hard as #@$%@ to take out. I have to use spoon handles to PRY THEM OUT. nice.
** they don't hurt NEARLY as bad as I thought they were - my teeth were just sensitive at first, now they're ok
** NO ONE has noticed! SWEET!
** I broke the bottom tray today - see the first bullet. I use the handles of metal baby spoons to get under the back edges and pry them out (I use 1 spoon on each side so that I am prying evenly) and it still broke - so they'll loosen the hooks maybe next week when I go in for my next set of trays. I don't think this will affect the movement as there is a hook right next to where they broke and the teeth where it is broken so the tray is still tight.

So far - Very Satisfied!

March 24, 2009

a sign...

that you are too tired to get up for the gym:  I was dreaming of having dinner in a restaurant and my phone alarm music went off.  In my dream, I remember thinking - that's odd they play the same music as my phone alarm in the restaurant.  The alarm didn't wake ME AT ALL it just provided odd background music for my dream.

March 20, 2009


Well....this year the dentist pointed out to me that my teeth were shifting from the lovely position my orthodontist did when I was an early teenager.  DAMN.  Not only was it a cosmetic issue, but my bite was being ruined by the changes. 

So - invisalign it is for me!

And I got them yesterday.  MAN THEY HURT.  And they have these little hooks that they glue to your teeth to hold the trays in tight enough - and when the trays are in, I can't get them out very easily to eat.  Last night I was using a butterknife to PRY THEM OUT and cut myself.  SWEET.

I've since graduated to using the handles of baby metal spoons (smaller and less sharp than knives!) to prying them out.  THERE is NO WAY I'd be able to get them out w/out prying, even though you're not supposed to do that.  NO WAY, they are in way too tight for that.

So, since they are very difficult to remove and you have to remove them to eat, I plan on ONLY removing them at meal times.  Which means the biggest obstacle in my weight-loss journey  has just been removed!  NO SNACKING!  In order to take them out I have to lug my storage trays and my 2 baby spoons to the restroom in order to get them out.  Not worth it for a piece of candy etc. 

Oh, and they hurt!  But it's not too bad.  32 weeks.  That's how long I need them for and I can handle it!

BUT last night, hubby didn't even know I had them - they aren't messing w/my speech very much and you can't barely see them, so SCORE.

And I asked a coworker today and he also had not seen them in, so SCORE!

Small price to pay for straight teeth!!  (AGAIN!  i am pretty bitter that I have to have braces again though, it seems totally unfair.)

March 17, 2009

oops!! forgot to include the link to the story!

shared article about overweight family

OMG - that is an amazing story - that they WOULD EVEN COMPLAIN is astounding - and that taxpayers aren't complaining about them!  THERE ARE PLENY OF JOBS THEY ARE CAPABLE OF DOING, they just don't WANT to.  And 3,000 calories a day??!!  THAT IS TWICE WHAT WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT!!  TWICE!!

My diet:
1. stop eating so much
2. exercise

Simple.  And I don't eat ANY of those overly expensive fruits and veggies either!!  current weight: 122!

Sheesh!!  Thanks to Enjanerd for the link!

March 10, 2009

Bullet Points AGAIN! (SORRY!)

** Wow! Skiing was fun! And then hubby broke his collarbone and bruised his ribs. THE REST OF THE TRIP WAS NOT SO MUCH FUN!
- H*ERTZ tried to scam us and our FatherInLaw. They are now dealing w/the USAA lawyers.
- My Sister-in-law's dog bit my daughter in the face.
- I had to get on a plane w/a hubby that has a broken collarbone LATE because H*ERTZ tried to scam us. Oh, and w/3 kids, a stroller, and 3 carry-ons.

** My mother in law watched the kids 5 TIMES so we could ski together!!
** My in laws were fabulous to us and the kids and so much fun to hang with!
** ToddlerT can ski like a champ. SERIOUSLY. He went on the big lift and skied down the big hill!
** Older son is also increasing his awesome ski-ability! LEVEL 5 dude!
** We got a great deal on ski gear for older son for next year!
** BabyJ had a blast being the "only child" while the boys were in ski school!
** Spring skiing is awesome! Skiing in a tshirt? TEH AWESOME.
** Dinner and beer at Sneaky's Tavern. TWICE.
** Visiting hubby's sis and her awesome little family. Her kids are great. WE had a ball and a great dinner. And they couldn't be more helpful. And FUN FUN FUN!

We had a great time - next up - trying to schedule surgery for hubby to fix his collarbone and find some time to get to the gym and the nail salon!! (Yes, I'm a princess, deal with it).

March 06, 2009

Snowmass is awesome.

We are having a great time! I will be back w/more pics as soon as we get off the mountain because the internet sucks up here!