March 10, 2009

Bullet Points AGAIN! (SORRY!)

** Wow! Skiing was fun! And then hubby broke his collarbone and bruised his ribs. THE REST OF THE TRIP WAS NOT SO MUCH FUN!
- H*ERTZ tried to scam us and our FatherInLaw. They are now dealing w/the USAA lawyers.
- My Sister-in-law's dog bit my daughter in the face.
- I had to get on a plane w/a hubby that has a broken collarbone LATE because H*ERTZ tried to scam us. Oh, and w/3 kids, a stroller, and 3 carry-ons.

** My mother in law watched the kids 5 TIMES so we could ski together!!
** My in laws were fabulous to us and the kids and so much fun to hang with!
** ToddlerT can ski like a champ. SERIOUSLY. He went on the big lift and skied down the big hill!
** Older son is also increasing his awesome ski-ability! LEVEL 5 dude!
** We got a great deal on ski gear for older son for next year!
** BabyJ had a blast being the "only child" while the boys were in ski school!
** Spring skiing is awesome! Skiing in a tshirt? TEH AWESOME.
** Dinner and beer at Sneaky's Tavern. TWICE.
** Visiting hubby's sis and her awesome little family. Her kids are great. WE had a ball and a great dinner. And they couldn't be more helpful. And FUN FUN FUN!

We had a great time - next up - trying to schedule surgery for hubby to fix his collarbone and find some time to get to the gym and the nail salon!! (Yes, I'm a princess, deal with it).

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