March 17, 2009

shared article about overweight family

OMG - that is an amazing story - that they WOULD EVEN COMPLAIN is astounding - and that taxpayers aren't complaining about them!  THERE ARE PLENY OF JOBS THEY ARE CAPABLE OF DOING, they just don't WANT to.  And 3,000 calories a day??!!  THAT IS TWICE WHAT WOMEN ARE SUPPOSED TO EAT!!  TWICE!!

My diet:
1. stop eating so much
2. exercise

Simple.  And I don't eat ANY of those overly expensive fruits and veggies either!!  current weight: 122!

Sheesh!!  Thanks to Enjanerd for the link!

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enjanerd said...

haha thanks for sharing! :)

It sounds like you're on the same diet as me. And a fairly good metabolism. But I think I hit 3000 calories maybe once a month, not DAILY.